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  1. It's way better than that. He clearly steps to his left but not in front of her so that the camera gets them into the shot. It looks pretty intentional.
  2. Ever look at where North Korea is on a map? Tucked right into the armpit of China and Russia. Can't imagine either would be too pleased with US military activity just across the border
  3. It's not about what I believe, it's about what they believe, or claim to. Adding on to that, while the statement by Bush is most likely a big steaming load, it was used quite extensively to motivate the US soldiers which, guess what, is pretty much exactly how ISIS operates. The people running the show use and abuse the religious beliefs and commitments of the people doing the actual groundwork. This isn't a new phenomenon, nor is it unique to Islam or even Christianity. It's been done for hundreds of centuries by leaders and religious factions worldwide including plenty of them that don't even exist anymore. The fact that at the uppermost level it was just a political cover for "blood for oil" changes nothing. The US in Iraq and Afghanistan war heavily used religion to motivate soldiers, they prayed before combat tours, claimed god was on their side, that they were the righteous and thus assured victory, handed out pictures of soldiers with scripture on them for daily briefing handouts, etc. But that was a political war right? ISIS uses religion to motivate soldiers, pray before combat, claims god is on their side and that their fight is righteous. Totally different, obviously that's a religious war. Clearly one is a holy war and the other is not. You see black and white, I see shades of grey. And neither of those shades of grey is nearly as close to white as they think they are. The crazy thing is that I don't really see either one being a real true believer "Holy War." I see a lot of people on both sides abusing and perverting the beliefs of their followers for personal gain. There's religion there in both cases, for sure. But I personally think that the people calling the shots on both sides are/were mostly full of crap and abuse it for power/territory/resources/finances way more than they are true believers engaged in a war between faiths. But then I'm not religious at all myself so maybe I just have a tough time projecting myself into that mindset. That being said, name calling even in the sly "I didn't call you an idiot I just implied it" way was uncalled for and I'm getting really tired of the subtle toxicity and personal attacks around this place. Assuming you actually want to converse that's cool, we can do that. You want to play the "anyone with a different opinion than mine is an idiot" game, I guess that's what the ignore list is for and you can play alone.
  4. Is 13 years considered way, way, way back?
  5. Because it's irrelevant to the conversation. It is in fact an entirely different, also necessary conversation. But it it still irrelevant to the fact that if you have a badge, the color of someones skin seems to give you a free pass to shoot them as long as they do something that even remotely seems threatening. But hey, if you don't like what's being said, change the conversation right? "This fundraiser for research to help cure Alzheimer's is stupid. Why aren't they talking about curing cancer? Cancer kills way more people than Alzheimer's. Talk about curing cancer." You want to talk about black people killing black people, go right ahead. But quit pretending that black criminals murdering other black people somehow magically makes any bad police shootings OK. They're both bad, they both need to stop, but they are not the same thing.
  6. As an outsider watching your election, it's this attitude that makes me think he actually does have a chance. You get enough people that think he has no chance of winning and they might not bother to show up to vote against him. It's already a guaranteed win anyway, right? Why waste an hour or so of your day? Meanwhile you better believe the Trump supporters show up in droves. Trumps best chance of winning is the belief of his opponents and their supporters that he can't possibly.
  7. Being reported Stamkos is staying in Tampa. $68 million over 8 years.
  8. Warning, autoplays with sound. http://isglennhealyfiredyet.com/
  9. Personally, I think a lot of people were tuning out during the HNIC intermissions (during the regular season at least) because they were recorded and replayed during all of the intermissions of all of the games playing simultaneously. So in order to 'make it fit all of the games' the intermission topics often had little or nothing to do with the game at hand. That's why I stopped bothering anyway. If I'm watching a Canucks game, talk mostly about the Canucks game. If I'm watching a Montreal game talk mostly about the Montreal game, etc. Their one-size-fits-all intermissions were terrible. They probably saved a pile of money on production by doing it that way, but you get what you pay for.
  10. IOC Rules on transgender atheletes: 1. Transgender athletes have to have completed gender reassignment surgery 2. They must have legal recognition of their gender 3. They have undergone at least two years of hormone replacement therapy after surgery. NCAA's rules: one year of hormone replacement therapy -- with no surgical requirement -- before being allowed to compete. How some of you people will sit here and straight up be wrong about how "She's breaking the rules" or "She wouldn't be allowed to compete in the Olympics" without ever taking the 17 seconds it takes to type "olympic transgender rules" or "ncaa transgender rules" into google is just mind boggling. You don't like it. You don't agree with it. That's cool, I'd put myself 'on the fence' at best on this one too but leaning towards letting the experts handle this one because like the rest of you I don't have a medical or psychology background. But don't pretend it's about the rules because the rules have changed recently and you are now wrong.
  11. Also because the Sharks and Blues are both based in American cities and thus there is no reason for the Canadian national anthem to be played before this game. Seriously, is this a thing they actually usually do and is just not shown on TV?
  12. Apparently you not only get fewer telemarketing/scam calls than I do, but are also better at picking threads to read. Teach me your ways.
  13. I was talking about this with some people a while ago and the idea was floated around that a suspension should reduce a teams roster size for the duration.
  14. Not only has the parade route been planned, but the road closures have already been announced.
  15. How does that happen without a high-sticking call. You'd think that would be a no-brainer.