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  1. Fact checking is healthy...a quick google sometimes misses the mark.
  2. Portland 648,000 apx. Columbus 879,000 apx Nashville 691,000 apx Seattle 725,000 apx Houston 2.3 million! ( Dallas 1.35 apx ) Just some numbers...
  3. That will happen one day, prime Pacific location with a strong hockey background in the Winter Hawks. I think it's a can't miss down the road!
  4. Carolina, Florida and Arizona are the worst. Florida went to a cup and could not build a hockey market from that. Carolina even won a cup in 2006 and could not build a fan base from that! Carolia's parade was around thier stadium as I recall, i believe they filled the arena lol
  5. Bettman would love that relocation to pacify the Canadian fans, the slimeball
  6. Bettman would royaly screw that up, best we save that for post "Hall of Famer" ( self appointed ) Bettman!
  7. Toronto would strongly oppose it, heck they prevented the Canucks from entering the league in the NHL's first expansion back in 1967/68!
  8. I would love to see that or to QC but of course many here will have ya believe after the season they just had it's an established hockey market now ha!
  9. Houston makes a lot of sense by playing in the Central while rivaling Dallas with Seattle going into the Pacific in 21/22. Move Florida to QC while their at it too!
  10. Who da thunk an opening sentence would end any thought or conversation?
  11. You're ranting like your Uncle Tony Gallagher now
  12. We're very close, I have Burns in the Norris and Cooper for the Jack Adams