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  1. Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

    No clue what you are talking about.... ....Why are you trying to frame me and get me banned? I don't even know you
  2. Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

    Who is UMB...... And JennaMarbles is my stepsister
  3. Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

    my sister
  4. PSY's new song sucks

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    2. Xbox


      Psy doesn't give a

    3. Please Call 911

      Please Call 911

      I never said Gangnam Style was good. I merely pointed out that Gentlemen is terrible.

    4. rampage


      That guy sucks

  5. Congratulations Toronto. I hate you guys but I'm happy for you

  6. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Where where where??? How do you sign up???? I would go, I'm free monday!
  7. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Oh well he's the Preds representative...... It should be Weber and Rinne not Fisher and Yip wtf.....
  8. Official NHL 14 Thread

    What? Where? Cover vote doesn't start till April 22.....
  9. Oh man, what the hell is happening on Boston....

    1. :D


      E'rybody dyin'

    2. :D


      Bruins are doin' well though

  10. This guy on HF thought I was a Habs fan because I said I like the Canucks....he thought that because Canucks means Canadiens.....O_O

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    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      We are all Crazy Canucks :D

    3. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Who is he a fan of?

    4. Please Call 911

      Please Call 911

      Oh yeah and the other epic fail - he's a Flyers fan and he said that he'd cheer for the Pens when the Flyers get knocked out. O_O

  11. Appearently, among my black hair, I have on strand of red hair. Just found out today. O_O

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    2. StealthNuck


      One of of us...

    3. Vancouver's comeback

      Vancouver's comeback

      I'm the same, except it's a blonde hair. In my beard.

    4. Please Call 911

      Please Call 911

      It's on my head lol. Idk but I was working on my computer and my colleague came by and stared at my head for a good five seconds. I was like wut and he was like what is wrong with your hair

  12. Best name ever: Daniel BANG

    1. Phil_314


      it's pronounced Bong for some reason?

    2. Joel Heyman

      Joel Heyman

      It's the Swedish A with an 'o' above it. Å

    3. Jagr68
  13. This world sucks

    1. Dancin'Droid


      I thought your name was part of your status

  14. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Some thoughts: One touch deking could be a disaster, considering how long it's been the LB dekes. now everyone has to learn all over again. Happy that they added new dekes though, it's been the same stuff over and over again for the last few years NHL Collision Physics could be fun - but it could also be a disaster. One thing we know and that's there shouldn't be anymore hercules checks. Live the Life - THEY ARE FINALLY MAKING BE A PRO BETTER!!!! Finally!!! Now it's looking more and more like the NBA 2K My Career that I love to play! Media interviews - hell yea! EA Sports Online Seasons - Now this seems like a blatant rip off of NBA 2K's My Team mode, but I don't mind - nice to have some variety. HUT should be even better now.