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  1. Reminds me of minor hockey back in the day. You knew they were or you were F'd once you saw the starting lineups.
  2. if you chew like a horse don't be surprised if you get a large smack in the side of the head

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      Then we share something in common

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      @Tortorella's Rant  But I actually paid Mistress Olivia to tell me I was a very naughty boy and hit me like that last night...errrr, maybe I said too much?:ph34r:

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  3. Did anyone here mention how Kim had the diplomats executed after the summit didn't go according to his plan?
  4. Watching older Real Time episodes that I missed. Yang's universal income dividend sounds like a good idea. I would certainly spend it or reinvest it. But I know they tried that in Finland? and it was a flop. Who knows.
  5. that, or processed food daily. I simply don't have the appetite for those things anymore and would have a harder time eating microwavables. Years and years of conditioning eating 'the right stuff.' Some are microwavables are actually quite alright On a different note I decided to get blood work done - vitamin levels, etc, a couple weeks ago. The results came in and she was like, everything looks fine. Iron levels are good. Vitamin D levels are good. But you have elevated levels of B12. I asked what that was exactly. And she was like - eat fewer leafy greens lmao. I guess there is no harm in elevated B12. But I've literally never heard anyone be told to eat less kale, spinach, broccoli. I do it almost every day
  6. The company I work at has a call center and I go up there about 7:30 to grab some of that Japanese green tea for the day and guys are already sucking down pop. They probably drink more in a day or a couple days than I will all year. The fridge is fully stocked with pop. It's crazy. I don't know how people do that. I drink pop a few times a year tops.
  7. It's real simple. It's not a surprise to anyone who knows anything about how US politics works
  8. Plebs here arguing over which side of the aisle they perceive to care about them more or what they want. Sad.
  9. A month and change until we either see the same pile of garbage, or ship that garbage to the dump and bring in another load of trash.
  10. It was explained to us from another individual who used to work in a similar position that everyone's portfolio is basically in a pool. So when the fund manager buys x shares of company they are distributed based on how much your portfolio is worth. So if I got 10 shares in TGT, my mother who I was doing this with, would get 50 shares of TGT because she has more money. Someone with a million dollar portfolio might get 200 shares of TGT. There wasn't any real individual management going on and hence no regard for my concerns or questions. While I do understand this because you are managing dozens or hundreds of clients, I at the same time can't be ignored or seen as insignificant just because I don't have a million dollars. There was also lot of cash sitting around in our portfolio at times too not being spent when it arguably could have. Our funds were all converted to USD at the time I guess to take advantage of some currency difference. But despite that I had a couple different professional opinions on this and neither of them really understood the point of this. At least at WS I can talk to someone directly regarding my questions and concerns and not get made out to feel like a pleb.
  11. I kept the ENB preferred shares though because of the dividend. But those have been losers since the day he bought them share price wise. I hope they rebound eventually..
  12. Poor guy. It's a weird relation but he probably feels how I would feel if I lost my cat(s).
  13. I did the Wealthsimple thing after the garbage end to 2018 which is basically all that - ETFs and index funds. My portfolio guy previously was doing 80% equity and most of it being small market cap. I didn't do my due diligence getting involved here because I knew so little. I only did it because my uncle was also invested with him but he's got a lot of money and he's &^@#ing crazy. But the portfolio manager never asked me any of the basic questions like what am I expecting here, what is my risk tolerance, and so on. So that was his fault too. So my portfolio imploded big time and he kept collecting the fee. Any dividends? Gone to pay his fee. Then he "sold into the rally and bought into the dip" as he put it I believe. So when he bought TGT at $87 a share then sold it at $70. Then bought again shortly after at $73 and sold it at $78 (not the exact numbers but basically this is what he did) - I still lost money. And this happened with probably a dozen holdings I had. So I was out thousands of dollars. So I called him and asked what the hell was going on with my portfolio. And the above is what he explained. He stated his goal was to beat the index as a fund manager (which is historically impossible in the long term according to that guy named Warren Buffet who has 80 billion dollars and is a strong advocate of the index fund and ETF). Then I questioned why not just employ a buy and hold strategy because now TGT is well over $100 for example - why are you buying companies you don't think will rebound within "a reasonable amount of time" I asked. He didn't appreciate me questioning him because he has clients with over a million and I got a measly 100k so my thoughts don't matter. Then he also mentioned that 2019 could do really well for me but there could also be a double digit loss percentage wise. I don't have nearly that kind of capital to sustain that. Basically I took my money to WS with a polite &^@# you because he still had control over it at the time. I don't question his ability to make money but that was not the right plan for me. So now my money may not grow as quick as with him in the meantime but I take a lot less risk with ETFs and index funds, pay almost nothing in fees, and keep all of the dividends for myself.