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  1. It takes courage for someone in the media to write a positive piece where they predict success for the team. The safe play is to be negative. I remember one of the local radio guys predicting 50 points for granlund a couple years ago. He was mercilessly roasted for that when it didn't turn out. When you read people like Willes I like to remind myself his negative comments are just a lack of guts. Makes it easier to laugh off the constant negativity.
  2. Boeser Horvat Pettersson Miller Pearson Ferland Virtanen are likely Hughes Baertschi Leivo are possible And maybe some others. Lol. Gonna be fun to watch!
  3. One of the things I really like about the Tyler Myers signing is what it means if Tryamkin returns. First is the potential for both these huge guys to redefine the nux D. But also. It will give every fan the opportunity to see exactly what Tryamkin has because he will be compared directly with Meyers performance every night. The debate will be resolved as to how good Tryamkin is. One way or the other.
  4. Realistically the nux should finish 3rd or 4th in the Pacific. They should be better than LA Ana Edm and hopefully Arizona. That puts them 4th and possibly 3rd if SJ slides a bit due to losing some players.
  5. Lol. Green sets the lines and pp. Ya. He is asking JB how to set the pp units based on future salary. Haha. That's hilarious!
  6. I remember when Lou first arrived here and played. He was so freaking good it was amazing. As an old goalie I was really in awe. Won't forget how blown away I was watching him at the absolute top of his game. Right Zepp?
  7. Was odd Pod had to leave right after being drafted. I wonder if there was some paperwork Walker could have filed to cover the canucks in the event they drafted Pod that would have allowed him to stay. Seems odd he was let go right after this. Did he miss something? Hmm.
  8. Pod has an incredible drive and motor on the ice. Determined player. Will take him a long way. But he is very raw. He needs great coaching to reach his potential. This is the downside of the 2 year khl contract and why he fell to 10. Nhl teams have to be hands off his development for 2 years. But Watchung him play it is Frickin obvious why he was highly rated. Fingers crossed and can't wait for him to join the team!
  9. You are the epitome of the negative fan. You will be left behind as the team moves on. Partner it's not about you and making negative points to feel good about yourself. It's about the fans that have been here through thick and thin and are looking forward to our rise back to prominence. All the best. Hope you figure it out.
  10. It's not just about Loui. It's about channeling energy in a positive way to bring to Vancouver what we all want...the Stanley Cup. And personally if we ostracize fans like Timrafan we are all the poorer for it. We have amazing players wanting to come here from Sweden. Be a positive force in your Fandom.
  11. JB is honest as the day is long. He's a good man. Whether you agree with his moves or not you have to respect the honesty he has brought to his position.
  12. Hey rowdy canuck you gave my comment the confused emoji. Why is that? What are you confused about? You don't agree we've turned a corner as a team? Or do you think we should continue to mercilessly hack on Loui Eriksson instead of rising above that as fans of a team that has such a great future? What is it partner?
  13. Why don't we have a contest? Who can write the nastiest most demeaning essay about how much they hate Loui and how much better a person they are than he is. Grand prize is the smug satisfaction of getting away with it anonymously. Lol. Pathetic. Our team is turning a page. Time to get on board and support them.