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  1. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Winnipeg Jets

    0-3 w/o Horvat. Where is Tre Mac and others calling me a fake fan because I supposedly didn't know what I was talking about?
  2. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    0-3 without Horvat. "we'll be okay"
  3. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    Weak goals so often. Marky's never going to be a true starter doing that
  4. Failed Suicide Bombing Attack In NYC Subway Passage

    Damn amateurs. Real domestic terrorists hijack congress and the senate and destroy quality of life for others through legislation.
  5. PC Gaming Thread

    Playing Hearts of Iron 4. That's a pretty crazy game.. makes other strategy games look like fluff. Lots of micro managing your supplies and army because you can't just pump $&!# out on the fly. Getting the hang of it though. Jus' rolling through the Balkans as the Italians crushing the Serbs, allied with the Germans and fighting France on the Western front. 250,000 casualties already tho and it's only mid 1938 - going to need to do a mandatory conscription. A perk of being fascist
  6. PC Gaming Thread

    I suppose you have to determine whether you really want to learn it in the first place. I wouldn't bother personally because most of what the community has done suits me just fine.
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Damn. The guy at work won it at the Christmas party. I might've sold it instead though. I'd have to explore game options first. The only one that I know of the Zelda which definitely catches my eye
  8. PlayStation 4 Thread

    Good. I have a hard time playing anything that isn't open world or strategy based type of game like Total War. I just love the freedom of them, particularly FO or Elder Scrolls, which I've played numerous times for that reason - also highly modifiable of course making it all that much better
  9. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    The silver lining in all of this, I suppose. His army of mindless drones can on his behalf though..
  10. Daniel Shaver: Police officer not guilty of murder

    A lot of them are meatheads with little appreciation or understanding of what it takes to be truly good at the job. This is the kind of $&!# the players were protesting, but right wingers will scream patriotism the whole time and hijack the entire subject. Patriotism is being executed by cop because wrong place wrong time, I guess.
  11. [Trade] Canucks trade Jordan Subban to Kings for Nic Dowd

    When you see guys like Biega and Gaunce get regular ice time it's hard to dispute Subban was undeserving of any real opportunity
  12. Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    That wasn't the sentiment prior to the election. But now, today, the FBI is deemed to have went soft on her back then because Comey refused to bend to Dotard's will in February and his administration is instead being pursued by them. Clearly this is all a hoax! Right wingers are just pissed that years after grilling her about Benghazi they've failed to demonstrate any real wrongdoing, and certainly not enough to charge her with anything. Although that was never really the point of the "investigations", it's certainly a convenient card to play now. This administration sees itself as infallible. That right there tells you they're full of $&!#.
  13. US Recognizes Jerusalem As Capital of Israel

    Fox is great at that.. Democrats are evil, liberalism is a disease (even though those inbred retards and the US in general has benefited greatly from liberalism, obviously), atheists are out to destroy your religion with their separation of church and state despite this concept being enshrined in the constitution..