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  1. ROFL....he's asleep now. Wait until tomorrow he won't remember all of this
  2. Having Hughes do a drop pass on a five on three is like telling Shaq or any dominant center under the hoop with the ball to pass it out to the perimeter.
  3. Who's spot did Leivo take on the five on three powerplay? ( I tuned in late second ) Just dumb if it were Miller who's money on 5/3, Horvat who scores BIG on the road or Boeser with that great shot... My guess is Miller who looked invisible tonight
  4. Babs may wait for Seattle, take time off and work in a market where hockey is a novelty.
  5. I was agreeing to that in the off season, took a lot of heat for it too. Just get Louie out of the locker room!
  6. I agree. When we went from heavy to welterweight it all went to $hit!
  7. I KNEW IT! That is why I asked who were out on the 5/3! ( tuned in late ). I had a gut feeling it wasn't our best, who was out JT Miller because he looked invisible for the first time this year.