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  1. Hard to say which way this goes. A suspension is pretty much a foregone conclusion - how many? Spin the wheel of DoPS.... Regardless, Wideman has kissed away some money for this.
  2. Just had to come on and say, what a class act, the entire All Star group & fans for supporting John Scott. He deserves this, and his teammates really tried to win - not only for themselves, but probably a little for Scott as well. Wonderful ASG - MUCH better than years past.
  3. Pack it up Kesler Ducks, you're going home
  4. SSM takes ANOTHER penalty. Stay out of the box!!
  5. 2011 against the Blackhawks? I believe they led that series 3-0 before coughing up 3 losses and winning in OT.
  6. Well, house cleaning, here I come! I can't watch a train wreck. Heart hurts too much. I'll happily eat my words if the Canucks come back and win this game. But I doubt it. *sighs*
  7. FRACK!!! *headdesk repeatedly*
  8. GOAL!!!!! WOOOOOOOOH!!!!
  9. We're NEVER going to hear the end of this...
  10. Oh look, we're on the PK. Surprise, surprise...
  11. Well, whoever it is that draws in for the Canucks, it's all hands on deck. White knuckling it tonight. Go Canucks Go!
  12. Why is Sbisa possibly out?!?! It's going to be tough to win this one with seemingly endless injuries to our lineup.
  13. Hope Burr is alright. Scary to see ANY player having to be transported via Ambulance. #WinForBurr
  14. TWO GOALS NOW!!! Bae!!!!
  15. Seriously? Doughty was mouthing off about 2nd place? Little early for that (and now definitely not getting 2nd spot in division, lol)