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  1. HUTTY! Just got home from work, turned it on, and wow Ben Hutton, what a play all around.
  2. Well to be fair I still have a top pairing 25 year old defender! You've got a pick (currently) between 15 and 20!
  3. Half of my roster is underperforming and I'm impatient. Lists of untouchables(unless you blow my mind): RNH, Sutter, Pavelski, McNabb, Hedman, Barrie, Bobrovsky, Bishop. (eg: core players) Anybody else including roster players, rookies, and draft picks, are on the block. Keep in mind, I am looking for improvement, not rookies or draft picks in return.
  4. Fun fact, Jake Virtanen hasn't been on the ice for a goal against so far through 10 games. He currently leads the team at the only postive +/- player at +1.
  5. atta boy hansen. stick up for him,
  6. What. A. Shot.
  7. Has anyone played be a pro? I've tried like 3 times, gotten all greens and like 3 points per game for the CHL, been drafted 1st overall, and been given an AHL Bottom 6 potential!?!
  8. And i spoke too soon! lol
  9. Pretty strong start tonight for the redwings, leading the league by a mile tonight with 15 points so far! Hope to see even more!
  10. It's okay Edler, you already saved us one tonight.
  11. The refs instantly told the boys that they've got it and they have the guy going to the box. anything we do after that would get us a penalty and a 4 on 4. Smart play IMO by the team.
  12. To be fair it was smart to not to anything..instantly the refs jumped in and said "we got him, we've got him"...refs told the boys that he's getting the penalty, you just know that if there was retaliation after that we'd have a 4 on 4
  13. Horvat just screamed "F*CK" after his shot missed lolol
  14. That's how we saw it while discussing! Beleksy will be missed in our organization for sure but we needed a playoff starter! As well, i agree completely about Vasilevskiy! Bishop is worth more now while he's on Tampa, he will be worth less come next year so moving him now was smart.
  15. Thank you to the donught god himself, Phil the Thrill for that deal! I think we both improved our teams in the short run and the future! Hope to see Bishop do well this year with the Bolts and whoever he plays for next year!