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  1. You ought to be more careful saying things like this around here or one of the zealots will dump a multi-paragraph tirade about how much smarter they are than you are as a fan, and how those numpties in the office know everything about everything and are incapable of fouling it up.
  2. Shaky he's Canuck Royalty how dare you speak that way in the presence of the great one.
  3. Way to sit yourself way up high on such a beautiful pedestal your highness, do I and the other petty plebs have leave to remove ourselves from your exalted presence? Who do you think you are? If you can't understand that it's a business like any other, that lives and dies by people's confidence in the product, then you can't be helped. Do you get tired of being a sycophant? Your types are so predictable. You feel you're some kind of elite Canuck fan that knows better than anyone else when the vast majority are seeing things you are in denial over. You know what? When a sh*tty deal presents itself, I don't make the deal. There's nobody with a gun to their heads telling them they have to make a sh*tty deal or else. You can nit pick all you want- the issue here is not with the semantics of change- it is with the logic (or lack of thereof) being used in deploying (what looks like a lack of) strategy.
  4. Change was required, not change on the dollar. When you are in the business of flipping assets the rule is buy low sell high, not the other way around. Nobody is arguing change was what was needed but it doesn't take a stretch of the mind to realize not every other Canuck follower is a mindless sheep and our interest in the team is an investment. I expected there to be some sense that we were going to see less expensive vets and more youth, instead we are seeing one case of favoritism after another. I think Nik Jensen was severely neglected which is why he suffered this year and it's only because these guys manage like fanboys instead of shareholders. Maybe I'm forgetting someone here but the following list of players are all pickups from other teams that decided they were not worth extending OR were already valued less than picks to the teams that traded them: Miller Vrbata Dorsett Vey Baertchi Bartowski Clendening Systematically ignoring Shinkaruk and Jensen while the second line spend 30 games at a time doing f*** all wasn't very impressive for a team claiming to be big on youth. You can't ice youth enough to develop when you're fixated on flogging the veterans because you're afraid of taking any risk that might sacrifice the holy blessed playoff berth. So, here we are. Not enough talent to win, not enough balls to lose. Not enough brains to climb out of the hole unless you believe in miracles and I'm not going to expect that. The total team player 'value' has dropped, and we didn't 'recapture' enough to make up the difference, therefore, we have lost. And when your business is to flog the playoff horse as a plug filled team, you're never crawling out of that hole unless Houdini shows up.
  5. You're a real comedian.. You should quit your day job and take up GMing the Canucks I hear they're looking for more jokes
  6. by the time we're done here he will have flipped the whole team for equivalent value minus 20 percent. That is asset management murder and wholesale value misjudgement
  7. Vision?! The only vision this guy has is double vision from having one too many sodey-pops up in the press box practicing new and amazing ways of saying you know during interviews
  8. Icing a pretty good team!! Where have I heard that before? Is it pretty good, are you sure it isn't real good? Prepare yourself for a snoozefest interrupted by misconducts peppered in by Prust and Dorsett starting fights once we're down 4-0 because of sub-par goaltending and garbage defense. Stop comparing everything to the Oilers. It's as if there's some ridiculous rule you people seem to have invented that having young guys dominate the lineup = being the Oilers when it's bretty clear the problems there were with management. Get ready for Higgins Bonino Hansen overload, Dorsett Weber and Prust on the powerplay. Bartowski. I am so thrilled I think I just fell asleep!
  9. This never ever ever gets old
  10. Doesn't fit on the first line Doesn't fit on the second line Doesn't fit on the third line Doesn't fit on the fourth line slips loose and avoids the body won't hit or take a hit does not seem to excel at any one part of the game terrible on faceoffs isn't very fast doesn't do much when he has posession never noticed any mustard on a shot by him The guy is 23 years old. Stop protecting him as a rookie, there are a ton of 23 year olds in this league, and there are reasons why they have more NHL experience. The best I saw this kid look was when he was with LA and set up that one goal by Toffoli I think it was, after putting the puck between the legs of one of our D, in a game against us. Haven't been impressed by anything he's done since. Certainly have been appalled by the amount of chances he's had.
  11. Why are you looking here?

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  12. Iginla gone
  13. Well, there went Vanek. Our chances to get a scorer are dwindling.
  14. Confused by this. I thought this team needed scoring. Where's the Moulson or Vanek signing? Miller is old. I thought we were getting younger? I thought Miller looked mediocre during the playoffs.