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  1. So is burrows actually getting bought out? Sure seemed like his last night
  2. Nugent hopkins has the most punchable face since rat face Marchand.
  3. (speculation) Huberdeau

    You want huberdeau it'll take a package of horvat or virtanen
  4. CTOI... BJ's, now TBay, Edm & Pitt

    I thought this might happen. Way too many of those gritty grinder guys in the top 6. Other than Johansen they don't really have pure skill
  5. Asking CDC advice on long distance relationships. How can I avoid feelings of jealousy when she goes out with her friends? My current solution is to go get drunk myself but that can't be a healthy solution.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Intoewsables


      Not personally, but I know a few people who have tried and it's ended with one of them cheating every time.

    3. Winter Soldier

      Winter Soldier

      Jealous when she goes out with friends? That's a bad sign for you, bud.

    4. Tangelos


      Not really actually. It's in our biological makeup as men to be possessive. I may be jealous but I'm not taking it out on her or telling her what not to do. I hate being jealous but I cant really help it and I know she feels the same way although probably not to the extent as I do since girls don't usually hit on guys like guys hit on girls in clubs. We'll see how it plays out and worst case I guess copious amounts of alcohol heals all wounds

  6. Hope you're trolling right now
  7. Aww dammit. Waive sbisa and we still have everyone...
  8. He'll get off scott free like doughty a couple years ago. Amazing how money and profile can get you out of rape charges...
  9. [Trade] Phil Kessel to Penguins

    Huh how'd you figure? Kessel is a 27 year old 40 goal scorer.
  10. Actually that's a good point. I'd prefer both those players over Kassian anyway
  11. I can't help but laugh at this trade but laughter is the best medicine so I'm happy
  12. [Trade] Phil Kessel to Penguins

    Karma. Didn't he refuse to sign with the team that drafted him?

    Wasn't impressed with his playoff performance at all so I can let this one slide. All those point shots he let in was painful. Nice guy but I doubt we could win a cup with him. Demko always was and always will be our future number 1
  14. Save Eddie Lack!

    I bet if Lack was boring like Miller no one would care
  15. What are you listening to?

    Cheerleader by OMI Who isn't listening to this song right now?