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  1. To ANA: 2020 PHI 2nd, Chase De Leo To PIT: Ian Scott, Richard Panik ($1m Retained) @Jaku @cunningham19
  2. Buyout window is closed now but thank you for the advice on it!! I appreciate the feedback and it makes our job of managing it easier
  3. No worries! Real life comes first, just wanted to keep teams in the loop, hoping nobody has to drop players!
  4. Please disregard if I list your team and my calculations are off, but below is a list of teams current projected cap space and what players will have their contracts voided if space is not made. Calgary Flames: $1,050,000 over (Vacant) Jimmy Vesey, 3 years, $2.75m (28 Jun 19) - RFA Carolina Hurricanes: $14,326,667 over @JE14 Jonathan Drouin, 3 years, $4.225m (3 Jul 19) Tom Wilson, 3 years, $7m (1 Jul 19)* Patrik Laine, 5 years, $8m (1 Jul 19)* Jake Guentzel, 3 years, $7.5m (1 Jul 19)* *Carolina will have to void 2/3 of the contracts signed on 1 Jul 19 as well as Jonathan Drouin* Dallas Stars: $981,437 over @Rindiculous Ron Hainsy, 2 years, $2m (20 Jul 19)** **As an alternative, Dallas could waive Hainsy and call up Leon Gawanke to get under the cap** Los Angeles Kings: $4,700,400 over*** @Frogger Boone Jenner, 3 years, $4.1m (26 Jun 19) Kyle Connor, 3 years, $5m (23 Jun 19) ***Technically Kyle Connor can be on IR until he signs an IRL contract. That would solve the cap problem. Though as soon as Connor signs, LAK will need to void both contracts above*** Washington Capitals: $4,597,021 over @Peaches Blake Wheeler, 3 years, $8.5m (30 Jun 19) All of the above players are RFA and will be placed in a teams minors, except for Blake Wheeler and Ron Hainsy.
  5. Whoops! Did it in fantrax but not in thread, my bad
  6. To PHI: Brett Pesce To PIT: Alexander Romanov, 2020 PHI 2nd, 2021 PHI 2nd @Phil The Thrill @cunningham19
  7. To BUF: Emile Poirier, Will Bitten To NSH: 2021 BOS 5th @Sygvard @Sestito'sHandMadeVodka @apollo
  8. To BUF: Sam Reinhart, Jared Spurgeon, Grigori Denisenko To NJD: Rasmus Ristolainen ($1.25m retained 2019/20), Brock McGinn, 2020 BUF 2nd @Sygvard @Sestito'sHandMadeVodka @70seven
  9. I'm looking to move out one contract, if anybody is interested in a prospect for a draft pick. If you've got space and want to accelerate your draft pick let me know!
  10. With all due respect, those were all moves made at the request of the teams you’ve mentioned. You are demanding that we move two teams, neither of which are under your control. You have been persistent on wanting this change done this off season although I don’t believe you’ve mentioned anything about it the past few seasons that it has been in place. For what it’s worth, I voted on moving the teams back to their proper divisions, but you can’t post in the thread requesting that teams other than your own be moved, and then be upset that we put a league vote and you compare it to when teams voluntarily asked to be moved. With that being said, the vote so far is in favour of your suggestion. You’re a very good GM and we’d like you to stay. Your reasoning for leaving doesn’t align with what happened this summer IMO and I hope you don’t hold us accountable for a move that the old commissioner team decided on (and consulted myself and Carolina on before the move, though I don’t know much about the entire situation back then besides balancing).
  11. A few years back, myself and CAR swapped divisions at the request of the old commissioner team. I don’t know the exact numbers but the goal at the time was to balance the divisions since IIRC a team almost missed the playoffs or did because of divisional playoff structure when they would have made it in 1v8 format. Now we’re a few years down the line and some people want to move the teams back to their original division this offseason (me back to Atlantic and Carolina to the Metro). The commissioner team is somewhat unsure of what move to make and figured we’d let it come to a vote.
  12. General public vote on this one as we haven’t heard much feedback outside of Boston. Vote will be live for 48hrs. Posting from mobile, sorry for formatting. Anaheim Ducks - @Jaku Arizona Coyotes - @thejazz97 Boston Bruins - @Canuck Surfer Buffalo Sabres - @Sygvard / @Sestito'sHandMadeVodka Calgary Flames - @maroe Carolina Hurricanes - @JE14 Chicago Blackhawks - @WalkWithElias40 Colorado Avalanche - @Big-Country Columbus Blue Jackets - @Silver Ghost Dallas Stars - @Rindiculous Detroit Red Wings - Salter Edmonton Oilers - @Matthews Florida Panthers - @inane Los Angeles Kings - @Frogger Minnesota Wild - @Baer. Montreal Canadiens - @Bombastik der Teutone Nashville Predators - @apollo New Jersey Devils - @70seven New York Islanders - @Nail / @Blue Jay 22 New York Rangers - @Master Mind Ottawa Senators - @Azzy Philadelphia Flyers - @Phil The Thrill Pittsburgh Penguins - @cunningham19 San Jose Sharks - @pmalina St. Louis Blues - @LilBurrows Tampa Bay Lightning - @Alain Vigneault / @Sane33 Toronto Maple Leafs - @canuckledraggin Vancouver Canucks - @Watermelons Vegas Golden Knights - @JimLahey Washington Capitals - @Peaches Winnipeg Jets - @Art Vandelay
  13. Sorry for the delay to some teams! Have a few trades pending right now but they will be through tomorrow night. Once again sorry for the hold up!