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  1. Little side note to this, back in 2017 I gave up my 1st rounder for offersheeting Barrie from @D-Money (were bffs now), ended up making a large deal later on in the year to get it back, and ended up winning the lottery!
  2. I’ve now won the 1st overall, 3rd overall, and 2nd overall. Thank you in advance to @WalkWithElias40 for not making me have to think
  3. Please don’t let anybody know that I secretly own the rangers. We share an IP address
  4. I’m totally jinxing it, but I’ve spent two drafts with Detroit and won the lottery both times, for 1st overall and 3rd overall. 3 in a row?
  5. Posted a highlight video of the Canucks entire season, today! Check it out! 



  6. If you get the chance, check out the highlight video I made for this year’s Canucks Season!
  7. I made a video highlighting the 2018/2019 Canucks Season! Check it out!
  8. @JimLahey Well...I put it off as long as I could! The condition of our trade last June was that if the NYI made the IRL playoffs you'd get my 3rd instead of my 4th! Enjoy moving up 31 spots, just processed the swap!
  9. No worries! The problem is that is doesn't mention it anywhere in the CBA (at least Jaku and I haven't found it through all of our searching and reading) We'll discuss
  10. **deleted the pic to save space Do you have a link to that? We will go over the source and make a decision on it.
  11. We’re looking into the NHL CBA right now and haven’t found anything yet, but when we do we will share it with everyone!
  12. I'll ask Jazz to send it your way when he makes an account to take it over kidding kidding kidding jazz hahaha
  13. Warning: This is me as a fellow GM talking, not me as a commissioner. The only comment I will make on this that I have made a deal with one of the teams, there is currently a trade in the queue for after the season involving one of the teams, and there are more examples of the new GM's making other trades. ALL without Jazz. Fact check before you make large stupid accusations. Literally none of your points hold ground. Sharing an IP address: IRL friends see each other in person, I'm not sure if you understand how that works. Inviting a friend to a league and showing them how to make an account is pretty standard. Them never posting: Do you seriously think Jazz would take the time to switch between five accounts (by your definition in your post) to make deals, send messages, and also be dumb enough not to make a post here or there? The new GM's don't make any trades without Jazz: See above + I can only imagine what it is like to run Jazz's inbox. Without a doubt in my mind he is the most active GM in this league, constantly sending out feelers and trying to make deals. Jazz has made 30 (THIRTY) deals this season, want to know what 2nd place is at? 16. It's not a surprise to me that he will make deals with the new GMs, with whom he is also friends with. Those are your only 3 points you make in your post for this massive display of a formless accusation.