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  1. Not happening, not now, not ever.......!
  2. How about managements waits to see what happens at the expansion draft. There are bound to be teams negotiating to try and protect players and there may well be some gems available through trades. When the dust has settled management will be in a better position to assess what the team needs are.
  3. I doubt that Tanev has that much value; perhaps a first OR Kapanen/Point, but not both. Tanev isn't even a first pair defenseman. In fact, the Canucks don't have a first pair defenseman ...... yet.
  4. The team still needs fodder for the upcoming Expansion Draft and with Megna now signed to a contract extension he is eligible to be exposed.
  5. It's quite perplexing to see how much Edler's play has regressed over the past 2 seasons. He used to be a fearsome hitter and possessed a powerful shot on the p.p. Now he is vying for the Guiness Book of World Records for most blocked shot attempts in the NHL and plays the game with a complete lack of intensity. Also, he used to wear an "A" on his sweater, but tonight he wasn't and Tanev was sporting the "A". Is this sending a message......? Perhaps Vegas is beckoning...............
  6. If we give Edler 28 minutes per game that WILL help with the tank nation philosophy...................
  7. It's really sad to see how much Edler has regressed over the past 2 seasons, this one in particular. His confidence is completely shot and he plays a game devoid of passion. Nice to collect $5MM knowing you don't have to be bothered about being benched or traded because your game isn't up to scratch.
  8. About 7 or 8 minutes into the 1st. period I watched the Canucks turn over the puck in the offensive zone, Minny came quickly back down the left side toward the Canucks goal and I watched in amazement as Horvat came backchecking at about 600 mph and caught the Minny player, causing a turnover. Now, that's commitment to his team and absolutely shows his potential for a "letter" on his sweater. Haven't seen too many Canucks backcheck that well. Kudos to Bo for leading by example.
  9. Do you not subscribe to the philosophy that a coach should challenge such a " phantom call " and thereby support his players ? In this case there was no evidence that coach Desjardins did just that.
  10. I get really pissed off when "superstars" receive preferential treatment from officials. With 6.24 remaining in 3rd. period, McDavid skates in at 500 mph trying to control the puck, falls down and takes out 2 Canucks players. I rewound that play 6 times and at no point was he touched by a Canuck before he fell. However, penalty on Canucks because the player is McDavid. BUT......what REALLY pisses me off is that coach Desjardins was NOT up on top of the bench screaming bloody murder at the officials. He just stood behind the bench chewing his gum. Where is the motivation for his payers ? Sad, sad.........
  11. When a team, ANY team, is 1 for 31 on the pp, there has to be a coaching change at some level.........................
  12. The Sedins giveth; the Sedins taketh away.
  13. OK Henrik - enough of the platitudes. How about acknowledging that both you and Daniel were lazy backchecking on Pits. first goal, and that you, in particular, should have tied up Ian Cole (the goal scorer) if you had been skating with any enthusiasm. Secondly, with 5 mins left in period 3, your ill advised weak pass in the O zone led to a Pit breakaway which Miller stopped because he is playing to win ! Time to stop being a spokesman and start taking ownership. I acknowledge your fantastic contribution to the team over 15 or so years but......time to hand over the reins.
  14. “So they send him out, drink 20 pints, go off with a couple of women, whatever he wants. And come back the next day." Credibility disappears with the above quote. 20 pints is completely beyond the capability of any normal human being. And even if it were doable, good luck with your couple of women after 20 pints................... Methinks this article was intended to be published on April 1st. and was released early by mistake !!! Cheers.
  15. I guess I missed your earlier point - apologies, and having re-read your post I agree with you. Thanks for clarifying in a civilized manner. Cheers.