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  1. We can throw a lot of names into that mix including Biega, Stecher or Levo too.
  2. Last night in Washington the Cougars lost to UCLA 67 to 63, UCLA overcame a 32 point defecit in the htird quarter. Absolute madness - gotta love it!
  3. Media and their "who's on the market" fantasies. Their forecasts are equivelant to Bill Clinton's monogamous relationship with Hillary.
  4. I've had a few drinks, I hate it when I have to rack my brains for yet another one of these collections of alphabets/acronyms or initals of player's names that stops me dead in my tracks and I say.... FTSM, ICTTS! "Fml moments", whaaaa-aaaaat?
  5. What d'ya think this Toronto? Where they would have a half hour pregame show followed by 90 minute postgame show in preseason for crying out loud :/
  6. Rafferty looked good the other night but it appears Chatfield deserves a deeper look. Third pairing RH has Stecher and Biega ahead but Chatfield who has game may be more economical...
  7. I've been warning you about this, your dream is now being shattered in slow motion. Oh the horror! :/
  8. Any old six add Philly and Nashville. Absolute worst Florida and Arizona having your childhood dream distorted with a half filled arena.
  9. You are better off turning off the radio and tv and joining in the debate here about our Canucks. We are actually closer to the truth, we don't have to sell commercial time .
  10. This east ender knows it's true!