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  1. He was my fave of that era with others of course. I will leave this with the brass to decide, I'm fine either way. Does the Roxy have a Ring of Honour, just asking :/
  2. Seattle is our neighbour but the NHL landscape is vast when you have farm teams along with juniors and collegiates. Seattle's goalie options are gonna be plentiful, they are not only focused at looking two hours north of the border. I have money on Benning retaining both goalies going through expansion. Seattle like Vegas will profit from Bettman's welfare arrangements throughout the lineup. Seattle will land a quality netminder for sure!
  3. 26 NHL games and his net presence looks like he has played for years. Benning will be sure to have him here for his best years!
  4. Team chemistry. Pulling talent from within ( Utica ). No Free Agents. In Benning I Believe!
  5. I feel certain Green prefers a little more edge on the ice that both Ferland and Leivo bring. Loui has had a nice run of late, nice to see him step up.
  6. When the team is healthy he'll be in the press box and Loui understands that.
  7. Ferland will get the nod when he is 100% healthy, no idea what the timeline is for his return. He'll be in the lineup for the playoff push and postseason, a healthy Ferland is made and paid for this.
  8. Why would we help Edmonton, Sutter likley has Edmonton as one of the destinations he can't be traded to.
  9. Myers was solid tonight, he played with authority from the get go!.
  10. Nah, I hate Alberta teams. Love em out of the playoffs, hapless with filled arenas!