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  1. What the fans think and argue about Virtanen's behaviour ultimately means nothing. The team's is the one opinion that counts when it comes to his future as a Canuck. The players, coaches and GM are the ones who are directly affected by his behaviour and they are the only one's who's opinion counts at the end of the day. Having said that we know that the team noticed his recent behaviour and spoke to him about it. His past transgressions of being out of shape and acting selfishly on and off the ice have been well documented. Guy is on the radar screen for getting traded. If he crushes it in the play ins and playoffs he will silence his critics both inside and outside the team. If he comes to camp out of shape and has other problems and doesn't produce.. he is in danger of getting dealt.
  2. If the play in series takes place I think the Canucks dispatch Minny easily. 3 maybe 4 games. Vancouver has more talent. Minnesota plays a system designed to frustrate but they need to be well into the season before they get the bugs worked out. I've watched them live many times and know this to be who they are. Also, I think Minny at the top is more interested in losing to get a pick and a shot at the next 'kid'. Vancouver is closer to contending than Minnesota and will be more focused on winning at all costs than Minnesota will. My two cents. Let's go!
  3. Zero chance Myers is bought out. He's an effective player 1 year into a brand new 5 year contract. Slightly overpaid as he was acquired as a UFA. Benning: Hey AQ can we buy out Myers? AQ: Yes as long as you write the check. Lol.
  4. Zero chance Myers is bought out. He's an effective player 1 year into a brand new 5 year contract. Slightly overpaid as he was acquired as a UFA. Benning: Hey AQ can we buy out Myers? AQ: Yes as long as you write the check. Lol.
  5. Did Horgan mention how he added 4 percent to the top rate of income tax for Canuck players and all other BC residents effective January 2020? Puts tax rate at 54 percent for bc residents on all income over 210k. Third highest of all NHL teams. I only say this cuz Horgan is no friend of the canucks - or sports in general. Your post seemed to Imply he's a good guy trying to do something for the Canucks. He's not.
  6. Keep Toffoli he's gonna be great for us.
  7. Wut? On which NHL team? Roussel Gaudette Virtanen Motte Sutter McEwen Who is Ronald Kenins bumping?
  8. That was a lot of fun. 94 nux were a great team and seeing quinn behind the bench was awesome. He's no Green mind you.
  9. You are a pathetic troll. Enough of you. Ya personal tragedy and bankruptcy is an opportunity. What an awful person you must be. I'll come check you out at the bottom of this buddy.
  10. As a CPA with 30 years experience I'm gonna tell everyone. One bad month in business is a blip. 6 bad months puts businesses in bankruptcy. Decisive decisions now mean the down turn could be short lived. If you own a restaurant or a pub or gym or s night club ir a movie theater or a yoga studio what do you want? A bad month or 6 bad months? There will be many bankruptcies if this drags out. Please be decisive government. Take action now to shorten the downturn. Anyone who thinks I'm wrong go to yòur local pub and see how slow they are right now. 6 more months and they're all under.
  11. 340 people died from it in Italy TODAY. the French PM declared war on Coronavirus Today. Please people stop underplaying the threat. Why do you think our experience will be better than Europe? We have a 3000 mile unprotected border with the US THAT REMAINS open! They have 25 percent of their population that has no access to health care. No testing. No solution for them. They have a huge shortage of testing and care for the ones that have any coverage. Their experience is going to be awful. We are doing better but ours will worsen while the border stays open and people still keep thinking a sunny disposition will solve it. Stop.please.
  12. Sorry pal you're wrong. Matter of days to weeks before the US border gets shut down and EVERYONE will ask why it didn't happen sooner. Get your head out of your **s. Your attitude is dangerous to people and needs to stop. "It's not that bad we have it under control." Nope. Wrong. Please stop posting dangerous nonsense. Once we close the borders we can focus on internal decisions only. Stop.