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  1. Just arrived in Paris. Feeling a Canucks win all the way across the pond! GCG!!
  2. JB and Green views were clear. It's an evolution. The team has better players now. Baer did not look great in preseason. So he was deemed expendable. Pretty tepid response from the pro Baer crowd. So I'd say the decision was met largely with acceptance by the Canuck faithful. If he's not claimed then jury has gone out and come back in.
  3. Green day of on Boeser hit. It was a hockey play. Green next day ir was a dirty hit. It was a hit I didn't like. Travis you bungled that. Heres what you need to say. " The dept of player safety needs to look at this. Its not up to me. But they need to look at it. If he says that he publically puts the onus on the league. Experience counts. Learn from this Travis and do better next time.
  4. Lol. You have provided a lot of laughs on this subject. Thx for that. But. I don't think they send Loui down. Sorry but it just isn't done. Maybe in his last year. If you were JB how would you explain to Aqua that you're spending big money now on a guy who half way thru his contract can't make the team. Won't happen Alf. (I feel like Dan Rowan. OK Dick...)
  5. I don't think it's Loui or AG in a who is up who is down situation. Loui will be up because 6m NHL players with 3 years left don't go down. Gaudette will make the team. I trust that JB is an honest guy and will give him his due. Schaller Leivo and/or Goldy are the ones who may go down. Someone could be claimed. Let's see.
  6. Garrett blamed that goal on Hughes 6 times. Then after the commercial. Oh ya. It was Chatfield. Preseason commentating! Lol.
  7. Gaudette has earned his spot. Clearly better camp than Leivo McEwen Virtanen Eriksson Motte Goldobin Graovac Schaller. That puts him on the team unless they're hung up on waiver stuff for the guys he has beat out. Hopefully they say screw that and just give him his spot. 6 points in 6 games. Hell yeah
  8. I suspect Virtanen gets at least half this year before trade becomes a real possibility. I think trade "rumours" right now are BS. He's still got upside but it's starting to wane if he doesn't break through soon. I'd say by Christmas well know what his year is looking like. Then we'll see what the team does with him.
  9. Here's the thing. 1 the nhl protocol on concussions is designed to protect the league from lawsuits. It is not designed to protect players. 2 If coaches or management speak out they are subject to fines/censure. So they say things like it's unfortunate but it's a hockey play. 3. The players know you can injure people and the repercussions are always less for the injurer than the injuree. This is the reality. Sad that this league protects itself and it's owners while exposing it's young stars. Sad. Sad.
  10. What a ridiculous comment. Read the post and the discussion before posting.
  11. Obviously you haven't read the discussion and just garnered the gist. But good try.
  12. Ok partner. I'll say blue and you'll argue green. Post stands. The forwards (all 13 of them) are not too far off. The D and Goalies have a ways to go. Looking forward to the season. Let's hope the team does well.
  13. Here we go again. The post was comparing the 2019/20 forwards vs the 2010/11 forwards since we dismissed The D and Goalies as lesser. Agreed? Ok Daniel 104 Henrik 94 Kesler 78 Burr 48 Samuelsson 50 pts. 2019/20 it was said that the forwards this year may not not be far off. Boes agreed won't touch Danny. Petey though may not be too far off Henrik. Bo could be close to Kesler. Ferland likely matches burr and miller likely matches Samuelsson. So they may not on balance be that far off. And you already gave the nod to this year's bottom six. Conclusion. the post was plausible.
  14. Again I simply said an argument can be made that the current fwds are not far off. And that's true. Give it a year. You and I both want to see Bo Boes And Petey close the gap this year. Right?