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  1. im online right now for a bit.
  2. I've been online. Got my game against bull smit this sim in. Just haven't been on at the same time as the others. i'll try to come on before the sim to get a few games in. Not at home at the moment.
  3. Will be online saturday and sunday to get games in. just been busy with finals. last one is tomorrow night.
  4. trade that should have been declined in the start: Stamkos, Flippula and Hedmam for Malkin, Kunitz and Orpik
  5. If you got games against me ( Jets ) msg me on canucks.com.
  6. are we restarting leauge with new rosters and updated overalls for rookies?
  7. don't kick phi, msged me to play a few times and got games in!
  8. anyone want to join a yahoo fantasy league? live draft sunday the 29th at 845 PST. msg your emails.
  9. GTA is just too fun. PS: if you got games against me (jets), send me a msg on xbox, im mostly appearing offline.
  10. La or Minny send me a message when you want to play!
  11. when are you going to be advancing?
  12. Wheeler, Little, Jokinen all OTB, msg offers. taking offers on Ladd aswell.