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  1. [POLL] Age Demographic of Canucks Talk

    The most interesting thing is it's roughly 50/50 for 30 and under vs over 30.  
  2. Making the playoffs this season...A good thing?

    Totes Mcgotes.  And if they miss the playoffs all good - get a top 14 pick as well. Making the playoffs this year is truly pointless. They have had a competitive year. One quick playoff round is not going to develop anybody. Play hard trade vets at the deadline miss the playoffs and cash in on some good picks. Next year the team will be will be better and the year after even better. 
  3. Bring Back the Flying V ?

    Um no. Not unless the Canucks get a bcjhl team.
  4. [PGT] Canucks 2 - 3 Rangers

    Prust has to go. Addition by subtraction. He's checked out.
  5. [GDT] Panthers @ Canucks

    Lu doesn't play for vancouver. The fans that are yelling lu are pathetic. 
  6. I've been following the Canucks since 1970. Season ticket holder for a lot of those years. Just wanna wish everyone a Merry Christmas and let's celebrate everything under the Canuck tree.  Youth. Wow. Never better. Potential superstars Demko Boesser McCann Horvat and others. Give them time. Reminder that our previous stars  took time to develop. Sedins too. Benning is a great judge of talent. Who else do you want rebuilding your beloved team. Linden is the magic man. He brings a special element. Our fans are passionate. Celebrate it. We're not Carolina or Arizona or Florida where they wish to find fan support under the tree only to be disappointed each year.  We live in the most desirable city in the world. Endless opportunities to attract free agents. Won't get em all but gonna get our share.   We haven't won a cup yet. But it's bound to come. Imagine what that's gonna feel like!  Jimmy Stewart in Its A Wonderful Life when he is redeemed. Alistair Sim in the best Christmas Carol when he wakes up on Christmas day.   That's what it's gonna feel like baby!  Merry Christmas Canuck fans! 4 years or so to go.  Be patient.  Enjoy the ride.  Peace and love to all.       
  7. Nope. You're overvaluing Edler and vrbata. Eddie has underperformed last few years. Vrbie is a true rental who has a habit of disappearing in the playoffs.  Again. No way pit does that deal.
  8. Pouliot is a former 1st round 8th overall.  No way Pitt does that trade.  Two first rounders  for Edler and a rental Verbata?   Oh and they throw in a journeyman D...   Van has to sweeten to make that happen. What else you got?    
  9. [PGT] Stars 4, Canucks 2

    On a positive note we have the wackiest coach in the league I love watching him rock back and forth when he stares at his clipboard. 
  10. 3 on 3 obviously is not suiting us

    We're 0 and 7 now in 3 on 3. I think DeNiro's post should be quoted every time canucks play 3 on 3 until they finally win one.
  11. [GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Anaheim Ducks 11/30/2015.

    I coached minor hockey for 10 years and I assume the same holds true - the head coach determines the line up.  Assistants pitch in and do some specific work with players but always under the head coach's guidance and leadership.
  12. Benning Linden and Willie

    Cuz there's too much negativity on this site. Sorry neg Nelly. 
  13. Benning Linden and Willie

    Benning is a great judge of talent.  He will rebuild this team.  The next two years with a top 10 pick each round and the canucks will be on their way a few years later. Linden has some magic attached to him. It's true.  You can just feel it.   Then there's Willie. He's the guy who doesn't fit.  Listen, he gets his chance for 2 or 3 years but ultimately he's not the guy. Eventually he will be let go. In  4 to 5 years Canucks will contend for a cup. But not before. The current group of prospects will then be hitting their stride and the top 10 picks we get the next two years will be coming ready.  Till then it's nice to believe in a team with a future. No worries. Enjoy the ride.
  14. Canuck Projections at the 1/4 mark of the season

    Jack I think you and I are of the same vintage.  We've seen Canuck teams over the years that looked like this one.  A couple of stars and some role players and some young guys.  This team will not be great this year.  No playoffs sad to say. The Sedins like some of the other stars later in their careers will have some good nights (ie vs Chicago).  But on balance its not enough this year. We miss the playoffs and draft in the top 10. Not the end of the world.
  15. WD is out of his depth

    Here's the thing. He's a career minor league coach. In the minors the coach sets a tone and sticks to it cuz it takes time for his not ready for prime time players to understand and adopt the coaches philosophy. That's the problem here. WD is doing the same thing every 3rd period cuz that's what minor league coaches do. Erroneously thinking he's right and the players will eventually adapt.  However he's coaching in the nhl now. He's out of his depth and he doesn't have the nhl experience to make the right adjustments.