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  1. Why stop there. Why not ban guns altogether? (Obviously this wouldn't fly). They aren't killing each other with assault style weapons but with handguns mostly. Like I said - cheap political points
  2. I watched the "trial" for about 15 minutes then turned it off. That's what some of your tax dollars pay for down there. Lovely.
  3. I'd rather see some plan to work against gun violence and gang violence in general (here, and the GTA in particular). But that would take actual work and those aren't cheap political points to score.
  4. I'm glad we're working to ban a weapon that hasn't been used to commit a mass shooting in 30 something years because of various reasons.
  5. Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors Fallout 4 Skyrim Red Dead 2 The Last of Us Not in any order
  6. She'll probably go free, return to China, meanwhile our diplomats will continue to rot in a dank cell.
  7. Harry and Megan have really downsized on the Island.
  8. This country is being sold out to foreign interests and influence all the time.
  9. That's fair. I mean, if you want to so be it. But so many people having to do it out of necessity is &^@#ed.
  10. And 50% of Canadians not saving for retirement either. If not more. Going to be stuck working until they're dead. #slavery
  11. Nothing says trying to correct a wrong by &^@#ing over someone else who is in no way responsible for anything.
  12. This goes back at least 6 years. Outspoken Pat Condell has a video on it in 2014. Or did. Until Youtube took it down.