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  1. Do you live in the States? Either way, what have you really benefit from? Nothing. Like I said, unless you're very well off in the U.S., this administration has done nothing to improve the lives of anybody but instead attempted at the very least to decrease your well being.
  2. So, is this still happening or the NDP rejected it?
  3. Clam, who got nothing out of this other than bragging rights against other people online that "his guy" won. "Very sad!" as President Asshole would say..
  4. Maybe it's for the best. Transgenders shouldn't be putting their lives on the line for the Republican party who evidently doesn't give two $&!#s about them. Anyone stupid enough to be in the military nowadays probably shouldn't be allowed in it.
  5. My dad died a long time ago and my uncle and I were talking about it on the phone a few nights after his passing and he was telling me about how the light fixtures in his living room shook violently earlier in the day as if he had transitioned to some sort of energy or anomaly and this was his final way of saying goodbye. The same happened to me shortly after the conversation because the light chandelier over my stairs started shaking rather violently as well. Scared the $&!# out of me. I remember it vividly because of that. I dunno what to really think. I'm inclined to believe that once you die, you're dead. That's it. Try to think before your earliest memory - nothing. That's what it's like being dead. But there's always some doubt and that one moment sure raised some doubt. Maybe you do travel somewhere else after, maybe you exist as some sort of energy form, who knows.. Reincarnation would suck. Look how many people live in squalor on this planet and etc. No thanks.... Reading some of these comments I'm not the only one who has had an inexplicable moment like such. It's all very interesting to say the least..
  6. I'm not trolling at all. He's helping make it effectively easier for people to die from something they can otherwise be treated for. Every one of them party before country.
  7. McCain after receiving brain surgery voted to take away the healthcare of millions? This guy should do everyone a favor and just die already. Spineless twit.
  8. Corporations and fat cats always win. Money talks. We're &^@#ing peasants and treated as such.
  9. My 43% discount or whatever it is is looking less and less like a discount every year.
  10. Is this one of those instances Trump talked about where we'd be sick of winning? Maybe if you're the Carrier CEO looking at how big his bank account just got.
  11. So Trump held a Trump Youth rally yesterday.. #heiltrump
  12. My friend put up his business card on the bulletin board in his building the other day. Someone defamed it by writing ISIS on it just because his name is Arabic. Likely a Trump supporter - nice people.