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  1. The investigation is not dead. Nobody of any real credibility has said so. Chandy literally made that up this afternoon. ONE Scotus pick - the other was stolen by republican obstructionism. One member dies, or retires, you make a pick - not exactly an accomplishment - any of his idiot followers could manage that one. The travel ban is obvious garbage because it doesn't restrict other true terrorist states like Saudi Arabia which to no coincidence are engaged in Trump businesses. Look, Trump "cares" about you, just not enough where he has a few dollars invested. The fact you even buy into this is pathetic. If Obama pulled this stunt, Trump drones would call him a terrorist sympathizer. Hell, they did for far less. And then of course Republicans regained control of deep red state they've held control for over 50 years. That's really the only accomplishment here republicans can actually lay claim to and even then it's not that impressive. So, 1 arguably true victory out of the 4 claims there...
  2. Still waiting to hear how the average Trump supporter wins in any of this. None of those are really wins though. All they do is speak to how intellectually weak Trump supporters are.
  3. Go for it. A clear upgrade over Gaunce, Megna, Chaput, Cramarossa, Shore, Skille (probably, plus younger)...
  4. Drumpf contradicts Drumpf. That's a problem when you're full of $&!# - can't keep yourself straight after a while.
  5. The first four picks look jacked. Great numbers. We'll see if that means anything more down the road.
  6. Maajid Nawaz, a Muslim, to sue the SPLC for their extremist liberal and libel view that he's a anti-Muslim extremist because he's critical of said extremism and flaws of their culture today. More Muslims are needed with the intellect and the balls he has. Hell, we need more people like that in general..
  7. The first line is almost never what you project it to be. I remember such threads from years ago and they never projected because either the player never developed into a first line player, or was traded.
  8. The Pens dropped 20 spots for Ryan Reeves? The hell.
  9. Stan Bowman's been doing a lot of drinking and crying after two consecutive first round exits, losing Panarin, and Hossa..
  10. No such thing though really. So was Virtanen and Hodgson. Hodgson obviously flopped and Jake's on the fence right now.
  11. Probably.
  12. I can't watch yet. Someone tell me what's happening pls.
  13. yup. I'm on nobody's team. Repub or Democrat or some little green bugger from the depths of the cosmos, if you have good ideas then they're worth listening to. But most people don't see it that way unfortunately.. too busy looking at party affiliation or religion over content of character and ideas they present. You don't even have to go outside to witness that, just look at the Trump thread lol
  14. There's a lot of fair weather assholes on NHL Facebook thinking Crosby should be MVP because he won the Cup and McDavid didn't.
  15. The show is always boring. Never changes. Dunno why people are watching it