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  1. Also just a heads up from me, from mid March until the start of June I will be at Basic Training for the military so I wont be able to post or message anybody! I'll be back in time for the draft as long as it is June 10th or later!
  2. @Captain Azzy For the expansion you require players who are under contract for next year, does this apply to fantrax contracts or real life contracts?
  3. Dominic Moore can be had for draft pick(s). Do any playoff bound teams need a playoff 4th line player scoring 2fp/g at $900k? Send me a message.
  4. Oh right, forgot to post earlier but MY MAN TROY TERRY. Let's see that success translate to the nhl!
  5. Vande Sompel traded to the London Knights!! Makes me happy! :D
  6. wut
  7. It was good! Horvat had some sick individual plays, then sauced it across the ice to Granny who sniped it across the goalie from the circle.
  8. It's not easy to say goodbye to Pavelski and Bobrovsky, but we believe with where we are at this season, the movement of those players for the shear amount of youthful talent and draft picks make it more than worth while. We can't wait to see what those players do for us next season. We wish both Sergei and Joe the best of luck this up coming season and the following few! As well, we believe Halverson will be a very talented goalie in the future but for now that package of picks couldn't be turned down. We wish him all the luck in the world as well!
  9. Well after a season of inquiries, another GM and myself have come to an agreement to ship out my 2 most productive players this season. Hopefully this will solidify our future core in the coming years. Watch out Metro division, a couple of studs are coming your way
  10. Detroit is listening to all offers on our players in their last season of their contract. Including Ben Bishop but excluding Victor Hedman.
  11. On the bright side, so did Demko
  12. HUTTY! Just got home from work, turned it on, and wow Ben Hutton, what a play all around.
  13. Well to be fair I still have a top pairing 25 year old defender! You've got a pick (currently) between 15 and 20!
  14. Half of my roster is underperforming and I'm impatient. Lists of untouchables(unless you blow my mind): RNH, Sutter, Pavelski, McNabb, Hedman, Barrie, Bobrovsky, Bishop. (eg: core players) Anybody else including roster players, rookies, and draft picks, are on the block. Keep in mind, I am looking for improvement, not rookies or draft picks in return.