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  1. Wut? On which NHL team? Roussel Gaudette Virtanen Motte Sutter McEwen Who is Ronald Kenins bumping?
  2. That was a lot of fun. 94 nux were a great team and seeing quinn behind the bench was awesome. He's no Green mind you.
  3. You are a pathetic troll. Enough of you. Ya personal tragedy and bankruptcy is an opportunity. What an awful person you must be. I'll come check you out at the bottom of this buddy.
  4. As a CPA with 30 years experience I'm gonna tell everyone. One bad month in business is a blip. 6 bad months puts businesses in bankruptcy. Decisive decisions now mean the down turn could be short lived. If you own a restaurant or a pub or gym or s night club ir a movie theater or a yoga studio what do you want? A bad month or 6 bad months? There will be many bankruptcies if this drags out. Please be decisive government. Take action now to shorten the downturn. Anyone who thinks I'm wrong go to yòur local pub and see how slow they are right now. 6 more months and they're all under.
  5. 340 people died from it in Italy TODAY. the French PM declared war on Coronavirus Today. Please people stop underplaying the threat. Why do you think our experience will be better than Europe? We have a 3000 mile unprotected border with the US THAT REMAINS open! They have 25 percent of their population that has no access to health care. No testing. No solution for them. They have a huge shortage of testing and care for the ones that have any coverage. Their experience is going to be awful. We are doing better but ours will worsen while the border stays open and people still keep thinking a sunny disposition will solve it. Stop.please.
  6. Sorry pal you're wrong. Matter of days to weeks before the US border gets shut down and EVERYONE will ask why it didn't happen sooner. Get your head out of your **s. Your attitude is dangerous to people and needs to stop. "It's not that bad we have it under control." Nope. Wrong. Please stop posting dangerous nonsense. Once we close the borders we can focus on internal decisions only. Stop.
  7. Ok baby let's educate you. Got it that you could give a F about whether or not your actions contribute to older people dying. How about this. You financially solid partner? You can be unaffected by several months of shut down? If people like you don't help keep this in check? How about if we muddle through and then 6 months later it comes back and everything gets shut down again? You ready for that big boy? You got no mortgage or rent? Your reserves are ample? If not then when the worm turns others gonna be like haha got what he had coming. Bank will foreclose fella. Government not gonna bail you out when too many are in trouble. You'll be in the soup then and the elders will be all haha loser.
  8. Hey keep your crap opinion to yourself. Seriously you are going to hurt people in Canada with an irresponsible comparison of your experience with ours We have a 3000 mile border with the US do you? No so shut up. Our border with the US is still open. You can feel pretty good on your Japanese Islands. Our experience is much different so keep out of it.
  9. How do we send a message to the absentee prime minister to say are you kidding me with leaving the US border open? How do we get him to see the mistake this is. 300m people down there and 25 percent have no access to health care so in this event no access to testing. Their experience will be many times worse than ours. Unless we screw up by letting everyone come over. Keeping the US border open to commercial traffic fine. They can be checked end cleared one at a time. But regular people why? Planes from the US landing in 35 locations accross Canada while we restrict the rest of the world to 4 locations. . Drivers coming accross on dozens of US border crossings. Why? Two weeks time out can bring this thing down. Waiting just makes it harder later. Wish our leadership was strong enough to make the right decisions. And Dix and Horgan omg. Please..those unqualified goofs are just pissing in the wind. We need decisive leadership.
  10. I remember the conversation I had pregame with a buddy. If the Canucks lose there's gonna be wholesale changes of GM coach and players. They can't lose. They absolutely have to win! Man the stakes were High!
  11. Mortality rate for under 40 and healthy is 0.1 to 0.2 percent. Middle age is 1 to 2 percent. 60 plus with health concerns is 9 percent and 80 plus is 18 percent. So it's up to young people to wash your hands and not meet in big groups in order to slow the spread and save older lives. Bravado by young people who are not at risk is pathetically self serving. For exampke "I don't care about this crap. It's all BS" When you hear someone say this please remind them its not about them. It's about the people who will die
  12. Still unknown if you can catch it more than once. However the warm weather in Canada this spring/summer will bring about a retreat in the virus. Could it come back next winter yes. Could we have can effective vaccine by then also yes. So wash your hands and don't meet in big groups. That will bring transmission rates down. Ignoring and bravado of I don't care will cause rates to increase. This is not panic right now. It's a common sense approach. Everyone should take a breath and get that.
  13. Wash your hands and don't meet in big groups and you're doing your part to save lives. 18 percent death rate for the elderly. That's all you gotta do partner. That and tell others to do the same. Thx.
  14. You're getting there my friend. Washing hands and not meeting in big groups slows transmission and saves lives. Particularly for the elderly. Now just take one more step. With unprecedented actions by governments all over the world, this one is worse than the others. We haven't seen the shutting down of economies travel and sports etc before. Its not panic. It's a measured planned response by governments businesses and sports around the globe. These steps will slow the spread.