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  1. Get together with 3 buddies and the 4 of you buck up for a pair of seasons tickets and go enjoy next year.
  2. This is not entertaining at all.
  3. I feel badly for that poor woman who sang the anthems. Really amateurish job.
  4. People who want to see patience with Virtanen like to say power forwards take a while to develop. The good ones, however, develop quicker than what Jake is doing. Bertuzzi played a total of 13 games in the IHL and spent the rest of his career in the NHL. Cam Neely never played a single game in the AHL. His entire career was in the NHL. Virtanen was drafted 6th, Neely 9th, Bertuzzi 18th. Look it's not over for Virtanen. Canuck management made a big mistake bringing him up right away and paying him 925k as an 18 year old. He should have stayed in junior until this year. Oh well water under the bridge. Hopefully he can turn it around. It is going to take character on his part. Has he got it?
  5. Megna. I don't want any more. Jeez all the good things going on and willie has to do a vey 2.0 Move on.
  6. Nope. Boo that prick until he retires. Canuck fans can be tough. It's good.
  7. September 2018 is the focus. What does the team look like in September 2018 once the current vets contracts have expired.
  8. Ya obviously we all hope the draft picks pan out.
  9. It's all about September 2018. At that point the vets contracts will be expired. I'd like Horvat to be captain at that point leading a young team. Add 2017 and 2018 high first round picks plus whatever picks and prospects we can get from moves between now and then. September 2018 is important for CANUCKS AND their fans.
  10. September 2018. That's the focus. What will the team look like in September 2018 after the current vets contracts expire. Please don't resign them.
  11. Exactly thank you. The thread says that by September 2018 a number of vets will have expired contracts. I am advocating moving on and not resigning them at that point. I'd like to see some movement between now and then to generate new picks and prospects. I'm not advocating wholesale moves today. I'm just saying that by September 2018 I would like to see us move on from the vets and make Horvat the captain and allow him to lead the new group. Some posters failed to read what I was saying and jumped all over it. One guy calls me a jerk. That's ok. I can take it. By the way, I've met Larry David and he was extremely funny and charming. I'm a long term season ticket holder and just wanted to voice my opinion about a future that will be upon us in 1 1/2 seasons. If anyone would like to see us keep the same veteran group past September 2018 I'd like to ask why?
  12. While the twins are still here it's still their team. Obviously any young guy walks in the dressing room and they are there it's still their team. September 2018. Gonna be a new team new leadership group. Lots of positive vibes. Looking forward to that.
  13. Yup. Might be. However by September 2018 we need to launch the new leadership and new core. Can't have 40 year olds running the show. Will be exciting to see where we go with the new guys in charge. Won't be the same. That's good.
  14. Thank you. Re read my original post.