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  2. A late off season shakeup. We're grateful for everything Weber did for our franchise but are moving on to a younger team. Thank you to Stamkos for the negotiations, it's been a blast! Looking forward to the pieces we have brought in.
  3. Rumor has it, DET is shaking it up as this offseason has dragged on too damn long. Word on the street is that one of GM Salters best players is on their way out the door...
  4. Plz
  5. I am currently in the market for a forward who played a full season last year and should, barring injury, play a full one next year. 1million dollar salary and under.(depth player) I've got picks and prospects.
  6. Spring cleaning!!!
  7. Might I add that he could be had for only a late round pick! Anyone wanting to take a flyer on him?
  8. Thanks to my new BFF @D-Money for the negotiations, he really likes me but can't show it in public yet!
  9. Our organization is making defenceman T.Daley available. With our recent acquisition of T.Barrie, Daley no longer fits into our team’s plan. He is a reliable defencemen on a great Pittsburgh team. Daley puts up 2.5fp/g at a very manageable 3.3m per season, with one year left. In return, we are looking to continue our path towards youth by aquiring picks/prospects.
  10. We're happy to hear this worked out in favour of both teams! We'll see how that prediction works out though
  11. As GM of the Detroit Redwings I'd like to make a statement regarding the offer sheet of Tyson Barrie. We had already contacted the Blue Jackets this off season regarding the possibility of trading for Barrie but our teams were on very different pages. Over the following weeks, Tyson was still unsigned and destined to be traded regarding statements made by the general manager of Columbus, which prompted us to offer him this contract. Rather than being inevitably traded, we are glad that Tyson now has the opportunity to play with a team of his choice shall Columbus accept the compensation. We wish no ill will towards @D-Money and the Columbus Blue Jackets. We are glad Tyson Barrie has accepted our offer and look forward to hearing back within the following week.
  12. IMO he has a chance. He was thrown in very young, as goalies really only perform at later ages(aside from a few talents). he is still under contract with the jackets for this year + is only on loan in Sweden! Was worth the one year risk on a free prospect in my mind!
  13. Yeah I agree! Average FP/g for that salary is 3.45 but I have the upmost confidence that he will improve tremendously with less injuries and finally getting the opportunity to gain chemistry on the Canucks. Last seasons numbers in my opinion don't represent Brandon as what he can bring in the upcoming 5.
  14. We are proud to announce these signings today. We believe both of these players have NHL careers in their future, and are a great addition to our prospect pool. A big thank you to player agent, Captain Woodget.