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  1. I'll give you the slim possibility that management changes and revisits this before 5 years is up. But. Benning will not bring him back. Also. In 5 years he's a still a relatively young UFA and can go wherever he wants. Given both of those factors he's not coming back.
  2. Sorry to say but he ain't coming back. He criticized the team on his way out the door. Not a chance in hell that Benning takes him back. Gone for good.
  3. This sums it up. Look. All you guys who want to say this is ok or it's no big deal. It's not ok and it is a big deal. You just walked in on your next door neighbor screwing your wife. It's bad ok. Sometimes $&!# is just bad.
  4. Tryamkin was a rookie. One of the Canucks best prospects. A priority to resign. Enough. Stop. Jeez I get you want to try to look like you know what you're talking about but ive exposed you 4 times now in this thread. Stop it.
  5. Haha. Didn't name anyone. Good job bright bulb.
  6. Keep digging yourself a hole buddy. Stupid comment number 2. Look the player made a decision and it was announced. If our management had been on top of the situation they would have tried everything to resolve it and if there was no resolution forthcoming THEY would have made the announcement. The fact is that the player made a decision that surprised management thus my contention that management dropped the ball.
  7. What a stupid comment. Benning said that after the player announced his decision to the fan base. The team did not anticipate or manage the situation in any way. The rookie player told the fans his decision. Management reacted after the fact and said ya we we aware that might happen. What an absolutely stupid comment.
  8. I'm not gonna talk about who is to blame. I'm just gonna say Canuck management is not operating at a level commensurate with their ticket prices. They were surprised by tryamkins announcement. If they had been doing their jobs they would have said hey we have 23 guys. Half a dozen need to be resigned. The riskiest one to resign is Tryamkin. But no. This management was caught by surprise.
  9. I can't defend a management team that allowed a rookie to make this announcement to the team's fan base.
  10. 5 years from now how about, "Shocker! Canucks finally stop making fun of fans who are CDC forum participants, remove official website picture that makes them all look like 11 year old girls!" Lol.
  11. Patrick, Hischier, Vilardi, Mittlestadt, Lilegren, Rasmussen or Valimaki. Thankfully we get one of these guys. Halleluiah baby! New birth for the Canucks.
  12. Travis Green. Just like drafting where you take BPA.
  13. Canucks suck right now. They've sucked many times in the last 45 years. But nobody used to write crap like toxic negativity. FFS they're rebuilding and not very good right now But they will get better.
  14. Sedins have clarified (official canuck twitter) they are back next year, they won't go to Sweden, they don't want to play anywhere else but vancouver in their careers and they are open to an extension after next year. Given the above, J B has to deal Edler or the Vancouver fans are gonna feel like there is no rebuild. JB will deal Edler.
  15. No. You were just trying to be a smart ass. However I thought your comment was funny