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  1. The most telling comments that Green has ever made were these. When asked after the 9 to 2 loss what he was going to do he said he was going to get the team back on the ice the next day to practice as hockey players need to be on the ice. That's it. Ok all you Green lovers. I have watched with all of you many, many great coaches over the years and they offer a lot more than that pablum. C'mon. Where is the great coaching in that statement? The worst humiliating loss of the year and that is what he says. Any one recentlywatch the coach of the Seahawks or the Raptors or Scotty Bowman, or the dozens great coaches in history who have made a huge difference for their team and led them to championships? Green is likeable. No argument there. The point is he is not a great coach. He is ok. He is milk toast. He is not gonna say the wrong thing. He is not an abusive guy. But none of those are reasons to keep a coach. The people who think we need to change coaches believe that he is not going to win a cup here and that is all.
  2. Everyone who made fun of those who questioned Green's coaching are getting a little tight in the sphincter right now.
  3. Christmas secret to Canucks winning a cup? It's simple. Canucks will win the cup when everyone believes they will. It's a wonderful life.
  4. I prefer to take action. You seem to believe that the answer is just to give up. Make a coaching change. Reset and start again. Don't just give up and throw your hands in the air.
  5. I personally think Francesco Aquilini is a great owner. He spends to the cap every year and supports the team and the fans with heart and soul. I have no doubt that changes are coming. He knows how we feel and he feels the same way I think. Guy is a fan at his core and wants a winner as much as the rest of us. And he hates the TO and MTL fans having a laugh fest in our building. I expect he is going to make some bold moves that reflect the great ownership and fan base we have here. And it is going to result in the Canucks having a huge turnaround and making the playoffs this year!
  6. No more Green. Gone gone gone. I want a fighting chance at the playoffs this year not another limp 3 month losing streak and a bunch of excuses.
  7. I need to say this again. The owner needs to get involved if JB doesn't have the balls to get rid of Green. This is awful. I have season tickets and I can't take it. I don't want to pay money to go to our games and have other teams fans laugh at me in our own building. Hey Mr. Aquilini I am speaking directly to you and I know you hear me. Please change this.
  8. Ive had enough. Toronto fans in our building chanting Go Leafs Go. Habs fans in our building chanting Ole Ole Ole ole . And our team can't answer. After all these years of waiting. After having 5 top scoring guys and a rookie of the year candidate this year. What the heck. I cant take it any more. If Green stays on as coach I dont want to watch this any more. JB please change the coach. Mr. Aquilini please if JB doesnt have the balls to remove the coach then remove him. We fans need to have something to feel proud of and this is killing us.
  9. Good early starts to the year are known to be a reflection of excitement by the team to offseason moves. ie good on JB. But every year we crap the bed after 20 games. ie coaching.
  10. Absolutely no reason to lose to Montreal. You tell me. I say coaching.
  11. Green is way over his head and has no answers. Look at his post game comments and compare them to the comments by the fans saying exactly what he will say. It is becoming a joke. JB it is going to become him or you.
  12. What could replacing Green at this point possibly hurt? He is a losing coach who has no solutions. Move on. Let's at least try to reset this team for a playoff run before another year is lost. Please get rid of him.