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  1. Media all about the doom and gloom. Turn off the TV, folks. Like George Carlin said - it's bad for ya!
  2. When the pants come off, watch the &^@# out.
  3. Nothing will come of this. Similarly to school shootings. Rinse and repeat. The protesters huff and puff but they eventually fade out.
  4. Begs the question of whether you would be ticketed and your insurance knocked if you posted a similar video and the authorities knew of it and who you are.
  5. Nobody said he can't speak bull$&!#. Twitter is simply getting tired of it being done on their platform which nobody is entitled to use or speak as freely on as they wish. Trump has a lot of money, supposedly, he can assemble a team of developers to create their own platform where he can speak his mind unhindered every hour of every day until his last breaths and nobody can tell him differently since he'll own the platform.
  6. And what happens to our guys? Run through a clown court, tried, and executed as spies? It's not like this country has any power to stop them.
  7. So are they going to ship her off to the States? Unbelievable how slow the 'justice' system is.
  8. If Trump doesn't like it, he can &^@# right off. Twitter should say that to him too; grow some real balls for once. Twitter is free within the laws to do with their platform as they see.
  9. Unfortunately our guys will continue to rot in China. Furthermore, I could see that being the case AND she goes free.
  10. Cancel school all you want; Canada can't hide indoors forever. International travel and the border with the States can't be closed forever. Eventually the virus will return because people will bring it here. And citizens of this fine country will become sick again.