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  1. "Begnahzi!! "GEorge Sorso!" "fast & fuhrious!" "Obummer and $150 trillion Iran dollars!"
  2. Squat felt better today. I've concluded not doing deadlifts anymore has directly affected my squat strength. My split squat is by far and away at an all time high. Leg press is about on par with my prime. My bar squat is behind though. I suspect because I am not doing deadlifts. When I unrack the weight, the weight feels fine, like nothing I haven't lifted a million times. But when I hit depth I really feel that lack of hip strength - that lack of push power that you would have when doing deadlifts. Obviously both of these exercises go hand in hand as I saw direct benefit from doing both and the other benefiting, but I didn't think not doing deadlift anymore would adversely affect me that much.
  3. It's the norm. People really don't care.
  4. k well this sealed the deal for Trump 2020 and fascism in the United States
  5. I haven't dumped on anybody working. We all do it. I do it. Quitting while your ahead is great if you have the option and choose to do so. If you enjoy your job, great, but don't confuse this with people working more hours, more days, more years, just to get by and afford the necessities of life. Who are you, a politician? It's blatantly obvious that's all I was saying; why spend your time working when you can spend it with your family and friends and doing your favorite activities. If you'd rather work right up to 65 or beyond then go right ahead I literally don't care. But that's right - the government has nothing to do with you enjoying your job. The only ones who have any interest in seeing you work longer, more hours, more days are the government and corporate fat cats who have zero interest in seeing you check out early because society is reasonably affordable; it's a great business for the plutocracy and one is an arm of the other, after all. They've done a great job in ensuring precisely this.
  6. Then get a more exciting social life lmao. Having the option of an earlier retirement is nice. Duh. Life is too short but if you want to slave away longer than necessary be my guest. It's not an over generalization when the cost of housing is as high and availability as scarce as it has ever been. More people having to work more hours, more days, more years, to see their money work less and less for them every passing year in this country is not an over generalization. That is a simple fact, chief. And the government doesn't care and won't do anything to make that any easier on you.
  7. I'll take chance over overpaying. People are willing to work until they die, have two jobs, live in a rental forever just to be here. Sad.
  8. I would look at leaving, actually. Why pay for this overpriced dump when you can relocate to the interior of Canada or the United States, save your money, and retire when you're 50 because of all the money you saved. I will consider these things if there is not some serious correction in the next year and a bit.
  9. you don't need to. you can literally rent a Vancouver broom closet on Craigslist for 750/month.
  10. This is going to be a major bust. The Dems put so much stock into this and it's a big womp womp. Hence Beto and Pelosi like rats and a sinking ship.
  11. Improved my bench a bit last night unexpectedly. The week before was poor. Plated dips always help big time if you are looking to improve bench.
  12. C'mon, see, you can't reeeeally ignore me. I win already. Kind of like Donny Dotard and McCain. I'm the superior in practically every way, and the intellectual, and that annoys the piss out of ya. I probably whooped your ass in some other thread and you've held this grudge ever since. Life's too short. Get off the computer and go enjoy the outside, son. It's beautiful out.
  13. Block me instead, big boy. Grow some real balls.