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  1. Glad the offense came through because pitching/defense sure as hell didn't.
  2. A ton of offense tonight. More than needed. Probably gonna struggle tomorrow.
  3. &^@#ing Biagini.
  4. Sadly no, lol
  5. Beating on a crappy team. Whatever it takes to get out of the funk.
  6. What is the season pass anyway? My friend said it was 30$ last fall, and it gives you discounts on DLCs? Now it's 50$. Is it worth buying still?
  7. I'm not gonna pay to play. I already pay for the damn Internet connection, the game price that continually goes up year after year. Enough's enough. Also, I heard that some developers might chince out on the original game content only to sell you more in the way of DLC. Battlefield supposedly being one.
  8. Unreal how Cecil makes 3.8 million for the smallest amount of work and technically doesn't even have to do his job which is get guys out.
  9. &^@#ing blowing it. What the hell is wrong with this team lately.
  10. #strikeoutkings 2/3 so far.
  11. k time to put a stretch together. Been spinning our tires in the mud recently.
  12. Cruz at the end there. He's never looked so good!
  13. Why is there a "pass" option in Family Feud. Nobody ever uses it.

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    2. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      We asked 100 people - When a man walks in on his wife in the bathroom, what's something she'll throw at him?


      1. Toilet Paper - 31

      2. Towel - 19

      3. ?????????

      4. Soap - 10

      5. Brush - 6

      6. Her Poop - 4





    3. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      Steve, we're gonna go with tampons.

    4. Aladeen


      Sorry the answer we were looking for was used tampons... Used tampons.

  14. What are you guys talking about, massive head? THIS is a massive head.