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  1. I doubt it. However, I wouldn't be surprised if assistance and staff members of the head management do. Scouts, EAs, and anyone who is in the WAR ROOMs, are probably getting their information from everywhere. At the end of the day, it is a matter of opinion and projected value of a player. Was Prust worth Kassian and a 5th round pick? Probably not equal in value, however, somebody convinced somebody in the Canucks that Kassian had too much risk, and Prust filled a role the Canucks lacked. 
  2. I wonder why you come to such a negative conclusion? What makes you believe no team would want him? He's a 32 year old veteran winger, who is although on the decline offensively, has been effective defensively. Why does he not fit into a third line role for a cup contending team? His contract is not unmovable, and just because he struggled this season (perhaps injuries is best to blame) does not make him unmovable. Furthermore, I think it is silly to assume Benning is going to waive him if a trade doesn't come to fruition. Benning may not get a lot back for him, but to remove the cap and roster spot, and pick up even a late pick (4th/5th) would be good enough. 
  3. Linden confirms Higgins will be traded

    I believe this is a prudent move for the Canuck's management. Higgins is a solid veteran who can play on the third-line for an cup contending team. His cap is reasonable as well, and I don't think you'll see Benning have to retain any. I expect a low pick, maybe a 4th round pick in this year's draft at best. However, I would not be surprised if Benning looked for a young B-prospect defensemen who he thinks is undervalued in an organization. 
  4. That was the Anaheim 2nd round pick (from the Bieksa trade), Vancouver still has its 2nd round pick, additionally it has the rights to the Blue Jacket's 2nd round pick (depending on when they give it up). Sadly I don't think it will be this year as they aren't doing very well and that pick looks to be a high 30th pick.  I don't think we need Drouin honestly. Not to say adding a winger with offensive upside like him isn't a luxury it is, however, I don't think the Canucks have the pieces to make the deal work. I wouldn't go after him on the premise that he 'maybe' Seguin 2.0. That's just bad reasoning. Furthermore, I don't think the Canucks should move any draft picks as they are too valuable at this state of the franchise where they lack serious defence depth.  I am also not interested in moving any of our current youth: Mccan, Cassels, Horvat, Shinkuark, Virtanen (regardless of his current hate), Demko, Pedan or anything like that. The only players I would consider moving is Vey and/or Baertschi, neither of which would get the deal done. Perhaps adding veteran players to their roster would help with what looks like a big and maybe final year for them to push for the cup. So maybe a Hammer, Prust, Vrbata, and Hansen type player would go into the deal (I would be okay with that too).   The Canucks should be adding draft picks (another first preferably), I don't think getting Drouin is necessary as the last two high picks we had went into high skilled wingers. We need a top centre and a top defensemen honestly, look for them.    
  5. Not needed. Not worth a contract spot, or cap room taken. We have Weber for the exact same role at a cheap contract. Weber fits way better on this team and has better numbers. Hoff is left handed, we have already four left handed d-men who will be on the roster in October I assume (Edler, Hammer, Sbisa and Bart). Weber is right handed, which we want and that right handed d-man on the PP tend to do better. Weber had 11 goals last season with a 9.4 % shooting, which is pretty damn good. Hoff, however, had 6 and 3 goals respectably over the past two seasons (dealing with injuries), and only shot the puck 3.7 and 2.7% respectivaly during his past two seasons. Not worth it. If we want another d-man bring in Franson for a top four role, but even that I don't see happening.
  6. [Signing] Canucks Re-Sign F Sven Baertschi

    $900 k
  7. [Proposal] Bonino for Brandon Sutter

    GM Provost out gming again!
  8. Your idea of a perfect draft weekend

    To Edmonton: Eddie Lack To Vancouver: 16th overall pick 2015 To Columbus: Kevin Bieksa (sign trade) and Jannik Hansen To Vancouver: 38th overall pick (2nd round 2015), and 69th overall pick (3rd round pick), contidtional 5th round pick 2016. Vancouver drafts: 16th: LW Paul Bittner 6'4 195lbs power forward. Arguably best player availble. Canucks continue to get bigger. 23rd: RD Jeremy Roy, 6'0 186lbs. We need puck moving, good skating Canadian defense. This is our guy. 38th: RW Daniel Sprong 6'0 191. Another big winger which is what the Canucks need: size. (He may not be there but he is projected by some to fall to this area.) If he isn't there, take his team mate C Filip Chlapik, a play making center with good size. 69th: LD Parker Wotherspoon 6'0 177lbs, Another big mean defensemen. Follows the philosophy I am going with - bigger. 114th: LD Chaz Reddekopp 6'3 215lbs Canadian defensemen. Again, I want bigger meaner defensemen in our system. 144th: C Marcus Vela 6'2 205lbs. May not be avaible but if he is take him! Character guy, and a big body guy (again philosophy) 174th: C Anthony Cirelli 6'0 165lbs. Nothing special here. Just another center depth player. I think this is a rather realistic draft expectation. I would love to see Benning stick to this type of drafting. Bigger, skilled player on the blue line and wings.
  9. Trading our first round pick

