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  1. Jason Garrison so far?

    ehhh with that hard of a shot and with traffic at the net , hitting the net is pretty much all he needs to do to at least create trouble for the goalie i know hes only got 5 goals so far , but 48 game season , new team , sedins not really on there game either i think with all things said he'll get another 3 goals this season tops , so 8 in a half season compared to his 16 in a full is pretty good and i know those 3 goals might never come but still , hes found his groove as of late and thats all i care about
  2. Jason Garrison so far?

    "blah blah blah random post on how this doesnt matter cause our team sucks!"
  3. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    its just like mind blowing isnt it? craziest thing ever probably
  4. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    edit my name is ciutch bro are you really that stupid?
  5. Jannik Hansen

    amazing finish by hansen 3 goals and 4 assists , 7 points in 12 games and +7
  6. Jannik Hansen

    good goal and assist hansen 1st star!
  7. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    how do you define fame?
  8. Patrick McNally Talk

    we need a cheater , we got 2 jolly gingers and bible thumping booth it'll even things up
  9. Jannik Hansen

  10. Jannik Hansen

    if you cant see the similarities between them then you're a retard you can try and flip the script cause the name clutch carrys a hatred towards it but the fact is(altho his resume is not as good as burrows) hes the same style of player , why else would he have been slotted with the sedins last season you will live with this thread if i were you id hope hansen fails too
  11. Jannik Hansen

    you do realise thats not me right i chose this name for the same reasons the user Brad Marchand or Dave Bolland chose there name , it irks people i love burrows and hansen slegr is an idiot if he cant see the simularities between the two so slow huh
  12. CFL Thread

    anyone see this
  13. Jannik Hansen

    no he died ,hes dead ,move on hansen is the future anyway
  14. Jannik Hansen

    *cough cough* btw original post