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  1. Not a bad game. Pretty much an open world TLoU. So if you enjoyed that game you will enjoy this and if you didn't.. don't bother
  2. Unfortunately. This comes up in the movie Logan Lucky in the prison negotiation and the warden is like - George Martin hasn't written the final books yet - there is nothing I can do about this!
  3. The exception to the rule are republican politicians who knock up their mistress or a hooker.
  4. Which same jobs are there that men are paid more than women - and I don't mean a few trace examples in one industry or field but where it is clearly and demonstrably a widespread epidemic across all sectors. However, it is merely not that simple. Experience comes into play - skill sets - seemingly these things are disregarded in this discussion every single time and the leftist just wants to judge based on sex. My associate here at work gets paid more for precisely those things. If I am a female, should he make more than me still or should we be paid the same because of my sex? But why stop there - there are also appearance biases, height biases, personality biases. These things are also discriminatory and things you cannot necessarily control because you are who you are.
  5. I think it's going to end where each region of Westeros rules itself - hence the name 'Game of Thrones' implying more than one kingship. Dany is going to get whacked and I'm not sure what will happen with the rest of her army and Drogon, but yeah.
  6. That is true. HBO can't still around waiting for him to start writing again. And isn't he still a producer on the show? Shouldn't he have a say in all of this (season 8)? If he doesn't object to how this is going down then who's to say if he had written the rest of the story that the TV product would be any better.
  7. So? I mean from their point of view they don't even care. What is the public going to about it? Evidently nothing, ever. I'm surprised they haven't come on camera yet and told us to go &^@# ourselves.
  8. People go after Nye's educational background all of the time because they can't take him on logically, argumentatively, as if this somehow disqualifies him from the discussion. But if that's the case then it's like, why don't you shut the hell up because you are even less qualified on such matters than he is.
  9. Could be nobody and result in nothing. That's how the writing has been this season. Like, where did Arya come from when she TKO'd the NK? Where did Brag warg off too during all of that and why? yadda yadda.
  10. Can Jamie even row a boat? He can't grip the paddle with the other hand
  11. Wasn't Davos was supposed to smuggle them out past the Iron fleet. "Start a new life" as Tyrion said.
  12. Federal government is removing 'inflammatory' words like 'Islamic' and 'Sikh' from the public report on the terror threat against Canada. Gooddale with his face full of cake says it is not politically correct but rather because this is more accurate. Calling Islamic or Sikh terrorism Islamic or Sikh terrorism is more accurate and specific than just 'terrorism.' Just like when there is a pit bull ban - because pit bulls are the ones causing the vast majority of the problems - not an unspecified group of dogs.