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  1. The French have nobody to blame but themselves here. At least one of these guys was being monitored with an ankle bracelet because he tried to join extremist forces in Syria. Instead they stop him, they slap a piece of plastic around his ankle, and let him go on with life as usual. I don't know if this is political correctness, or they're just retarded. Both of which often go hand in hand..
  2. Weird. My mum has pleaded a few times before "long time customer blah blah" for free upgrades, or whatever, getting deals.
  3. Glad to see they're making something of this now! Too bad they need at least 8 to take the lead..
  4. lol case in point. Brutal to start and often can't contain them but instead lets it snowball
  5. They got to get someone to replace this guy. Way too inconsistent. He's great when he's great but a killer when he's off. Run + per inning last two starts. I dunno how you can go into the playoffs with this guy and you can only guess what you'll get with him
  6. yeah. i mean.. do everything required to win..
  7. Zzz Dickey. Hopefully he contains them at least. 2 against early, don't let it snowball
  8. I couldn't even get it to work using a plan from a competitive BBer. Tried years ago over two months, dropped about 20lbs, didn't see much in the way of BF%, and strength overall took a hit. Followed it exactly minus some supplements. I sort have been trying to do it on my own. Eating "fine" but it's hard to burn the calories needed. I sit around all day (work/school) so I burn nothing other than what is needed to keep me alive. Because of that I really only need low 2000s to maintain weight I think, and I last weighed 227 lmao. Keep hovering around 220-230 range.. I dunno. Some sort of physical fatigue. Didn't even feel tired; just didn't have the strength to push my normal.. Maybe didn't eat enough carbs. I find you won't notice anything until you actually go lift and then you crap out real quick
  9. Get Sunnis to acknowledge that Shias aren't subhumans, and vice versa.
  10. Either way, it's one of those addition by subtraction deals
  11. Dickey tomorrow. &^@#. Also, GG Storen. No idea who Benoit is though.
  12. Maybe. But what goes around comes around, I guess. Not too many games ago we were saying some strikes should've been balls for us
  13. In an attempt to further illustrate their point, the Daily Caller presented an image contrasting of Kristen Gillibrand speaking at the DNC with Donald Trump speaking at the Republican National Convention (RNC): Of course, this image was deliberately misleading, as the staging of both the RNC and the DNC employed large digital displays as backdrops for their speakers. For instance, the U.S. flags on view behind Donald Trump in the image above were digital renditions and not physical flags, as can be seen in the transition shot below: The digital backdrop at the RNC changed throughout the proceedings, and at times it appeared just as flagless as the DNC's supposedly did: These web sites cherry-picked photographs in order to make it appear that no U.S. flags (in either physical or digital form) were on display at the Democratic National Convention. And the Daily Callermust not have looked very hard, as the scene at first day of the DNC exhibited a healthy share of red, white, and blue patriotism, in both digital and physical form: It's also false to state or imply that the DNC banned the display of American flag at their event, as numerous convention-goers were photographed holding flags or wearing flag-based gear on Day 1 of the convention: Ah, okay. thanks.