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  1. This game featured men against boys. While the boys should have been showcasing their skills and auditioning for a job next year, instead they went for a leisurely skate in St. Louis. There was a screen shown with 3.43 left in 3rd. period which showed hits for & against. It read as follows: Hits by Vancouver: 12, hits by St. Louis: 33. This REALLY tells a story. Any guesses as to which team won ?????? By all means Vancouver were short handed because of injuries etc. However, when the effort is invisible, there is a systemic deficiency.
  2. At the start of the game I focused on 3 of our first year players to see where they are in development: Virtanen, McCann, Gaunce. McCann: good hustle, has good skills, lacks size and is usually outmuscled. Needs at least 1 year in Utica. Virtanen: Played a lazy game (has done so the past 3 games), played like he was an "entitled" player as a 6th. overall pick; needs an attitude adjustment and a spell in Utica. Gaunce: plays a smart game, hustles, does not look out of place on 4th. line, kills penalties well, reasonable in face-off circle; probably the player most ready to step up. Cheers.
  3. The Sedins reigns as leaders will end soon enough, they will hand over the reins to players like Horvat and Hutton and leave the incessant rains of Vancouver to return to Sweden.
  4. It is quite apparent that "No Trade Contracts" (NTC) negotiated by players/agents have adversely impacted teams looking to improve their status. Often, such NTC were negotiated with General Managers no longer with that team. While a NTC is a legitimate bargaining tool for a player, perhaps it should be modified to permit some latitude for the team. The following is a possible modification that might work: CONTRACT TERM CONTRACT OPTIONS 1 - 2 years NTC not permitted 3 years NTC in effect through year 2, player must provide a list of 15 teams in 3rd. year 4 years NTC in effect through year 3 and NTC is extinguished at start of year 4 5 years NTC in effect through year 3, player must provide a list of 15 eligible teams through year 4 and NTC is extinguished at start of year 5 6 years NTC in effect through year 4, player must provide a list of 15 eligible teams through year 5 and NTC is extinguished at start of year 6 7 years NTC in effect through year 4, player must provide a list of 10 eligible teams through year 5, list of 20 eligible teams through year 6 and NTC is extinguished at start of year 7 8 years NTC in effect through year 4, player must provide a list of 10 eligible teams through year 5, list of 15 eligible teams through year 6, list of 20 eligible teams through year 7 and NTC is extinguished at start of year 8 Just some ideas for restructuring the current NTC situation. I'm interested in feedback. Cheers.
  5. Correction: Neely AND our 1st. round pick (which turned out to be 3rd. overall and with which Boston selected Glen Wesley).
  6. Likely one of the best posts of the year. It is insightful, well thought out and well articulated. Thank you !
  7. Don't forget that Shinkaruk has had 2 major injuries since 2009, both of which required surgery. Perhaps his physical well being is in question and influenced this trade decision. Cheers.
  8. They are ! Canucks have lost 5-2 in each of their last 3 home games. It's obviously an omen ! The numbers mean they will finish in the bottom 5 and, with the lottery draw, will pick #2 overall. Jesse Puljujarvi - welcome to Vancouver. Cheers.
  9. I disagree. Players are paid in US$, therefore the buying power in a Canadian city is 30% - 35% BETTER. As well, with the current Vancouver housing market, a real estate purchase today might well appreciate by 20% in 3 years. Those 2 reasons are mighty powerful incentives to a f.a. Cheers.
  10. On the contrary. Contracts are paid in US $, therefore the purchasing power in Canada is substantially higher. In Vancouver, a $2 Million house costs $1.375 million USD, and with Vancouver real estate market gaining 10% annually, that's a very good incentive. Partially offsets the higher cost of living in Vancouver (food costs etc). Putting it a better way, a $5 million USD salary is worth $7.268 million Canadian. Seems attractive enough to a UFA.
  11. Edler is a real adventure in his own zone; it's scary ! Especially since he's the team's highest paid defenseman. Wow !
  12. As "noble" as it is that Henrik "willed" himself to play, despite his injury, imo he is only hurting the team by playing at considerably less than 100%. Unable to take faceoffs, which REALLY hurt the team tonight, and obviously playing below his ability, it would likely have been better to play someone who could contribute 100%, such as Kenins or Cracknell. To me, his insistence on playing AND the coach agreeing to this, is selfish. On another note, what on earth was Weber doing on Toffoli's 3rd. goal ? Answer - standing beside him admiring his deft tip-in. PLEASE, coach Desjardins, play someone on defense who understands the phrase "tying up your opponent".
  13. A more experienced NHL coach would have, at the end of 2nd.period, quietly left the bench and approached the officials and had a polite discussion with them. He would have commented that there are 2 teams playing here and that a little more discretion is needed to ensure that penalty calls are made fairly and evenly. I have seen this done often and it is an important tactic to be used. Sometimes I think the Canucks team is just too polite (Henrik, Willie). One other thing - Burrows is now, unfortunately, a real liability to the team. He is a marked man in the officials' world, seldom (if ever) gets a call in his favour and the officials zero in on him and will call the slightest infraction against him. It is a "no win" situation for him and it is hurting the team.
  14. Hobart College. (you, of course, would know that !)
  15. Are we talking increments of excrement ?