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  1. There are tickets for sale on Craigslist. I am looking for a single ticket if anyone on here has one for sale. I was also wondering if you just showed up at Rogers if there would be anyone selling tickets outside ??
  2. Thanks everyone for the updates and pics from the prospects camp!!
  3. Awww I miss Sami! Sure wish we'd signed him for one more year.......
  4. I noticed there was some tickets for sale to the prospects 'Summer Showdown' game on Craigslist. I'm considering going but was wondering if they would ask for proof of being a season ticket holder at the gate ??
  5. wrong guy unfortunately lol
  6. I don't think he would fit into the dressing room at would be a set back IMO to what JB's is trying to create.
  7. Or....Benning is more prepared this year for injuries
  8. first glance I saw Alexander Bur..........
  9. He deserves a break for sure.....let's hope the recent surgery did the trick and he will be back on track next season.
  10. Looks like little Johnny 2.0
  11. Jonah Gadjovich.......good build on him