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  1. [PGT] Ducks 4, Vancouver 0

    So yeah, basically he was then..
  2. [PGT] Ducks 4, Vancouver 0

    Thought maybe Willie was being a real dick.
  3. [PGT] Ducks 4, Vancouver 0

    Virtanen 1:45. Did he get injured? wtf.
  4. Is It Time To Fire Willie Desjardins?

    No, he's not going anywhere..
  5. [GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Anaheim Ducks 11/30/2015.

    lmao good start. playing from behind again
  6. Attention Edmonton Eskimos: Inuit are not mascots

    I'm a lion. Will the B.C. Lions change their name and mascot. This offends me.
  7. [Report] Kobe Bryant announces he will retire after this season

    Smug rapist.
  8. So when does Brown lose captaincy? That guy doesn't lead by example on the ice anymore. It's almost as if he doesn't even care - look how his production is barely a thing lmao

    1. Show previous comments  23 more
    2. Tortorella's Rant

      No, I meant James Brown. Brown is racist tho. Call him James White. Or is that racist too?? Lets see how many replies we can get. set a CDC record!!

    3. bigbadcanucks

      Brown, white...they're just colors.  What's racist about that? Change brown to brownie and white to cracker and now you've got dessert and hors d'oeurs.

    4. Odd.

      Not all crackers are brown.

  9. Shooting in Colorado Springs

    Hopefully the FBI charges and arrests Josh Stupidstein with inciting violence.
  10. PlayStation 4 Thread

    What's the deal with PS4 spitting a game out while you're playing? 3 times with Witcher last night and again just now. Played for almost a year without any hiccups and now several since last night..
  11. Attention Edmonton Eskimos: Inuit are not mascots

    Pls, don't troll tonight.
  12. Attention Edmonton Eskimos: Inuit are not mascots

    2015: year of the butthurt. Lets hope 2016 is better, but I doubt it.
  13. PlayStation 4 Thread

    What is the deal with the levels in Witcher 3? I think I am near the end of the game and running out of quests to do. I'm only 33 right now I think. But weapons diagrams, etc, for over level 40. How do you get that high of a level? Through expansion? Killing monsters generates almost no experience, so..
  14. Shooting in Colorado Springs

    Allah ak.. praise Jesus! Punish those blasphemers committing abortions like God did during the flood!
  15. [PGT] Canucks 2, Stars 3

    Looking like the guy Cgy gave up on for a reason.