    Furthermore, many Canucks fans and hockey analysts where upset over this deal. Thought we got fleeched. And now nobody thinks that. Kassian is only getting better apart from an injured season and still working through consistancy issues; but given the type of player he is, it does take time. I am excited to watch Kassian in his late 20s crush forwards and score goals. Instead of hearing "Here comes Ferland." I want to be hearing, "$&!#! Here comes Kassian, hope he doesn't break his jaw."
  10. Benning could look at trading Eddie Lack - Article

    Oh man that deal gets me excited inside. Horvat and Draisaitl for the future is nuts. That is the future Towes and Kopitar basically. Well maybe not Towes, but I think Horvat has that kind of upside.

    I like your attempt but I don't think it would go through has you currently have it. (This is more of an NHL15 move). I like the idea of trying to go after Seabrook, he is a vetern defensemen who could be valuble on our blueline, however, he has a limited no trade clause, and I am not even sure if Chicago would want to trade him to a Western Conference team. But let's assume that both are on the Canucks side. I don't think this deal makes sense. Yes, cap space is a problem for Chicago and Hamhuis is a tad cheaper than Seabrook, however, they both have expiring contracts in 2016. What makes you think they can resign Hamhuis? Or even do they want to bring an older defensemen in? I can see them wanting Tanev, as a better return. However, I don't think I'd want to move Tanev if I am Benning. Jensen, sure he could be a piece for this trade, but he is young and still has offensive upside, check his playoff performance in the AHL. I would rather hang on to this guy. The Vancouver and Edmonton deal is an interesting idea, but I think you are giving up a lot for questionable draft picks. You think it is a good idea to give them Lack (who is a strong goalie with a proven record now that he can carry a # 1 role. You want him robbing games against the Canucks 6 times a season? Kassian, again a lot of upside and we get back the 17th pick? That is really all we are talking about here. Those two seconds are not as valuable as both players who are already proven NHL ready players. If you want to trade Lack and Kassian to Edmonton, which I do not advise, I want Leon Draisaitl (which they can give up since they are getting McDavid), and I want a first in 2016, not this year. We already have the 23rd pick this year, we get better value in next year's pick and Benning claims it is a better draft. And if we can get a second in this year's draft (33rd) then great, but I would be more happy with the two parts I just mentioned.
  12. (Speculation) Shero may shop #6 pick for scoring help

    I do not see Benning even trying to move up in the draft. Makes little sense considering since the trade deadline he has been saying he is happy to pick at 23rd, and they he will be getting a good player. Notwithstanding the constant opinion that the 2016 draft is going to be stronger. No, I don't think the Canucks will be moving up in this years draft; we will be trying to get back our 3rd round pick, probably in a trade surrounding one of our goalies or defensemen. I doubt we'll get a 2nd round pick back, but that is fine, considering we got a solid young players who went in the first round a few years ago. To be honest, the 6th pick is not worth a whole lot in my eyes. Unless we get McDavid, it is not worth moving up, and I don't see Edmonton moving the pick, even for three first round picks and Zach Kassian, lol. Which is the only offer I'd ever consider making if I was Benning (but then again the NFL RG3 trade which was simialr didn't turn out that great for the RedSkins)....
  13. [Signing] Canucks sign Jordan Subban

    I think Jordan Subban will be a great player in years to come. Yes it is difficult to say how good he will be when comparison to his brother PK. However, I would say they have the same offense upside, which should have the Canucks excited. His primary concern is his size, and that is only because he is a defensemen. There have been a lot of success over the past few seasons with smaller players, Gallahger, to name one. Nevertheless, defense is different from offense. PK being bigger uses his body to his advantage. Jordan however uses his head. He admits this, and his brother PK even said he thought Jordan was a techniacally better defensemen than him. Jordan uses his smarts and skating ability to do what he cannot with the body; I respect that. I think Jordan will find a spot on this team in the future. Give him time to develop, get stronger, and he'll be a force on our PP in 4-5 years.
  14. [Extension] Derek Dorsett and Luca Sbisa re-signed

    You're a fool.