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  1. Jersey name stitch at the Team Store...

    Yup, definitely go to Pacific Coast Cresting. I've had 2 jerseys done there, stitched in house, excellent quality. $60 for 2-4 days, or you can pay $80 and it will be ready to pick up the next day.
  2. Bo Horvat - why he wears #53

    I've had 3 of my jerseys done at PCC, they do a great job. They say it can take up to one week, but they had my first one done in 3 or 4 days. You can also pay an extra I think $20 to have it ready by the next day.
  3. Custom Jersey

    X4, I've had 2 jerseys done there, fast, great work, and better prices than most
  4. New Canuck Commentators?

    The John's or the drink? lol
  5. Boycott the home games or keep supporting the team? (merged)

    My friend went to the game vs Calgary and I requested he do this. He tried, no one joined in, and his girlfriend got mad at him.......I forgot, no one in Rogers Arena chants or cheers.
  6. [Heritage Classic] Ottawa @ Vancouver | 03/02/14 |

    You should know that soccer team gets higher attendance than at Canucks games. Oh, and the fans in the stadium actually give a crap unlike the suits in the lower bowl at Rogers Arena.
  7. Will Alex edler still be a Canuck after March 5th?

    I kind of hope so, but no, because everyone knows Gillis can't pull the trigger on a big move. edit: but *yes
  8. does anyone know where/when we can buy Team Canada jerseys?

    Oh, hahaha, oh well. Still worth it, many places are $100.
  9. does anyone know where/when we can buy Team Canada jerseys?

    I got my millionaires jersey done up with D. Sedin at Pacific Coast Cresting on Hastings. It was $60, took only 3 days, and they did a great job. They do them in shop instead of wasting time shipping them somewhere else.
  10. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    Time to win the Canadian Championship! Final starts tomorrow! Go Whitecaps!
  11. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    ERIC HASSLI!!!! ERIC HASSLI!!!! What a time to score his first goal of this MLS season!
  12. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    Lets hope the Caps play better this time against San Jose. Shut down Wondolowski.
  13. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    My friend invited me to the Sounders game in Seattle but I'm so choked I'm to busy to go. That'll be an exciting game. Probably the best atmosphere in the MLS with so many fans.