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  1. It might cost $1000 for 3 or 4 people to do it in Abbotsford lol. But to go all the way to Russia to do it flights and accommodation etc etc gonna be 20k. Gotta really want the big guy for that price lol!
  2. When Bo is made Captain before the beginning of next year, trading for and drafting Horvat number 9 in 2013 will, from that point on, forever be seen as the beginning of the rebuild.
  3. Thanks for a thoughtful proposal. So much better than most on here who just complain without offering any solutions. I agree that OJ Rathbone and Woo all have real upside. Having room for them when they're ready is key. My biggest issue with signing UFAS is you're married to the term you sign regardless of when your young prospects show they're ready. Personally as a season ticket holder I'm encouraged where we are at. Hughes will be a lot of fun next year. Would love to see Rafferty get a shot. Making the playoffs may be what the media thinks the fans are demanding - but for me I'm ok with another development year.
  4. So what's your solution? Pointless post. The issue is should the nux sign ufas. Saying their current d is lousy means nothing. Again what's your solution?
  5. To start the year the defense could look like this: Edler. Stecher Hughes Tanev Hutton Rafferty Briseboise Schenn Call ups Juolevi Sautner Teves To me thats not too bad as it allows for the devrlopment of several young guys. The issue with UFAS on defense is that they gotta be a hit not a miss or you're pushing guys down and not allowing them up. So ya. Nux can sign a UFA on D but if its a miss you're worse off and stuck with them.
  6. One more old time comparable for the current Canucks core. Did Petey as Jean Ratelle did Brock as Frank Mahovalich and did Quinn as Phil Housley in their threads. For Bo it's a little tough. Under appreciated center with Captain attributes and undeniable drive. Ivan Boldirev comes to mind. 6 foot 190. Played 15 years with Chicago Vancouver and several others. 866 points in 1052 games. Very solid guy. Still under appreciated lol.
  7. More fun finding old school comparables for the nux core. Did Petey as Jean Ratelle in his thread and did Brock as Frank Mahovalich in his thread. For Quinn we won't go quite as far back. Phil Housley. 5 foot 10 and 185 lbs. Quinn will likely play at about that weight in a couple years. Phil played 20 years for Buffalo calgary New jersey Chicago and Toronto. 1495 games 1232 points. High impact offensive Dman.
  8. Having fun finding old school comparables for the new nux core. Did Petey as Jean Ratelle in the Petey thread. So for Brock I've heard Bossy and Kurri. But those aren't right. It's Frank Mahovalich. 6 foot 1 and 205 lbs. Played wing (frank was left boeser is right). 18 years with Leafs Red Wings and Canadiens. 1181 games 1103 points. Skated like a boeser. Bigger guy. Good shot but also smart on both sides of the puck like Brock. An under appreciated play maker. Great great teammate.
  9. Seems to me that a real old school comparable for Petey is Jean Ratelle. 21 years with the Rangers and Bruins. 1281 games 1267 points. Very cerebral player. 6 foot 1 and 175 pounds. Played through a tough time in the league. HOF career. If Petey can become this it will be incredible for the Canucks. True number 1C. Cerebral great playmaker and provides 20 years of service by learning to be durable like a similar sized Ratelle. Hmm. I know most on here never saw him play but Jean is actually a great guy for Petey to emulate. Solid foundation for the nux for many years to come.
  10. Will take more than 1 trade. Will have to move up to 2 or 3 first. Then try to do a deal for 1. Real expensive. You can tell from Bennings voice he doesn't think it's gonna be doable.
  11. Luc Bourdon was 10th. He was going to be a really good player and he was a really good guy. Burrows sent arrows up to him with every goal. We're gonna get a very special player at 10. That's the Canuck way.
  12. Watching the draft lottery with my two year old grandson. This pick is gonna be big for him as he grows up!
  13. Sorry to hear Roussel just had acl surgery and recovery time is likely 7 months. Makes it about December 2019 before he plays and realistically Jan/Feb 2020 before he's feeling back to normal. You had a great year Antoine. Great to have you play so well that you reminded everyone of burrows! Bon chance and see you next year! Ps. Everyone wants you back as soon as possible. You're gonna do some great things in Vancouver!