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  1. August 7, 2020. The day the new playoff contender version of the Canucks were born! Looking forward to the next 10 years with this crew.
  2. Partner we have all watched hockey our whole lives. Its not about superstition its about counting your chickens.
  3. Buddy buddy buddy. What are you thinking? We're not there yet. Retract this and let's get a 3rd win first.
  4. I'm in the thank god for a myers playing tough camp. Guy took 7 penalties in 3 games. Keep in mind probably 2 or 3 won't get called deeper in the playoffs. He is instilling fear. He has absolutely pasted some guys into the boards without getting penalized. Playing rough and tough. Bieksa or Mitchell come to mind. Playoff teams need that. I like that he's a bit of a loose cannon. It is a game changer for a team everyone used to think we're daisies
  5. I would like to see Green be bold and try this. There is strength down the middle of that line up.
  6. Per Gaudette was 54% in the circle and the Canucks overall were 59%.
  7. A lot of similarities between last night's game and the Jets exhibition game. After 120 minutes of hockey Canucks have led 0 minutes, been tied 21.47 and have trailed 98.13. For me the team needs to push the play. Hard forecheck, carry the puck in when possible, net front presence. We need to play from a lead not chase to catch up - or the Wild will have their boring way with us. Let's see what adjustments Green makes for the next game..
  8. Green did not have the team prepared to play tonight even though he had a month. It was like he didn't know Minny was gonna play the style they played.
  9. Minny pkayed their game plan to a tee. Everyone knew they would. Green had a month to prepare for minny and bring something to challenge what everyone knew they would do. Does anyone cut Green slack for tonight? He deserves criticism tonight. He brought zero to the table. Poor coaching poorly prepared team. Predictable result when your coach brings zero to foil minny's all too well known game plan.
  10. One of the canucks worst games of the year. Wow Green. Preparation much?
  11. If the nux lose to Minny ya there's a 12.5% chance at first overall. That's very low odds. The issue is where would the nux pick if they don't win the lottery? I think it is likely somewhere around 12. So who does that bring? Is that pick possibly someone as good as Podkolzin or is it a McCann type? Hard to know. But when making a glass is half full thread I would suggest that this is what is in the glass - not Lafreniere.
  12. CDC is a fan forum. We should support our team and the players. No one else will. I think you agree with me so let's just leave it at that partner.
  13. You are being tongue in cheek but you raise a really important point. Does nothing matter as long as we have something to chat about online? Who gets hurt? What's real? What's false? This is the whole point. CDC needs to protect the Canuck players from lies and untrue rumors. Why have a fan forum if it causes harm to the team? In today's cancel culture it is a nasty place unless the forum is set up to promote the team and make the fan experience a positive place. John Cleese says that cancel culture has missed the point of living - which is to have fun. CDC should promote having fun and protect great players like Boeser from cancel culture.
  14. So you are ok with Brock getting called out needlessly on CDC? He had to put up with days of fan speculation that he was going to get traded and many who argued he should or suggested that he wasn't the player they thought he was going to be and hacking on him. You read all that right? You think that is ok? You think when he had to come out and defend himself that was ok as well? Your advice to him is don't sweat it everything is fine the way it is? What did you think when it turns out it was all made up? Passive on this point is not right. CDC needs to support players or have reasonable discussion. Promoting lies and unsubstantiated rumors that hurt our players is not acceptable.
  15. Why does CDC put rumors in a category with trades and signings? That legitimizes rumors and helps spread the sensationalism of rumor bs talk. Rumors need to be in their own category with a disclaimer that there is no truth to them and that is why they are rumors. That will help downplay the nonsense and CDC will actually help avoid tearing down players as was done to Brock in this case. This is the third time I have posted this to mods on here without any comment back so far. - Deb. I think that CDC needs to do a better job protecting players from salacious bs rumors. Put rumors in a separate category with a disclaimer that it is a rumor with no basis in fact. This will protect players like Boeser rather than expose them to days of nonsense posts on here - until he has to actually speak out against it. We are a fan forum and not twitter. We need to do better to protect our players from rumor bs that causes them harm. Brock was called out needlessly on this forum of which you are a mod. I thought it was a real shame as a fan to have him feel like the fans in Vancouver were jumping on him due to lousy reporting. I'm sure you agree. You have just posted your support for Brock. Good for you. Now how about actually making a change to the way we at CDC present rumors so that you can say to him that you have made a structural change to protect him and other Canuck players from this sort of BS in the future? Thank you.
  16. Virt was drafted at Num 6 to be a first line rw or at worst a 2nd line rw. The shortcomings he has as a young guy being slow to mature have meant that he has not reached that level. Currently he has been beat out of a 3rd line spot and may have a tough time being on the 4th line cuz that's not who he is and others are better suited for that role. The knocks people make on him are that his personal shortcomings have hampered his development into a 1st or second line rw. Those are fair comments. He has not displayed the maturity and drive and dedication that our actual first and second line players demonstrate. He's not really a third line guy and for sure not a 4th line guy. So he is a victim of his own immaturity to not be where he was drafted to be - on the first or second lines. Can he change that? I don't know.
  17. Motte and Beagle will be on the 4th line. Both kill penalties. We are only talking about one spot and the question is who should get it - Eriksson or Sutter or Mack or Virtanen? That's it. For me I'd take a chance on one of the younger guys because I want to see the energy hemming the Wild in their own end.
  18. Sutter is not an energy 4th line guy. I've watched him live a few dozen times. He is a quality player but a guy who picks his spots. What I mean is he plays like a 3rd line centre who wants to play 2nd line. As a winger he tries to be more creative than disruptive. As a result he's not a great fit on the 4th line for me. However, if he plays balls out I can go with him. I just think there are other guys like Mack who will bring that element in spades more than Sutter. We've got a best of 5 series. Not much time to make a mistake on who should be bringing the forecheck on the Wild.
  19. Roussel Miller Horvat Beagle Ferland are all forwards who kill penalties. This trotted out statement that we need to play Eriksson and Sutter cuz they kill penalties needs to be challenged. Do we lose more by having them in the line up as slow plodding 4th line guys? Look, if they were playing well enough to be in the top 9 so be it. But they are not so it's 4th line or nothing. My point is. Do you put them on the 4th line cuz they kill penalties or do we have enough penalty killers and we should go with a younger energy 4th line? Hmm.