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  1. Here is a good chunk of an article covering each of the members of team Canada's mens team. Didn't quote the whole thing here because it takes up a lot of space, but feel free to check it out with this link! Read the rest of the article here. It covers every player!
  2. An NHL article from PuckBreak! I put the full thing down below for you all to read and discuss. Also the Mock draft has been updated for this week! Check it out here. NHL Articles Prospect Articles More Features
  3. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Thank you!! :D it’s updated weekly as well!
  4. New prospect profile on my site, sharing the whole thing here this time. I personally would be okay with Benning taking a flyer on this kid if he ends up in the later rounds. He's projected to go in the first few rounds but if I'm not mistaken he is injured right now which could cause some dropping. Take a gander and if you want to check out more prospect profiles there will be some links below. Is there anybody you are looking at in the later rounds? PuckBreak: Prospect Talk Ryan Merkley Akil Thomas The rest of them
  5. Both of those players get me way too excited.
  6. Hello! Me again. I promise this wont be a full time trend, it's just the first day of the site and although there are over a dozen articles on the PuckBreak already, this one was specifically inspired by Jim Benning's moves as a GM. Take a look, and discuss what you think and other players you think could be on the move! Thank you again for letting me take up your time! Enjoy your break! Link to the Full Article Continue Reading Here
  7. That's what we were thinking too. Before Detroit won last night, we had Noah Dobson, french D going to MTL at 6, but you don't pass up at Tkachuk at 5 IMO.
  8. Thanks for the feedback! The way we have this set up is so we update it every weekend for the new draft order so hypothetically people can check back in to see as the season gets closer to finishing who they could end up with! There used to be a site that did a similar idea without the scouting reports but it got shut down awhile back so we figured on making one ourselves!
  9. Hello CDC! Some of you might remember me as the fella who does yearly CDC Mock Draft polls every spring! My favourite part of hockey is the draft, so my friend and I started a bit of a passion project that I want to share with my #1 hockey forum. It's called PuckBreak(today is our launch!). We write articles about prospects, whether they are waiting to be drafted or have been waiting to step into the league post-draft. There is a section for NHL articles as well but if you are a fan of the draft, we've got lots of content that we hope you browse through! Bellow I shared part of our Mock Draft, up until the Canucks current selection. It will be updated weekly with the new league standings, and our constantly updated order of prospects. We take a personal approach with this mock, and take team needs and prospect pools into consideration every week. This is my pride and joy, and talking about the upcoming draft gets me excited so I wanted to share it with you since this website is where my excitement sprouted! PS: Mods, I hope this is okay! I know that I am "advertising" my site, but I've contributed to these forums for years and wanted to share this piece of work that a few hockey fans and myself put together! Link to full Mock Draft Link to Full Mock Draft Thank you for reading!
  10. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Very quick negotiations, thank you Jazz! Also thanks to Cory for his time here. We needed a young stud goalie, and to get that you're going to need to move a current stud.
  11. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Really glad we could make this deal work. It was a pleasure negotiating with Sygvard. Grateful for what RNH has done for us but I’m really glad to add a strong piece in Davidsson, and hopefully a strong pick at this draft!
  12. CDC Puck 2017/18

    You heard it here first. The Detroit Redwings are ready to be big sellers this year. We've got the pieces that can put you over the top! Do you want a Stanley Cup? Well then be sure to make a trade with us! ON THE BLOCK: Do you want to look like those stinky Vancouver Canucks who can't stop a puck to save their lives(or their playoff hopes)? We've got one fresh all star in Cory Schneider who can sit on your pucks like they're a nest full of gorgeous cockatoos. Have you ever won a hockey game without scoring a goal? No? Well then consider a heaping serving of Little Ceasers Nugent-Hopkins Style Deep Dish. Also, NOW AVAILABLE, piping hot out of the oven Chris Wagner. You want rentals? We've got 'em. Nico is too young and innocent to understand the business of hockey so here is a lesson. We suck - we want to get better. I promise young man, when you see what assets I can land for you beloved teammates, you will understand <3. Our team interests are young, already drafted prospects, early round draft picks, and more young, already drafted prospects. We are opening to moving mostly all aging players for the right price, but are more keen on trading away players who are in their final year of their contract. Lastly, I would like to address this poster I found around the CDCP Saloon. Yes, Brayden McNabb is in his final year of his contract. Yes, I did say I'm keen on moving players who fit that criteria. Yes, I do expect any team who manages to wrestle him away from me to get fleeced worse than that poor boy Pierre Dorion did when acquiring Matt Duchene. That is all for now, thank you for reading my post and I hope to be chatting with you all very soon.
  13. CDC Puck 2017/18

    I’m on mobile! Where am I looking??
  14. I don’t mind that, it’s not like he hid in the hotel and got his room number or something! Just a patient with the dedication to stay up and outside that long!
  15. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Some people were probably confused when I signed Dansk a year and a bit ago, but this has all played out EXACTLY how I thought it would /s ...the new starter in Vegas since Subban is down!