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  1. When its takes hours to fall asleep over night and then you dream about how long it took you to fall asleep. Great start to the week and it's not even 8 am Monday morning yet, 

    1. ThrustyPrusty89


      I woke up at 2am and had a mini panic attack about not being able to get back to sleep (which obviously kept me up). Then I had the dream where all my teeth fell out. I feel your pain.

    2. Sean Monahan

      Sean Monahan

      If it helps you any, I woke up at 3 because my dog kicked me in the crotch repeatedly while he was having a dream and then I couldn't get back to sleep. He's a big dog with a big kick.

  2. We all know that they have an immigrant problem with their pathetic open door policy. Agreed. But he's trying to equate open door policy in Europe with the thoroughly vetted process going on in the States. Secondly, he was talking about a specific incident the night before which never actually occurred. While president pussy grabber loves to yammer on about "fake news", he has absolutely no problem propagating a truck load of fake $&!# for his army of uneducated. As expected you'll never get his supporters or the vast majority of spineless republican leaders to ever acknowledge this however.
  3. Good to see Obama ranked 12 among presidents by C Span I think it was. Meanwhile conservatives on Facebook were yelling incoherently at the facts used to support that ranking.
  4. Which doesn't mean what you're suggesting it does
  5. Are these the same voices that Trump hears?
  6. Benning better be on the phone selling, selling, selling.
  7. Torts is like Trump in that they're never going to change their ways. If you want out, you've got a couple weeks.
  8. Jeff Lord defending Trump not releasing his taxes, but would've called it unpresidential and assert Obama has something to hide if he did the same thing. Pathetic.
  9. Good. Wanna know how much slaving away at math through all my years helped me in any way? None, not one.
  10. Senate Republicans voting right now to allow mentally ill people to buy guns. See, it was never about "mental health" in school shootings, and such, as they always claimed. The gun lobbies own them. They simply don't give care who dies as long as they're paid.
  11. Trump criticizing Obama for Russia taking Crimea even though he asserted all campaign long a policy of isolation and their departure from the status quo of "world police." &^@#ing idiot.
  12. Sbisa going for the puck instead of dropping Malkin on his ass..