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  1. For some reason I had figured the 3 on 3 would be a huge advantage for us. Throw the Sedins & Vrbata out there with all that ice and bingo wins galore... How wrong I was ..... But I'm all good, we need another top 15 pick plus a few other higher round picks to keep the movement going.
  2. There are two prices when selling one you want & the one you'll get.... Thinking Benning is targeting a player he believes will still be there at 66... or that's what the glass half full & rose coloured glasses make me believe/hope
  3. A guy like Virtanen that has offensive skills & can skate with the best of them..... I still say trade down for him, pick up another 1st rounder. His seemingly lack of a D game isn't an issue IMO that can be taught..... Skill & speed you can't
  4. trade down and take virtanen..... might be able to get another high pick along with him Kid had 2 today at the U18's vs Sweden I think this kid could have the most upside
  5. 3 yrs 1.5 - 1.9 - 2.5 cap hit 1.96 I think this is something that would be reasonable.
  6. Bo knows
  7. I think it's a poor coach that has one way and one way only to coach. Great coaches will bring the tools that the job needs. Taking the 24/7 sound bite for gospel on Torts is foolish indeed. No idea if that's the only way he can coach but doubt he got to where he's at buy only being a bully. I don't know the Canucks locker room nor do I know the players and what makes them really tick, hopefully MG has a feel for what will drive this bus forward. Motivation has been the issue in my eyes, AV just couldn't fire our guys up for the most important games. In the games the Canucks show emotion they are fantastic I could never understand why it was so hard to get the troops going when it counts the most. Put Torts & AV in a blender & I think you'd have the coach I'd like best.
  8. who made that comparison?
  9. Bill LaForge best to know a little history
  10. glad to read you regard yourself far superior to most must be taxing indeed
  11. Noun 1. spin doctor - a public relations person who tries to forestall negative publicity by publicizing a favorable interpretation of the words or actions of a company, political party, famous person....or sports team
  12. True but you have to admit the silence and glacial pace makes for bad optics. In the end it will be we didn`t want any of the others and got who we wanted... It`s like the GM picking 14th in the draft claiming the guy they got was who`d they pick even if they had 1st pick overall.... sure
  13. Dreger of TSN is saying Ruff to Dallas. I see Gillis`s method is wait till all others have picked a coach then get the guy left over.... sound strategy indeed......
  14. I just don't want another out of the box attempt a la Bill LaForge!
  15. will GMMG wait so long that his choice ends up coaching the competition? Taking your time is enviable but reality is that the good ones will be sought and they will rather go for the one in hand versus the one that might be