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  1. Haha you and I both know I didn't say that partner. How about you cheer for the team and stop attacking other people on CDC with false accusations. I tell you what. I will block you so I can just blissfully be ignorant of you and your nonsense. My quote is below. No where does it say that you can't know if a team is interested in a UFA before free agency opens. Jeez. Get a hobby and just cheer for the Canucks.
  2. Hey Quinn sorry you finished second for the Calder but partner I am looking forward to seeing you win the Hart Norris and then the Conn Smithe.
  3. Who's being naive partner? Eklund writes big interest from CALGARY because he know it will create the biggest splash among Canuck readers. Markstrom going to our biggest inter divisional rival would be an awful result for Canuck fans and Eklund knows it. If he wrote Big Interest from Buffalo it wouldn't have anywhere near the impact. It is baiting the fan base pure and simple.
  4. Nonsense from Eklund. Markstrom is untouchable until Oct 9. Big interest means nothing. It's a lie. No team other than the Canucks can talk to Markstrom until the 9th so this is just spin.
  5. Moving Eriksson is job 1. If JB can find a way to do this it opens up all kinds of possibilities for the team to remain largely intact. I think that Benning is working on this first as he should before starting to sign players and letting dominoes fall. Find a way please and then this off season has a great chance of being a success. If we can't get off of a chunk of Loui's cap hit for the next 2 years it will hurt our ability to continue to get better. C'mon JB give us all some great news on this.
  6. Media in Vancouver are pathetic. They have no class. They jump on these topics like trading Boeser because it causes a stir regardless if it is true or causes harm to the home team or it's players. Absolutely pathetic self serving leeches. I lump every one of them together. None is worth singling out as a class act.
  7. JB has publicly stated that Demko is the Canucks goalie of the future. So HE will be protected in the Seattle expansion draft. Therefore no NMC for Markstrom in any offer from the Canucks . That is a done deal. Really the only way Marky stays here is if he signs a 1 year deal so Seattle can't poach him. Otherwise he is gone either as a UFA or to Seattle. My conclusion is Markstrom has played his last game as a Canuck. My hope is JB works with Markstrom's agent to find a destination and trade his rights before Oct 9 to recover a pick for us. Might happen if Marky wants to get ahead of the curve for teams bidding on UFA goalies Oct 9 and give himself a good chance of getting the destination he prefers.
  8. What is frustrating is that we are faced with losing either Demko or Markstrom in the expansion draft while Vegas, the team that eliminated us from the playoffs, is exempt from the expansion draft due to a back room deal with Bettman. Only in the NHL..
  9. Vegas says no. They would have to go out and hire a back up. So there is no cap savings for them. Their goaltending takes a downgrade and they get Loui. Can't see any way that is appealing to them. This is advantageous for Vancouver only. We would have to significantly sweeten this.
  10. Jake gets traded this off season. JB is looking to recover a pick or two. Jake has interest around the league due to his regular season so the price for him could be pretty decent. JB is going to move him. Saves giving out 3m of cap. I think the decision to trade Jake started when he came in out of shape again and the nightclub during covid added to it. His lacklustre playoff performance capped it. He is one guy who can generate a pick in return - listen to JB's interview. That's my take on what he was saying.
  11. I believe that the UFA period this year starts on October 9. Wow. that is coming up fast. Benning is going to be busy as decisions and contracts will all have to be made wrt Markstrom Toffoli Tanev Fanta and Leivo before that date. Plus decisions on some RFA treatments as well - whether to make qualifying offers or let them walk etc. Gonna be busy!
  12. Benning has done a terrific job of rebuilding the team from where it was when he walked in. What a mess. If Green can learn to do as good a job as a coach we may have something.
  13. 10 Canucks had no playoff experience. Plus Green. No playoff experience going in. That is very important to remember. So he made some mistakes and they may have been big in the eventual outcome. I will say that game 1 he did not have the team ready to go. When asked after the St. Louis series if he got everyone back to work right away he said no - we took a day off to enjoy it. (Players and coaches). What happens - we get pasted. Rookie mistake that cost us the first game and gave Vegas their swagger. Game 4 the obvious call was to start Demko but Green starts markstrom who loses and gets hurt. That's on Green. Demko would not have a groin pull as he would not have been tired. Same lineup game 7 following 20 hours after game 6 ended. Again, that's on the coach. Again that cost us by having no fresh legs. He knows his players and he made the call - that's on Green. As it was we came within 6 minutes in game 7 of going to OT. So any of these decisions could have turned the tide and created a series win for Vancouver if Green had been better. Gotta say, Green needs to be accountable for each of these points. Its not sour grapes or picking on him it is simply that as a rookie playoff coach he didn't do his job as well as he could have and in many ways his shortcomings cost us. Truth. That's why there are people who aren't huge Green supporters. He is still learning and he doesn't always do the right thing and in this case it is arguable that he contributed to the Canucks losing where a more experienced coach might have taken the poker hand he was dealt and played his cards to a series win. (Deboer played Fleury in game 4 - he was good. They won.) Just sayin. And Green lovers don't knee jerk here. I am not saying he sucks or is a lousy coach. I am simply saying the truth. He had no playoff experience and made some questionable decisions that he could have made better and possibly helped the team win not lose. I'm not saying we were ready to win the Cup this year. I am simply saying that Green could have been better and as the margin of losing was slim he could have made the difference in us winning this series if he did a better job. If the Canucks are going to win a cup then their young coach has to be as good as his best young players. He needs have the impact of a Petey or Quinn and not just a Virtanen. To his credit - I think he would agree with this conclusion.