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  1. Drove a Challenger for the first time. Man, that thing is big. It's like navigating a boat. 

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    2. Heretic


      We had a 2010 SXT Plus, was a blast to drive, just traded it in a month ago for a 2017 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.  What was nice about the V6, rock solid and good fuel economy.  That said, the new Challenger V8's have cylinder deactivation, so as long as you're not a lead foot, it runs on only 6.  They are okay in the snow - not great, the weight and big trunk allowed us to put 4 sand bags in it - but if there was a lot of snow, the wife took the truck to work.  Yeah, it's big, you can put 2 sets of golf clubs in the trunk, and 4 people can ride in it comfortably - try that with a Mustang.   When we got the 2010, we bought it in December (in Calgary) and we test drove it, a Mustang and a Camaro.  Camaro was just too pricey, the Mustang?  back seat is useless and we didn't get out of the parking spot - tires kept spinning lol...but the was perfect.  We miss it, but here in the Okanagan we still get snow, so it was getting where we needed something that could handle it better.  If I lived in Vancouver, Shaker hood would be my choice. ;)

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      I have a bicycle, but this old horse is losing power :^(

    4. Violator


      Challengers are nice almost bout an 08 yellow Daytona Charger a few years ago

  2. Neither of those teams overly impress me. I am legit worried they'll walk right into the Cup final if the Ducks can't stop them. And the only team I see there capable of handling them are the Pens.
  3. I can see the Oilers waltzing to the Cup final right now. Total bull$&!# how a single player, a kid, can definitely put them over the top like this in one season.
  4. He likely won't come back. While their heart is probably in the game of hockey, it's just not at the NHL level and everything that comes with it.
  5. Awesome. I love this $&!#, just like space exploration and the vastness of the cosmos. So much to explore & learn. Uber fascinating.
  6. Genius! I mean, the guy's such an idiot when it comes to anything aside from ripping people off, it'll surely work.
  7. Obama spoke today. That's what a president sounds like. Not this orange $&!# stain that we have now who can barely construct a coherent sentence on his own.
  8. Don't people have jobs? Anyway, I do Great West 90 minutes before close. 99% of the time what you want to use is available. But, yeah, keep it quiet and don't tell anyone.
  9. Pacioretty is pathetic. On pace to go down in this series with 1 point.
  10. How is that possibly a goal? Anderson is in the paint and the guy takes him out so they can score. WTF.
  11. Watch us put him on the big club next year for way too long, and suck, then wonder why he sucks, and then wonder why he too never really panned out.
  12. Monstrous, hateful, disgusting behavior within holy texts is always "out of context," except for the things that aren't because they are "good things" - which is really a convenient way of dealing with the cognitive dissonance that comes with worshipping a super galactic thug. At the end of the day, holy texts and religion are open to interpretation and if you have you interpret "god's word", then it's not really god's word, is it? It's your word. It's man's word. You can make out god's word to mean whatever you want and that's essentially what we have going on. Like when Christians tell you parts of the bible are metaphoric or to not be taken literally, or that you're taking it out of context. Oh yeah? And what's the mechanism for determining this? There isn't one - you pull it out of your arse because you're backed into a corner by logic. If an uber galactic super genius ever wrote a book then there would only be one such document. If would be dominant and would require no predecessors, successors, or parallels, and you certainly wouldn't have to interpret it's meaning.
  13. Sharks had nothing left in the tank. Blew it all in that 7-0 demolition job, I guess..