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  1. Watching Phil Mudd explain it to Jack Kingston.. I think Phil lost a few years of his life there..
  2. Which is not illegal.
  3. Phillip Mudd tearing Jack Kingston a new arsehole because Jack is a partisan hack who only parrots Republican talking points while Phillip is an expert of the CIA and FBI and deals with facts.
  4. It was sad to see the paramedics try to resuscitate the terrorist.
  5. So like we've been in our end of the ice for about 12 minutes now. 40 shots vs. 14.
  6. lol why would Miller sign here again for next season. Hope this continues so he leaves and go plays where he has a chance to win.
  7. Tim Peel stupid twat.
  8. lol this team so pathetic. I wish they could forfeit the reason of the season and go vacation early.
  9. 14 shots lmao God I can't wait for this season to be over.
  10. Oh, look, that Gov't of BC commercial I paid for.
  11. You can cut out the double standard. I'm sure you gave Obama as much of a chance as Republicans did which was none. McConnell publicly stated it was their goal to obstruct him at every step of the way to effectively make him a one term president. Hence their infantile behavior and government shutdown at the expense of the people. With that said he's blown his chance anyway to "make America great again." He's demonstrated he's not here to help the people as already mentioned, among many numerous other examples. It's incredibly pathetic how morally bankrupt some people are to defend this hypocritical monster. But as long as it's not directly affecting you, who cares right? Trump's very own definition of corruption alone makes him corrupt - cozying up to billionaire pricks and politically friendly with the ultra wealthy, filling his cabinet with Washington swamp monsters, Goldman Sachs and Exxon - you know, some of the exact same things he said Hillary does and was going to do which made her corrupt and therefore unfit for president.
  12. There was plenty of outrage from Republicans for 8 whole years. Where have you been. If you haven't been following closely, President Giant Orange Asshole is still ranting and raging about him after the fact attempting to cover for his own incompetence and corruption. Following through on his promises? Tough on Islamic extremism? Mexico to pay for the impractical wall? Lower taxes? &^@# that - Donald's tougher on seniors, sick people, and after school programs than ISIS. Need a tax break hard working middle classer? I don't think so - pay for my wall instead you feeble peasant. Carl Icahn, my mega billionaire pal, is getting the tax breaks.