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  1. &^@#in' Osuna
  2. Missed the last game against the Yanks. Didn't even know Benoit was injured. rotfl.
  3. Ooh. Now it's a game.
  4. Well that didn't take long
  5. Did you see Giuliani criticize the moderator suggesting we need a journalist and not a fact checker? lmao. What a piece of garbage.
  6. The Clinton News Network, but Trump gets billions of dollars of free air time on it. Which is more than anyone else.. This is just like a religious debate. The only people you're really going to persuade are those on the fence. That's who this is for.
  7. When you've got nothing of substance so you bring up a soundbite from 20 years ago which has absolutely no bearing on anything whatsoever.
  8. Seems like they should play the soundbites/video where Trump supported the departure that the Obama admin. followed in Iraq. And the whole Iraq invasion to begin with. And that of the intervention in Libya. Such obvious lies should be called out then and there.
  9. "Trump supported the Iraq invasion and throwing out Gadaffi!" "That's false." It's on tape and video, Donald, but alright.
  10. They do. And parties in general. Got a message at 8 the other night "yo, come party at ..." I lol'd. Way too early.
  11. Not sure I can forgive the virtual Arnie Palmer for beating my ass every time in PGA 19xx/20xx as a kid. RIP to the real guy.
  12. Since it's a best of 3 that only favors Canada even more. We'd have to crap the bed twice to lose this thing. Or beat ourselves by all getting piss drunk the night before. Straight up though they're not going to beat us twice.
  13. lmao in Edwin we trust.
  14. Walk off homer. That'll work too! Or Edwin walk off. I'll take that.. or a base hit..