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  1. Right. It's called allocation of tax dollars. Government is the king of waste, we see it all the time here. Americans have more than half their taxes go to the war machine. People say there is no money for education, healthcare? &^@# off. There's more than enough but corporate fat cats and the military complex own Washington. Most of the idiots lambasting this appropriate reallocation of tax dollars would actually benefit from it but are too stubborn or ignorant to ever acknowledge it.
  2. In reality, nothing. Hannity has even admitted he's just an entertainer. The guy has about as much journalistic integrity as dog $&!#.
  3. Unexpected indeed. He didn't look ill or anything during the last season they filmed. Looked like a 70 year old man, but looked well. Really sad news.. :'(
  4. RIP Mr.Lahey.. crazy drunk bastard.

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    2. diesel_3


      Hell ya, TR.

      Somebody hold me and tell me everything is gonna be ok. Preferably @Cerridwen 

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      There, there, Dies, all will be well...... he's watching over us all now... like a Sh*t a Sh*t Hawk...

    4. Green Building

      Green Building

      No $&!#. Wow, Trailer Park Boys was a hell of a show, and will definitely get a re-watch one day. Perhaps sooner than later.


      I'll only ever him as Mr. Lahey, and that's enough for me.

  5. When that meeting shifted to discuss gay rights, according to the article, Trump pointed to Pence and joked, “Don’t ask that guy — he wants to hang them all!” Pence’s views on equal rights have long stirred concern in the LGBTQ community. As Indiana governor, he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 2015, which essentially gave businesses the right to refuse to serve gay people. He has supported so-called gay conversion therapy and has been called “one of the most anti-LGBT politicians out there.” ************************************* Pence makes Trump look sane. Like I said, Trump needs to suffer a stroke and Pence encounters the grassy knoll.
  6. If a man in a white van ever offers you candy, I suggest you take it.
  7. & eye witness testimony is about the most unreliable form of evidence there is
  8. Sure. The previous agreement devised by seven other nations leaders and its diplomats, and the IAEA was sufficient. Instead, the orange blob, who can't even tell you why it's a terrible deal, or anything about it but uses extreme hyperbole "it's the worst deal probably ever", wants to dispose of it. Even against the advice of some of the military officials in his own cabinet..
  9. That's not proof of anything Stop insulting yourself with such a low standard of proof, mang. Never mind evidence, but proof..
  10. Doubtful. Guilty in the court public opinion but law is entirely different. If they can't get Cosby, they're probably not going to get Weinstein..
  11. That would be fantastic. Then a grassy knoll moment for Pence and an unfortunate disappearance of Paul Ryan.
  12. I don't even know what channel it's on. Watching the Indians watch their season slip away tho is pretty decent too..
  13. If you are an Indians fan, you saw the season disappear right there..
  14. Ben Ferguson being a fat blowhard on CNN again with his warped sense of patriotism.