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  1. Fox renewing Bill "sexual predator" O'Reilly's contract. Coming up at the top of the hour: another segment of why Fox is morally superior to the rest of mainstream media.
  2. Jokes on him. Space reptilians have already infiltrated Washington. His efforts would be futile
  3. Grant finally with his first NHL goal! We played together when we were 10 years old. He went big and I went home :-/

  4. One perk of being in IT is forming connections with others who excel in tracing and tracking people down. I already know where you live and what you look like.
  5. Wasn't that in the bill, omitting other religious symbols and such, but that portion didn't pass, hence some critics saying that it didn't go far enough.
  6. Can't believe the fascination with him. I didn't know who he was until last year
  7. yup; it's dangerous. As that number grows, it will allow him to get away with more and more. Whether criminal activity, suppressing peoples rights.. The little fascists on this board love it but would change their tune if his actions affected them directly, they always do..
  8. Finally got my own darts board. Now to develop consistency. 168 one hand, 22 the next.. I'm such crap sometimes

  9. Not a bad trade for us. Pedan is never going to be an NHL regular
  10. 9/11 stinks like $&!#. The government did everything possible to sweep that under the rug as fast as possible. And it wouldn't be the first time they've fabricated an attack or some reason to go to war. Then again, two nearly fueled jets slamming into skyscrapers at a few hundred miles per hour would seem like enough to bring them down. Whether they should've fallen the way they did or not.. I was never any good at physics whatsoever. Don't get me started on engineering either. I know people in the same boat as me though won't stop pretending to be experts on those subjects.
  11. It's different in the States because they're hugely &^@#ing racist. All Huff did was blow Jagmeet because he wore a turban.
  12. If Huffpost posted another article about how he's Sikh, like that's supposed to mean something profound, I probably would've vomited.
  13. Good. Dressing women in garbage bags, unwillingly in many cases, has nothing to do with their religion no matter how much some social warriors want to scream about it.
  14. Nobody wants his bloated salary. Management/ownership &^@#ed this one up royally.