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  1. NO titafall Beta key for me :(

  2. Whats the burns vampire quest?
  3. You can hack the game, so that is how some people have the 100000 goo already. The hack would give you infinite donuts and money so you can just speed everything up.
  4. Also added. Already started dropping those gremlins
  5. I will be throwing ghost and gremlins every where when I can. I think most people here have added me. Just incase you haven't Spyrocks112.
  6. Ya I am looking forward to it as well. The treehouse stuff is usually the best. At least on the show it is.
  7. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    Anyone going to be picking up the Scribblenauts DC Unmasked game this week? Looks great if your into comics, includes over 2000 or something super heroes. Different versions of Batman and even Fall Off Arm Boy. Who isn’t excited to see him.
  8. Ya, I finally got it back up and running this weekend. A couple of uninstalls and reinstalls is all it took. Least now I can get back to getting a burning bush in every mystery box
  9. Just tried that. It didn't work. Thanks anyways. Was looking forward to Treehouse of horror stuff.
  10. Seems I lost my town. Phone ran out of power in the middle of the game now the game just starts like its my first time in. I am still logged in to orgin. Anyone else have this problem? Dam all that work over the months.
  11. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Playing XCOM. Not sure why it took me so long to find this game. So good.
  12. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Wow well sounds like you will be busy for the next 10 years. Some of those games are super long. Good choices. Playing - Injustice: God among Us Tomb Raider Lego LOTR
  13. I have added you as well. I need about 600 more egg to reach the next level. So close. Thanks for all the eggs so far. Ill keep doing my best to help out everyone.
  14. Nice, I might be able to make it to tatum only need 1700 more snakes. I'll keep planting those eggs
  15. Sorry about that got busy for a while. But since then I have been steadily added snakes to everyone’s towns as fast as possible. I need about 500 more to reach 7500 not sure if I will make it.