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  1. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Assuming Dahlin Svetchnikov and Zadina go top 3, Canucks will likely pick one of: Boquist Hughes Wahlstrom Tkachuk Dobson Bouchard Funny you can change your mind on who you like from that group. Lol. I like our chances of getting a great player from that list.
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    My 2 cents. He is taking another step playing for his country in a major tournament featuring pro talent. Thought he looked good. A bit shy of contact and slight in size. He will improve as the tourney continues. Can he play in the NHL next year? Sure. Should he? Will depend on his summer and how he looks in preseason. He will likely start and play a month or so in Vancouver. If it goes well he will continue and if not he may either go back to Sweden or the AHL. Long term he will be a big piece of the Canucks rebuild. But he needs a strong supporting cast. He will not deliver the Canucks a cup on his own regardless how old or ready he is. When the team is ready I have no doubt he will be too.
  3. Happy Birthday Jim Benning!!!

    Happy birthday JB. Thanks for your honesty and hard work.
  4. Benning and Linden quotes on Draft Prospects

    Personally I'd take bouquist. If Wahlstrom is there and bouquist is not take wally. Hughes is small and his brother will be the better one. Dobson is ok. Nothing wrong with him but not an exciting pick compared to boquist and Wahlstrom. Boquist on the pp setting up boeser and pettersson could be great. If he's gone then wally becomes a strong addition to the top 6.
  5. First overall I'm in for $500 2nd overall is $250 3rd overall is $100 OP can tell me charity of choice. Nux deserve a little luck and love. Thx for posting your idea.
  6. Jim Benning will represent the Canucks at the Draft Lottery

    I remember an interview with Mario when Crosby was the prize for the draft. He said he was at the doctors office when he got a phone call telling him what happened. Ok TL this is your job. Go to the gym go bowling go do anything that does not involve you waiting to get the results. You can create the magic here by being oblivious. JB can get the good news. We all know he does a great surprised face. Cmon Trevor. You're the magic man...create the conditions. Go for a bike ride FFS. Lol. You can do it. I'm gonna love it when you create this and say ya I was on my bike no where to be found. It's karma.
  7. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Had the pleasure of watching EP live at the prospects game at Rogers last summer with 6000 other season ticket holders. Nice to focus on him from the 6th row center ice. ( better than my regular seats lol). Yes the kid is extremely talented. It is obvious when you see him live. Then, this year he went and exceeded expectations by a wide margin. Odds are he may just become our best player in the future. Get used to it. I am not the only longtime fan saying this.
  8. Brendan Leipsic | #9 | LW/C

    He has his work cut out. TO moved on Vegas moved on. He showed some flashes in his games here but if he is no better than Baertschi at his full development then it will not work out here. We need guys who are better than that to be part of the future. Up to him to do everything he can to get better.
  9. Luongo Not Retiring yet

    Is your math out by a year? I thought he was under contract for 18/19, 19/20, 20/21 and 21/22. Meaning if he retires after next year (18/19) He has 3 years left and the recapture penalty would be some 2.7 a year or so. No?
  10. [PGT] Arizona Coyotes vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Just got home from the game. Wow. So cool. You know it was a great night for the Sedins and fans but also for all our young guys to see what the place is like when it's packed to the rafters with loud, proud, passionate fans. Great stuff. I felt really proud to count myself among canuck fans tonight.
  11. Thatcher Demko | G

    I went to the game on Saturday. Great opportunity from my seats in lower bowl to focus on Demko. He was nervous to start but as the game went on he settled in. Watch a goalie skate out of his crease during time outs. You can sense how they feel. He got calmer and more composed on those skates as the game went on. Was a very positive experience for him first game first win. His post game interview was clear. Very positive experience.
  12. Bruins number one in nhl canucks 28.

    Hey partner why be a jerk? I'm giving people a chance to speak to this. It is a really pressing question. Lots of people have opinions on this topic.
  13. How did boston do it? 2011 both teams were in the final. Now boston is first overall and nux are 28th. Ok. What did they do better than us? 2011 Bruins still on 2018 team include Bergeron Chara Kreici Marchand McQuaid and Rask. 2011 Canucks still on 2018 team include Sedin Sedin Edler and Tanev. So massive player changes for both clubs over 7 years. What is the reason(s) for the difference in team success 7 years after the epic SCF?
  14. Virtanen is coming along and will be an important player for the nux in the future. He skates well can hit and shoot. He doesn't process the game st high speed so he will have to learn by doing. Through repetition he will get better and start to eliminate mistakes. Seen this movie before. In 2 years no one will question why we kept him. He will learn to be good in the playoffs as well. He's not afraid.
  15. Re-signing Players

    I agree with you on all counts except Archibald. Pass.