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  1. I didn't mean whatever it is you two are talking about. I'm just speaking in general
  2. I've been seeing a lot of that lately..
  3. lol Quit arguing about which religion is more violent and more intolerant. It's clearly Islam. It's the mother load of bad ideas and just the fact people try to defend it by asserting it's less violent than Christianity does not help your cause and never will. Religion in general, and especially Islam and Christianity are hideous scars on humanity..
  4. Send them all back to the States. Especially the Haitians. They've had 7 years to acquire citizenship since the U.S. took them in after the earthquake, failed to do so, and are now fleeing because they might be deported - and rightly so.
  5. I'd like for him to be a good president, partisanism aside. I don't play that game. But he's totally $&!#ting the bed with things like this.
  6. Trump's manufacturing council imploding with 7 CEO's bailing ship. That's what you get for being an absolute twit.
  7. He's great at a few things - entertainment, being a shady businessman, and manipulating stupid people. Aside from that he's a colossal idiot and he's shown it most days as president..
  8. lol That's what I was getting at. Teleprompter Trump vs the real Trump we saw today and Saturday. Teleprompter Trump sounds like a normal human being. Freestyle Trump is a deranged lunatic. That's why I don't buy that condemnation of them yesterday one bit. Just like the tweet that came out from the White House twitter account and not his actual account.
  9. Well, to be honest that was a drawn up condemnation by his staff, obviously. The real "condemnation" was that of him on Saturday and today lashing out hostility. He doesn't care and we all know that; that's a large portion of his base - they show him loyalty and he loves that. They're a good reason why he is where he is right now.
  10. Time to cut the cable soon. Another $6 tacked on; almost 200 a month now. I like TV, but not at that price.

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    2. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      The price is a joke. And it's difficult to part it out to the handful of channels you do watch regularly.. paying mostly for crap I don't watch.

    3. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      my wife and i cut cable about 2 years ago, don't miss it one bit. we use sportsnet now for only the months when hockey is on, and VPN takes care of any US or international tv we like to watch. We figure we save about $150/mo vs. cable. 

    4. Hairy Kneel

      Hairy Kneel

      S'all Good do you still get basic cable with that package?

  11. At least he didn't have a private email server.
  12. Too bad about NK standing down. A new war makes for interesting TV and discussion.
  13. Not at all. The way you've tapped down around laying any responsibility on the supremacists Saturday for their behavior and instead linking the protesters to ISIS because they challenged the supremacists on their bull$&!# would suggest that..
  14. So? Shouldn't Trump be held to a higher standard? His fan boys around here tell me how he's vastly superior to Obama in every regard but then equate him to Obama when convenient and go "not a big deal because Obama."