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  1. Nuge is out. Oilers are even more of a one line team than usual. This is Greens call 100% to put Louie on Horvat line. It's the key to the game picking the right guys to try to shut down mcdavids line. Gonna be real interesting to see..
  2. What a bunch of clap trap. (That's an old timey term meaning garbage or nonsense). The only way this team is ever going to get over the hump and win a cup is if the fan base demands it. In the 70s the fans were delighted just to have a team. In the 80s there was the lucky 82 run and that was enough. 94 was enough in the 90's. 2011 was close again. But no cigar. Ok to get over the hump and win, the fans need to demand it of their team, their coaches and their management and ownership. Enough is enough. 50 years of losing give me a break. I will not support anyone who says hey we are pretty good let's be happy and hold hands together and sing. Nonsense! I've had season tickets for too many years to accept crap any more. I demand a cup out of this team. Dammit. I deserve it as a fan for 50 years and so does everyone else on this forum!!
  3. Nux were up 6 to 3 in the third and lost 8 to 6. You choose to see that as acceptable and even entertaining. I choose to see it as a lack of leadership from the coaching staff. And a disconnect with the players who are being coached.
  4. It's inevitable. He's had his day. Same same over and over. He won't make it to next season. I just hope he's relieved in time for this team to still have a shot at the playoffs this year. Don't wait till the summer out of some sense of obligation
  5. The reason I am vocal about Greens shortcomings as a coach is I have bought season tix the last 4 years and endured a lot of losing. My sense is that this team is a playoff team and I want to see that. I dont want to miss the playoffs again simply because we have a coach who can't get it done.
  6. Green is over his head. Twice this year they have blown huge leads late in the game and lost. How many times has that happened to other teams this year? It's rare and very telling.
  7. Per canucks avg age is 26.7 flyers is 26.2
  8. I posted this earlier and wanted to add to it. Playing AV tonight reminded me of the number of times we all thought AV is a really good coach when he was here. Green has been here 3 seasons and no one ever feels that way. He's the equivalent of Leivo to this team.
  9. Green. Look for all those who think he's the guy. He can't get this team to go on a run. He doesn't instill confidence. He downplays their bad games. And where is the over the top balls out leadership? Where is even a little Pat Quinn in this guy? When do you ever think damn we have a helluva coach? Not going to win a cup until we have a coach who is at least as good as our best players.
  10. Ya its a great point. Great head coaches have great assistants. Case in point Canucks assistant coaches who have gone on to win cups as head coaches.. Speaking of assistant coaches Baumer is a nice guy but did everyone catch Green the other day confirm that Baumer sets the d pairs and ice time. Green has nothing to do with running the d during games. Hmm.
  11. Just thought it was worth bringing this back to look at after 25 games. This is a candidate for the worst NHL trade in 20 years. Treleving what we're you possibly thinking? Not only the difference in production by each player in the 25 games since the trade but the apparent impact on the trajectory of both teams. Wow. Can't be underestimated.
  12. So is Petey. The list is for 21 and under.
  13. Virt age 23 games 234 g38 a30 pts 68 Leivo age 26 games 157 g26 a31pts57 Guess the question is who deserves more opportunity right now? Given their ages? TOI vs wash: Virt 8:24 Leivo 14:31 Greens take is obvious.