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  1. [Report]Mark Jankowski called up by CGY

    Clearly intelligent television for the betterment of mankind. Excelsior!
  2. [Report]Mark Jankowski called up by CGY

    Don't mind me. I just saw someone else liked your Fakebook message and thought I'd bring you down a notch. Had a downvote to use and well, yours was as good as any because you phrased your answer in the form of a question. Alex Trebek would very much disapprove seeing as no question was asked.
  3. [Report]Mark Jankowski called up by CGY

    Showcasing him to Vancouver sadly * yeah the O'Reilly offer sheet was pretty sweet. I still laugh to this day thinking about the "what if Colorado hadn't matched" so much funny
  4. Vegas Golden Knights Thread

    Too close to "golden seals".
  5. Alexander Edler needs to go or get scratched

    That's the very very sad thing nowadays. That should be learned from teachers in elementary school. And by the way, I wasn't "texting" about their punctuation , I firmly believe that if you take an average from one thousand thirteen year old children, give them an essay to really write using a ball point pen, take off half marks when they use slang and "interweb speak".....double points for using "lol"... we might have partially handicapped children who will some day inherit this planet. This doesn't scare the bejesus out of you? *especially with "auto correct"
  6. Alexander Edler needs to go or get scratched

    *hic* yoo kno tha aging about CDC is..*burrp*...people that get a thought....*sway*...they try to...*hic*...remeber it th' nex' day so they put it on paper. Sadly i find i I don't believe the majority can even write anymore.
  7. Vancouver - Tampa (Proposal)

    Yeah I remember when I had my first beer too...
  8. Seattle Council rejects crucial Arena vote

    And it really didn't help that they, knowingly chose Steve Francis , who never wanted to be in Vancouver and said as much, with what....a top three pick? basketball blows. I'd rather watch a real competitive game like rugby or Irish Hurling. "Oh oh no foul he touched my hand when I jumped and that guy was in my way when I tried to put the ball in the basket with my really big hands. " The only sport that is wussier is soccer. Don't even get me started on "red cards". Overpaid babies who can barely grunt the English language
  9. Goalies Need to Hold Forwards Accountable More: Opinion

    You never ever throw your own team mates under the bus. Markstrom knows which goals against were his, and his teammates know when they hung him out to dry. I swear if I was a pro athlete I wouldn't talk to reporters, and if I "had" to, I wouldn't give them anything to work off. Literally yes or no answers, and I'd fart just to prove my point.
  10. To this day I firmly believe it wasn't bertuzzi that broke moores neck, it was the two (three?) avalanche that dogpiled bertuzzi after. Actually looks like two canucks first, then two avalanche later. Either way that couldn't have been good
  11. Coyotes getting new arena

    Makes sense. Team has never turned a profit, doesn't have fans, can't fill an arena.....solution? Build a new arena. Crazy like a fox am I right?
  12. It's "real simple" for us, as fans, to say what should be, what should have been, and what should be happening. Im finding that really, none of us, no matter how many drunken hate rants we throw at the computer screen, have no say in anything. Act all pished off about losing, but I guarantee you will be more ticked if the Canucks move to Seattle. Or or heaven forbid,....Quebec..... ugh I feel dirty
  13. Anyone else believe that not only the owners, but linden and benning realize what it's going to take to build a good hockey team? its "some" of the fans that are the problem. They have to appease one side that "wants to be competitive" and the other side that "wants to tank and pray to lord baby jeebus' foreskin" that a draft pick will change the franchise. Im in the middle. I want them to play, and try to win. Draft picks don't make a team any more than signing free agents, but I do know one thing. Losers lose, and bringing in a top five draft pick into a loser dressing room only promotes losing. Stop whining, it's going to be a rough ride till the Canucks are good again. I'm fine with that, but anyone who believes that "blah blah Fire blah blah and do this and wah wah I'm so smart boo hoo " is the right choice, is one thing. A loser. I have no use for losers.
  14. This sheet is as much fixed as an American election. Wake up people. Seriously wake the eff up! Hockey died when when bettman took over. Blah blah blah blah ticket prices and blah blah expansion and blah blah lockout. Wake. The. Fook. Up