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  1. Add Candella and Canucks have 14 good young d prospects and players between 18 and 26. That's really good. Watch what happens in 2 to 3 years as these guys mature and the so called media experts figure our how valuable these guys are. Haha gonna be fun.
  2. I remember when this "negotiation" was going on. The temperature was luke warm. Never hot. This is revisionist history.
  3. I wanted to bring this topic back to make a point. In 2011 the canucks went to the SCF. It's now 5 years later and the total number of players remaining on the team from the cup run is 6. Sedin Sedin Burrows Hansen Edler and Tanev. Of those players Tanev was a rookie in 2011 who played only 29 games for the Canucks. Burrows is likely to be finished as a Canuck after this year. So how is that anything other than a rebuild? Damn rights its a rebuild. A significant rebuild over 5 years. The eastern media focuses on the fact that the Sedins are still here and says we aren't rebuilding. Total junk.
  4. Hmmm. Interesting question if this guy is capable of turning things around in his career. Problem is, what evidence is there that he has turned the corner? It's like many employees who get off on the wrong foot and you hope they can turn it around. Not many do. Most times the best predictor of future success is past performance. Still, there is something intriguing about him possibly coming home for a last chance. Hmmm.
  5. Virtanen will take a step this year for sure. Look at his first year. He had moments where fans and teammates said oh wow. He also had moments where we all said oh boy. No kid develops without some oh boy moments. Only the good ones have oh wow moments. Love this kid. Give him time. Probably the one prospect Canuck fans have to be most patient with.
  6. I hear over and over that it's tough to be a Canuck fan these days. The media is owned by Rogers and Shaw. The audience is the east. Everything we get is geared toward the eastern audience. The evidence is in, over and over the media loves to bash the Canucks and lift the Leafs. So what do we do? First of all let's remember who Canadians are. in WWII many young Canadian men flew pathfinder mission. This was an extremely dangerous assignment flying bombing missions over Germany mostly at night. Many, many young men lost their lives on pathfinder mission. In fact it was viewed as one of the most dangerous assignments Canadian boys could sign up for. Losses were in the tens of thousands of Canadians. My dad flew two tours on Pathfinder mission as a navigator on Lancaster bombers. He survived and came back to Canada where the government sponsored him to go to University as a veteran. He became a surgeon and spent 45 years saving lives. His family was dirt poor. His dad passed away when he was only 3 and his mom raised 6 kids alone. He was the only one of his siblings to leave his hometown of Peterborough Ontario.(Ironic that he was from Ontario in a thread about eastern media bias - but true). So what. Why do we as Canuck fans care about the story of a man who passed away 9 years ago this week. He was a great hockey fan. He was a Canuck fan and a Leafs fan. He loved a good game. I`m going to offer that the eastern media is the ack ack (anti aircraft bursts) that our good Canadian boys used to face flying pathfinder mission over Germany in WWII. It`s a fact of life. It`s something that happens daily. It isn`t something that you can wish away or hope that making a statement about it will make it go away. That ain`t gonna happen. My dad would say let it pass by and keep your eye on the prize. The cup. Our players want to win it. Guys like Horvat want it . Juolevi will learn to want it. Boeser will learn to want it. Demko already wants it. If we are gong to win the cup down the road for the first time, we have to be heroic to do it. Never done before. As fans we need to get behind the boys and help them find the courage to get the job done. Forget the eastern media ack ack. Means nothing....Just fly through it. Thank you to our servicemen and women past and present...and GCG.
  7. I know you're kidding but this is exactly the problem with a certain element of Canuck fans. They can't resist the opportunity to pull out their weiner. Jeez partner let it go. You're not a step brother ( funny movie). Horvat is an up and comer. Demko Boeser Juolevi same thing. How bout fans stop making a spectacle of themselves in a painful attempt to be will Ferrell and John C Reilly and actually add to the collective effort to make our fanbase knowledgeable and engaged.
  8. Class act. Thank you Vintage. Your contributions are invaluable. Makes this forum respectable.
  9. What is the most valuable commodity in the NHL today? Simple. Young good defence prospects. There is a theory in business that you stockpile valuable assets that others covet and then investors will want a return commensurate to their perceived risk. Stockpile young D. The league values them high. Prove they are up and comers and you can ask a big price. Canuck young defensemen on the team or in the system include Hutton, Gudbranson, Juolevi, Larssen, Pedan, Tryamkin, Neill, Olson, Brisebois, Subban, Stecher. Add Tanev and Sbisa as a little older but still relatively young and you have 13 valuable assets on D. We just watched Edmonton trade Taylor Hall for Adam Larson. Wow. That sets the price for a good young d prospect pretty darn high. When we need to augment the rebuild and add top line scoring talent (as the Sedins age and drop to the 2nd line or retire) Benning is putting the team in a great position. Stockpiling young d talent and at the right time trading one or two for the next Taylor Halls. Benning was a defenseman. He is a great scout. He is going to do a great job acquiring and developing young d. Capital asset theory will get us our Sedin replacements in time by trading young d at the right time and price. The current crop plus the ones he adds in the next couple of years will give him enough capital to do one or two trades at the right time.
  10. We have remade our d. There is tons of unproven potential there. Under no circumstances should we be moving young d out. Couple years of decent draft picks are in our future. Stay the couse.
  11. Management will add one or two free agents. They want competition for spots. No question about that. The question is who and how far down the wish list they have to settle. Cmon guys pick up the level of discourse.
  12. I'm not saying he isn't a good player. Nor am I saying I don't want him here. Nor am I saying you shouldn't want him here. I'm just saying from past comments and recent reports he's not coming.
  13. Lucic is not coming here. He said once he'd like to play in his hometown then went to LA and he has been consistent ever since that he wanted LA. When they passed he said he would definitely consider Edm. At no point has he reiterated that he wants to come here. Done deal. Not coming to Van. He has been clear about that for almost a year now. Believe in the fact that Vancouver under Benning will slowly develop into a contender. It will happen in time.
  14. Of course I have. I stand by it - they will not trade 3rd pick. And absolutely not for some CDC fantasy that they are afraid of losing a player in an expansion draft a year from now. Cmon partner don't just be nasty.
  15. This discussion is pointless. Zero chance CBJ trade 3rd overall. The argument that they would trade this pick in order to get rid of Hartnell simply so they can safeguard from losing a decent player to the future expansion draft is laughable.