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  1. redhdlois

    Quinn Hughes | D

    Sounds like his decision to go back to college for one more year was the right thing to do. He sounds like he has improved in many areas and is 100% ready to go! Really excited and looking forward to watching him in the World Juniors.
  2. redhdlois

    Quinn Hughes | D

    Just an FYI..... Quinn will be on SN650 tomorrow (Wed) morning at 8am. Update: now hearing he’s on at 7:30.
  3. We are so lucky to have him.
  4. Cripes....Friedmann is the host
  5. Don't forget to watch Building Brock next on SN......
  6. Shut up Shorty geezus...every single game
  7. Damn was checking on the meatloaf
  8. Shades of Henrik with the puck control behind the net
  9. I guarantee we get the next goal :D
  10. What about the Nashville game ?