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  1. PSY's new song sucks

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    2. Xbox


      Psy doesn't give a

    3. Please Call 911

      Please Call 911

      I never said Gangnam Style was good. I merely pointed out that Gentlemen is terrible.

    4. rampage


      That guy sucks

  2. Congratulations Toronto. I hate you guys but I'm happy for you

  3. Oh man, what the hell is happening on Boston....

    1. :D


      E'rybody dyin'

    2. :D


      Bruins are doin' well though

  4. This guy on HF thought I was a Habs fan because I said I like the Canucks....he thought that because Canucks means Canadiens.....O_O

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    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      We are all Crazy Canucks :D

    3. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Who is he a fan of?

    4. Please Call 911

      Please Call 911

      Oh yeah and the other epic fail - he's a Flyers fan and he said that he'd cheer for the Pens when the Flyers get knocked out. O_O

  5. Appearently, among my black hair, I have on strand of red hair. Just found out today. O_O

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    2. StealthNuck


      One of of us...

    3. Vancouver's comeback

      Vancouver's comeback

      I'm the same, except it's a blonde hair. In my beard.

    4. Please Call 911

      Please Call 911

      It's on my head lol. Idk but I was working on my computer and my colleague came by and stared at my head for a good five seconds. I was like wut and he was like what is wrong with your hair

  6. Best name ever: Daniel BANG

    1. Phil_314


      it's pronounced Bong for some reason?

    2. Joel Heyman

      Joel Heyman

      It's the Swedish A with an 'o' above it. Å

    3. Jagr68
  7. This world sucks

    1. Dancin'Droid


      I thought your name was part of your status

  8. Why CDC so slow, its 7:30 and 250 users are online

    1. Xbox


      Different time zones? I'm in the east my self.

      Also, a lot of schools start around the 8-9am range so a lot of people will be on at 7:30 for a short period of time

    2. Heretic


      Backup still running maybe?

    3. Please Call 911

      Please Call 911

      Still.....250 people is doesn't lag when there is 1000+....

  9. That moment when the Flames still suck.

  10. Hank dishing out assists like it's nothing!

  11. Man, I wish you all saw how hard my mind blew when I checked my phone at 12:02PM and saw Gaborik to CBJ.....

  12. Steven Stamkos Mullet changed his name to Derek Roy :(

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    2. LeanBeef


      I guess he will need to change it again after the offseason

    3. Smashian Kassian

      Smashian Kassian

      Mullet how could you? :'(

    4. RockNroLLa.