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  1. Estimated that hundreds of IS fighters have returned to the UK. Over 10,000 people of interest on the watch list. Unreal. Utter failure of law enforcement, politicians, and everyone else involved to stem the problem of Islam run amok on their island is the reason this has happened once again and is the reason it is going to happen many times over. Fat chance. They don't want the problem to go away but rather simply keep it away from the homeland. It's a money making program for the military complex. You only need to look at the historic arms deal over the weekend with the largest terror state next to the U.S. themselves.
  2. Superstition is stupid. They should totally celebrate the trophy.
  3. Stupid shooting way too high for the puck to go off the glass and out of the zone. Shoot at the pads, get a rebound.
  4. Yeah, Rinne had plenty of time. He was totally recovered. He challenged the shot and missed it because Perry screened him.
  5. Good goal. Rinne had recovered.
  6. And the Ducks are done. The depth can't match the Preds depth, and Getzlaf & Perry have done very little offensively.
  7. And of course nothing will be done to prevent the next.
  8. Ah, $&!#, well, case closed folks!
  9. Nah Oilers probably killed that kids career. He was on pace for a 20+ goal 50+ point rookie season. Then it all fell apart in year 2 and beyond.
  10. Gone to work on the holiday for a relatively easy day. Watching cat videos. #workhardplayhard
  11. I'm glad Trump maintained his big balls in front of a bunch of Muslims today and called it like it is: radical Islamic terrorism. Nope, instead he folded like a cheap tent because an audience of extremist Muslims varies wildly from an audience of your mindless drones.
  12. Hollywood with another original idea, I see.
  13. And you think you've had a bad day before: 


    1. J-23


      Poor guy. I was laughing my ass of, not gonna lie.

    2. J-23
  14. Don really doesn't like early games
  15. Bull$&!# early start. Totally missed the first period and 3 goals.