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  1. He wants a guarantee the organization known for allowing prospects to languish in the minors forever won't do the same with him and I don't blame him one bit.
  2. I was always worried about this guy (Sbisa); a hitting only defenseman from Switzerland who knows full well that if his NHL career doesn't go just the way he wants he can always get paid a stupid amount for being the most amazing turnover machine on the team and having lead hands that can't stick check to go with eyes that can't see the other Canucks when he makes a pass. I'm with those who say that he's proven nothing at the NHL level yet and needs to prove that he's a keeper before we throw millions of $ at him. Maybe, just maybe 3 other GMs were right about him...
  3. When the other 95% of people are saying the same things, who is the clueless one?
  4. Why does it seem like they are predestined to ignore or neglect to do their homework on any player brought in by another regime JUST because of the link to the former regime, despite everything? So many decisions just stink of favoritism and patronage, and they can make whatever excuses they want (the Eastern conference doesn't know anything about our players, what a crock, they know more about our players than you might, guys) they have systematically reinforced their fave buds and dismissed anyone outside the 'circle of trust'.
  5. It's two words, and these days it's one of the least used in favor of idiots who write everything the way they sound them out like a five year old. Could of Would of Your/you're Their/there
  6. Does it shock anyone that Benning is incapable of keeping his mouth shut? What is the benefit of telling the media you're looking to 'evaluate' these guys? Why not just send a personal message to all other GMS reading the following: "I don't like these two guys please send me you know some offers so we can you know recapture some sixth rounders or something" Basically just invited the entire league to entertain offers at bargain basement returns
  8. Two phrases come to mind, ignorance is bliss, and the happiest people in the world are idiots.
  9. Why bring back torts? The new regime is rebuilding a Torts style team aren't they? I disagree that trading a guy means sending a demotivating message to a team, it's the NHL and trades happen, it's a business and at the end of the day they are pros and that's part of the deal, that's why they make that kind of money. If someone is willing to pay you double for an item because they need it, perhaps because one of their C are injured, you take the deal. It's a risk assessment, no risk, no reward. In this case I feel it would have been a low risk high reward move.
  10. You trog, do you think I'm the only one that sees no sense in what Benning's doing? So why don't you tell us all, what his plan is? Otherwise troll on, he is certainly smarter than YOU are given your post.
  11. If we had moved Matthias when his value was so high I would have been the first to applaud. Thanks for the instant assumption I'll keep that in mind when I have to read another of your posts. Trading Matthias for a second rounder is NOT making the team worse, considering he was a FA!! Logic! I get the same apprehensions as you when he gets ready to make a trade, but SOMETHING IN RETURN for HIGHER RELATIVE VALUE > NOTHING IN RETURN FOR NOTHING. Moving him out would also make room in theory for a young guy so we're really talking about the same thing. I used this one instance as an example but the point I'm making is the same .. lack of preconceived intent throughout the moves this off-season (and the signings last season). Not really following a plan, and reacting like a headless chicken instead of being the ones dictating. Benning looks less like a guy in control and more like a victim or a mark.
  12. Did this team try to trade Matthias in February while his value was at an all time high or have they let him go for nothing when they probably could have managed a 2nd or 3rd for him mid-season? So we kept him for the 'playoff run' and how did that work out? I don't think they know how to get the most out of what they've got, and that is called management.
  13. No you are way off, the way you've reduced it to such black and white terms only illustrates your ignorant opinion and lack of willingness to understand the position. Nobody is asking for 'everything to be blown up' and 'complaining about anything anyway' I would think after the countless volumes of very rational posts there's ample evidence of what people are thinking. Value judgement is way off. There's no 'right way' to build a team but there sure ARE wrong ways to build one (or run a business for that matter). If I bother making reference to the large number of things that don't make sense according to your 'right way of doing things' are you going to then call me names or would you even read it? Do you really think overpaying FAs is the 'right way to build a team'? Maybe if you are building the Florida Panthers. The other parts of that equation require sensible value judgement and the jury IS OUT on that one so hate people's opinions if you want but the evidence is on the table for all to see. Benning can't play poker. You think this team has management that wants to do things the right way yet they are showing they're doing it the wrong way. Notice nobody said anything about them 'tanking' but you DON'T build for the future by recycling DOWN in value. If you want to go black and white it's that simple.
  14. Add to that some of the lamest sounding excuses I've heard from corporate management blaming value on return on things like guys out east 'not knowing about our guys' when all 30 teams have pro scouts on the payroll, coming from a guy who IS a pro scout?
  15. Negativity because arguably this team is worse. Things have been moved for less value than they could/should have been moved for, and at the wrong time. Timing being terrible, combined with bad returns, overpriced signings, and obsession with former staff member's buddies/draft picks and players. Nonsensical direction. It all says reactionary behaviour. No part of it suggests preconceived intent, planning, or accomplishing goals set out. No part of it suggests assertive management. Kind of like the team's play, letting the other guys dictate what goes on makes this team a loser.