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  1. Hard to say which way this goes. A suspension is pretty much a foregone conclusion - how many? Spin the wheel of DoPS.... Regardless, Wideman has kissed away some money for this.
  2. Just had to come on and say, what a class act, the entire All Star group & fans for supporting John Scott. He deserves this, and his teammates really tried to win - not only for themselves, but probably a little for Scott as well. Wonderful ASG - MUCH better than years past.
  3. SSM takes ANOTHER penalty. Stay out of the box!!
  4. Sorry, wrong thread!
  5. Well, if it interests anyone, some flames fans were thinking they were getting Kassian back for Baertschi.
  6. Exactly. He's a Canuck now whether people are happy about it or not. How about everyone stop complaining and start rooting for this kid to do well? It's like looking at the proverbial glass filled halfway: is it half full? Or half empty? I'm going to think it's half full.
  7. Don't know enough about the draft picks (outside of the top 4) to have any strong opinion on this. Hometown kid. Hope he does well. Welcome to Hell Vancouver, Jake!
  8. I don't want LA to win the cup this year - but certainly not San Jose. Would serve the Sharks right for some of their more blatant fish flopping on the ice antics last year and this year. All teams do it (including LA) but San Jose's, to me, are the most blatant.
  9. If the Sharks lose, the kings will be, what? The fourth team ever to comeback from a 0-3 deficit? Come on LA, make it 4 :D
  10. I dislike both teams. However, after SJ's horrible 'crybaby' & epic diving routine in the last playoffs, I'm feeling a bit vindictive. San Jose Chokes! Go LA!!
  11. Well, I look at it this way: We lose, we get a higher draft pick :D We win, slim chance to make playoffs. Either or, for me. Though at this point in the season, I'd prefer a higher draft pick.
  12. Like others have said - surprised this day finally happened. Not sure if happy with this trade (in terms of what we got back) but I am sad to see Lou go. So... firesale?
  13. What a mess - gonna go do something else. ~ Out ~
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we have 7 defencemen on tonight? - Bieksa - Hamhuis -Garrison -Tanev - Edler - Stanton - Weber I swear I've seen all of them on the ice tonight. Am I seeing things?
  15. I saw that as well. His reaction was probably the same expression everyone listening to Grapes talk was wearing. +