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  1. Wrong.. Quit parroting Captain Dotard for &^@# sakes and come up with an original thought of your own. Kneeling during the anthem demonstrates as much hate for your country as it does for cheesecake. There is absolutely no correlation between one and the other.
  2. Standing for the flag or anthem, and even removing your hat means nothing really. I don't even feel obligated to do either anymore. Like swearing on the bible. It's a bunch of stupid $&!# that somebody made up.
  3. Paris Denard on CNN being an intellectual chump, again. An African American sellout for Captain Dotard and he's not even being paid by the Trump train to do so. Pathetic.
  4. Libtards run amok. That's what this is.
  5. Man this guy translating Henrik. Going for for another minute.
  6. So weird with the Chinese voice over
  7. Long shot anyway imo. He didn't make it in the first place for a reason
  8. Thanks Got it on the radio now anyway
  9. It's looked like bull$&!# since they've started calling every love tap and "face off violation.."
  10. So this is not on tv OR the radio? wtf.
  11. Teahouse in Stanley is cool. Along the water there..
  12. yup. $1400 for a basement suite in Abby an old friend of mine is paying for.. another listed at $950.. average house price about 700k now. I really don't see the point of moving out any time soon here as a young person. Grossly overpaying like this doesn't help you at all.. just bank your money instead and hope prices eventually plummet..
  13. Because they obviously do care. Every time right wingers get upset about "liberal Hollywood elite" making a political statement.. if you don't care you don't get riled up.