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  1. Canucks VS Flames Photoshop Battle

  2. Canucks VS Flames Photoshop Battle

    This never ever ever gets old
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    2. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      I keep thinking Jaromir Jagr when I see your name.

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  4. A couple dozen pages ago I went out of my way to say things in defense of John Tortorella the hockey coach, and now it's my turn to admit I was wrong, if half of what that recent news bit is true then you can easily assume all kinds of other careless mistakes were made. I was quick to defend a strong character, someone I felt I could relate to in a lot of ways, and I gave him the benefit of the doubt with the history on his side. I liked the candor, and I loved that he could sell the 'mindset' but it got harder and harder to defend certain behaviour. The faces he sometimes made after players made dumb plays, and if the shouting match with David Booth is true then there was clearly division in the room. On the bench he was leading by remote control and laughing at the guys making mistakes, and then ignoring the play of the other team.. I told myself, there is a reason he is the head coach and none of us are making x millions for all that responsibility, and to suggest someone at that level would be incompetent or confoundingly arrogant enough to be ignorant of extremely basic responsibilities of that job- was ridiculous. Yet.. Is it true that Tortorella wasn't just saying those things in the press releases, that "we don't care about the other team", and that they truly ignored anything to do with an upcoming game? That he isn't an X's and O's coach is to imply that he has no ability to plan any kind of an attack? The fact that he did not once consult Travis Green is beyond comprehension. How can so many oversights be unintentional? I think the guy might actually need to check himself in for evaluation. He admitted at the end of the year that with regards to coach Hartley that "Oh yeah I was gonna get him" and that given the chance he would try again, and I thought.. Are you really so arrogant that you would say something that stupid to the press without having an ounce of shame? Revisit the incident and confirm the intent to commit assault? What if Hartley fell and was tragically injured, that would be first degree murder! Would you still go then? What an ass! Anyone in a bar can be a coach if any of this is true all kinds of assumptions can be made and it's open season on torts. I eat my humble pie for defending the guy, and good riddance. Torts the man is a strange guy and probably will get himself in more trouble in future, possibly a fun guy to drink with to a point, but Torts the hockey coach is unprofessional and an idiot and I'm glad he's not going to be allowed to hurt the team any more.
  5. [Report] Torts Fired

    #hiretorts #tortstheman #freetorts #firetorts #torontorts #hiretrots
  6. </Sarcasm> .. On what a good job the entire organization did this year? All the answers tie together and to shoulder the blame entirely on Torts is absurd. -I thought he gave the top guys the chance to have career years, and they failed to run with it. -All teams suffer from injuries. Torts used what he had, and what was a problem to begin with, depth, was exposed when he had no choice but to overplay the top guys just to have a chance to win. -We had the best penalty kill for a considerable chunk of the season. -How many times did you see our D let guys have free range in front of the net? Does Torts have to hold their hands out there? He admitted he wasn't hammering them hard enough, and he's probably right. -He's forced some guys to look at what they are. maybe they don't like the answer they gave themselves but it's time to step up, and the guys who didn't respond to the gut check need to go. You need to have the ability to look at what you are. I think Torts does it better than others. I'm not ging to agree with every single thing he does. I find it hard to believe that he would have assaulted Hartley with anything other than words up close, some of the things he says are clearly meant for the media. Sometimes he will take a bait and for that reason he's the most entertaining guy in the post game scrum. If you want to hear a guy say the same thing 82 freaking times just watch a recording of AV. When he says he doesn't care about the other team in an off the cuff statement to the media it doesn't mean the staff hasn't looked at the teams at all and are seat of the pants-ing it completely. Give these guys some credit, there is a reason they are in the NHL and making money. You don't know what's said behind closed doors. What we see on camera and hear on the radio is only a sliver of these personalities and to make any judgement is pointless, but from what I saw, if you're thinking fire torts, then you can finish off by letting go of no less than half the team by the same logic.
  7. Hey let's hire a really limp noodle as the coach, a tiny little guy with a little voice, a very politically correct guy who only makes correct comments and never takes any responsibility for his actions! I'm tired of Torts and his honesty already what this team needs is a damn liar, let's get this done people! We haven't made the playyofs in one years! Torts is embarrassing and shameful and I'm so pompous that I think his actions reflect on me somehow so I want him gone extra bad, how dare he tarnish our golden egg of a reputation! The window is still open but if I have to put up with an enthusiastic coach for one more year I'm calling it quits as a Canucks fan, your temper temper is melting my iced latte mochachino!
  8. Are you one of those squirrel-people that are constantly on their iphone not paying attention and get shocked and disgusted at the nerve of someone around you not being totally sterile and silent? As if you would vouch for a disingenuous lawyer like approach. Why don't you suggest hiring Mike Gillis as a coach, someone bound to make bold moves and be ashamed at himself and sit in the corner whimpering to himself when the big bad squirrel people come out with their squirrel typing fingers and all shout with their texts.. As they sit silently in their front row seats pretending not to care.. About anything.
  9. [Speculation] Kesler to remain a Canuck

    Kesler is not the player fans, the media, the management, thinks he is. He is the best third line C in the game or a great winger and the best part of his game is playing big and taking advantage of his body size and reach, and his hits. If he still has that shot he hasn't done much to demonstrate that since padding his stats with a bucket of powerplay goals in 2010-2011. Can't complain because nobody else on the team is scoring enough but just consider a few basic concepts: The good players in this game make others around them better. Kesler does not do this. Kesler takes the puck and tries to ram it through 3 defending players before chucking the puck at a teammate as a last ditch effort to maintain possession. Lost count of how many times that happened during transition, it's so frustrating to watch one guy trying to beat everyone by himself and failing. Look at him for what he is. He is not a snipe shot with accuracy, in other words he's not a Perry or a Stamkos type guy, and he's not a playmaker. He got 41 goals one season and 50 assists during another and both seem to be an anomaly. He's not a guy that makes his teammates better, apparently, or the guys on his line jst don't have enough finish. The man gets prickly when people ask him about it, and other things. He's not a thick skinned guy or a typical locker room leader. John Toews never sounds mopey or deflective, even pissy during interviews. Ryan Kesler is a great third line centre and this year we saw what he can do when the going gets rough- did he put the team on his back and go into the beast mode everyone talked about for so long? No. Seen him do it over the course of 2-3 games once or twice a year though. The expectations on the guy are totally unrealistic, and to me anyway he's not what people think he is. If he succeeds somewhere else it will be due to other players making him more effective, something outside the scope of the big man's game he plays. He won that selke for being enthusiastic without the puck but tbh he looked uninterested this year and we've probably seen the best of him as a Canuck already. When the going gets tough , the rats flee the sinking ship, and the captain stays on board. Is Ryan the 'captain' of this team, or now that the going got rough, is he seeking a way out?
  10. GDT March 17th Canucks vs Tampa Bay Lightning 4:30 PM

    My prediction.. Salo gets a PP goal at some point
  11. [GDT] March 16 Canucks Vs Luongo 12 pm

    Jensen the new Burrows. All they have to do is pretend Lu is in the net and they'll be motivated.. Did you see the extra gear in the last 10 minutes? JS said something to him just prior to that faceoff goal.. I wonder what he said?