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  1. Remember when Khudobin got a shutout against us? First game in the NHL too rotfl
  2. To be fair we haven't won $&!# regarless of the jersey worn. Might as well look sharp if your going to get your ass kicked
  3. These jerseys look much sharper than the ones we have now. We should simply go back to them and stick with them forever.
  4. Kiss My god. The most overrated band in history. Pink Floyd can suck it too, and Led Zeppelin has like, two good songs. I know to some this is blasphemy and I'll probably get banned for saying so but I'll risk it.
  5. Boomers: I can work with my hands unlike millennials! Millennials: at least I don't scammed out of my life savings by the Nigerian prince.
  6. I got a call from "the Comoros" yesterday. ... exactly. I had to look it up. It's the Nigerian prince. He's escape to Eastern Africa but needs my money to get to Canada. He wanted a wire transfer of $50,000 Canadian with the promise of paying back 10x times that.
  7. lmao we've been getting these at work "I've caught you masturbating. Now pay up."
  8. Seriously tho. Are we throwing Bobby Orr, Mr.Hockey Hall of Fame and arguably the greatest player in NHL history, under the same bus with Don? Or are we going turn a blind eye to that because..?
  9. k well this team has returned to earth and they're about where we'd expect them. Not good, not terrible, but just bad enough to miss the playoffs.
  10. Looks like all the PC hacks have to throw Bobby Orr under the bus too.
  11. The guy would almost be at 1500 points if not for injuries/lockout. At one point in his career he only played 99 games over three seasons
  12. She won't be because this is Canada and that's the definition of "inclusiveness" here.