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  1. So who do you think they are going to give to JDS? Dana said that Mir v Velasquez is on for sure and I know alot of people have been calling for Hunt v Dos Santos but I'm still unsure... This is all assuming of course, that Overeem doesn't get his s*** cleared
  2. He has really stepped up his game lately, this is really good!
  3. Tha Thats good, I hope he starts producing points soon!
  4. Burrows is a great player, has a ton of points this season and played well in whatever role AV gave to him. Either way he is a bargin at only 2$ a year
  5. I agree, Kassian is still young and he will develop. Even if he plays on the 4th line he is still getting experience and will improve, maybe we will one day see him as the "Bretuzzi 2.0" but in the mean time we need to remember that he is still a rookie and is still impoving.
  6. Hahaha so true.