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  1. God, are these guys going to be way behind on this season's roster update?
  2. The senate passed a $700 billion bill for the military the other day, by the way. But we can't have affordable education, or healthcare.. Republicans looking out for your best interests like that.
  3. Best DL I ever had was 500x2 at 210. 415x5 squat at 190. But those were years ago and have dropped off considerably since. Especially my deadlift through injury and such. I'm not training for anything and never really enjoyed it so I figured.. why bother.
  4. Too bad Far Cry 5 is a rehash of Far Cry 4.. I love #4 but I'm certainly not rushing out to buy #5 at 80 bucks, and spend a few dozen hours on something I've already played..
  5. That new face off violation is ridiculous. It's the NHL's subtle way of generating more powerplay's and moar goalz cuz Americans love big numbers & high scoring games.

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    2. Art Vandelay

      Art Vandelay

      I disagree that it's being used to increase scoring. The Faceoffs were a joke during the playoffs last season. Linesman couldn't drop the puck, and were being blamed for trying to turn it into a "ref show". Players are trying to cheat, and it has gone to far... Don't you remember the head butting? Or Vermette being suspended for slashing the linesmen for letting the other team cheat. Not sure calling a penalty is the best decision, but what else can you do? 


      As a ref myself, the Faceoffs in the NHL have gotten out of control.

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      its to balance things out so guys like McPouty don't have to be as good at faceoffs. 

    4. Heretic


      I like the new face off rule, I hate making the goalie equipment smaller.  Watching the Habs beat the Bruins 2-1 in the glory days of hockey was exciting.  Watching an expansion team score 9 goals is boring.  

  6. Breaking: Unbelievable.Trump exploiting child labor in the States.
  7. you're weak, physically too
  8. Horvat, Boeser, Demko for Duchene, 4th
  9. Trump scoffs at the community involvement and the Iran deal keeping them from nuclear weapons. Trump scoffs at the lack of community involvement in dealing with North Korea keeping them from nuclear weapons. Does this idiot really know what he wants?
  10. Tapping Clam's mum. ooh, burn.
  11. I did it at Red Rocket
  12. Such a squad of colossal losers. Democrats suck, but these morons take it several levels further.
  13. McGinn is such a twit. He was in the Yahoo hockey chat room back in 09-10 running his mouth talking so much $&!# about this team.
  14. Play some defense, homies. $&!#.