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  1. Do you guys think it's worth putting 'a ton of money' into the market at this time with the election less than 3 months away, or wait and see what happens? My uncles are avid investors; one is hesitant to put any more money into the market at this time and the other is converting all to cash sometime in September. They think it's going to be a gong show.
  2. Could do without the regular weak goal from Marky. He's 6'6" and should be getting beat upstairs like that.
  3. CVNA over 200 bucks. FML. Should have held onto those.. @ $30..
  4. So do you buy physical gold or silver if you want to get in on this, or you can buy "shares" of it through your roboadvisor? Silver seems like a good bet I am curious about getting in on.
  5. If that's what it takes to reason with people, I give up. And there's no hope. Not that I was trying to begin with. I'm so sick of hearing about all of it.
  6. Trying to superset pisses me off. I can't leave a station nowadays for 30 seconds without some asshole taking it from me.
  7. An infectious virus, people in close proximity. Mask up all you want. People will still get sick. #logic
  8. Danish cases are rising. The point of this is to counterargument. #boomdone
  9. Then quit complaining about cases going up because that's literally impossible to avoid. Boom done.
  10. If we're worried about cases, the surest bet is to stay home and e-learn because it's 2020. Forget masks and half measures. Boom, done.
  11. Why even go to school if we're that concerned about it.