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  1. Boycott the NHL playoffs and its sponsers for the blanted disregard for the safety of its players. Case in point: Dustin Brown's head shot on Henrilk Sedin sure looked like an attempt to injure. When there is no call on the play (as the player crawls off the ice) you really have to begin to wonder. As many sports writers have already mentioned, the NHL has a different set of rules for the post season which is set-up to fail the true spirit of the game. The NHL from the President down have been instructed by the owners to inform the refs to let the majority of dirty hits go so that on-ice policing can happen. On-ice policing means confrontations leading to fights. The owners know that deep down the majority of the hockey fans want some blood-letting. Modern day professional sports is an extension of the Roman gladitors. You have an enlosed ring, you throw 2 opponents into this space and you let them battle it out to see who the victory is. Its a semi-religious experience for the spectators as it takes them away from their everyday struggles. As times get tougher in the outside world, the spectators want to see that reality reflected back. Every post season the NHL and the owners loosen up the officating, so on-ice violence can be ramped up. The fans love the intensity. If a player is knocked out by a illegal hit, if fights break-out and somone is injured that's the price the player has to pay for being in the spectacle. The NHL is allowing the post season to be turned into a roller-derby style game. The Canucks management have build a team around the true spirtt of the game, and have won the Presdent's Cup back-to-back. That speaks volumes of how good this team. That should be Vancouver's Cup, as the race to the Stanley Cup has been perverted by those who benifit the most from higher revenues triggered by the violence. Turn off your TVs, go outside and play with your kids or plant a garden. Boycott the post-season and the NHL.