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  1. I like Jake. I like Linden. I like Benning. Going to stay positive cuz there's lots of upside coming. Will be fantastic when Jake starts to make a positive impact on the teams success on a nightly basis.
  2. Look Vint you are the best guy on here. Huge respect. Just saying you carry some weight in things like this so best if you vote 50th not first. Make you a deal. Vote 50th and we will all believe you if you honestly voted for the favorite without influencing. I just wanna see if it's a completely free vote what happens. Thanks for thousands of posts that have informed me and others over the years. I mean that That's all.
  3. You voted first on numbers 15, 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7....... So it's a little bit like flexing muscles. Just saying. Thx.
  4. Vint how about you let others vote before you? You have the most clout on the board and I think this is a place you could maybe take a back seat. Would like to see what people vote without being influenced by a moderator and the cdc member with the biggest rep. I know its your democratic right to vote where you like but it might he cool to chill. Thx buddy.
  5. The AHL level players who get to put on our country's sweater will be thrilled. The poor sot who coaches them will be coaching a team that will lose will be both ignored and derided by the fans of the country. It's a terrible coaching gig. Period.
  6. Would be interesting to hear why people vote the way they do in the tie breaker. I voted Lockwood. Haven't seen him live cuz he wasn't at the prospects game. Have seen Gadjovich live at the prospects game and he's got a ways to go. Just saying he's a long way from being an nhl player currently. For me he was disappointing live. Hopefully he has the character to overcome his current deficiencies. So if you voted for him why? Have you seen him live or is it just based on what you've read and a highlight reel?
  7. Look. This is the worst coaching job in hockey. Seriously who wants to coach team Canada the first time in decades that our top players won't be there? Terrible gig.
  8. Continuing to sell Gunnarson based on watching how well he played live at the Canucks prospects game.. He played on Sweden's 2017 world junior team. His teammates included one Elias Petersson one Johnathon Dahlen and one (hopefully) future Canuck Rasmus Dahlin. Tellin ya Gunnarson's a player. Gunnarson was drafted 135. For reference Hutton in his year was 147 and Bieksa in his year was 151.
  9. Lol would love to see it. What I mean about Gadjovich is unlike Tkachuk who stepped right in to the nhl and had a great rookie year, gadjovich is not at that level. He will need to develop before he gets a shot at the nhl. I've read people making the comparison so just wanted to say I like the kid but hes definitely not tkachuk yet...
  10. Just want to add my two cents from watching most of these guys live at the prospects game. Chatfield decent CHL defenseman. Unspectacular. Longshot to make the nhl. Dipietro. Brutal format for goalies. Hard to judge. Moves well. Gadjovich. Decent CHL forward. Looks like a gamer but his skating is sub par. Not talented like tkachuk level. Gunnarson. Favorite surprise of the prospect game. Big strong physical skates well. Hits a ton. 5 to 6 Nhl defensive defenceman potential with snarl. Really big on him. Lockwood wasn't playing due to rehabbing shoulder. Too bad would have loved to see him live. MacEwen. Real pleasant surprise. Fast tenacious hard nosed. Always on the puck. Really like this kid. Definite bottom 6 potential. Could be a great future role player. Palmu. Liked him but damn he is so small. That likely keeps him from having nhl success.
  11. This guy is going to surprise people. Most physical guy on the ice by FAR in the prospects game. Big hits hard skates well. Very underrated so far. Same age as brisebois but way more jam. Watch for him. Played on Sweden's 2017 world junior team. Teammates were Petersson Dahlen and Dahlin. Drafted 135 which is ahead of both Hutton 147 and Bieksa 151 in their respective draft years. Great pick.
  12. How come there's no opton to vote for Gunnarson? Watched him live in the prospects game. He's gonna surprise people. Big guy. Hits a ton skates well. Most physical guy on the ice by far. People voting Lockwood have never seen him live as he didn't play during the prospects game or camp. Curious that Gunnarson not an option to vote for. Looks like a good player.
  13. Benning is approaching the mid point of a rebuild. Two more years and two more high drafts and they will turn the corner. 2 or 3 years after that we will find out if he has built a contender or a pretender. This takes time.
  14. The point of your post seems to be, "I wasn't there but I imagine certain parameters might have played a role. So what you saw in person was potentially wrong." Wow. Laughable.hahaha.