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  1. Good on him. Hey that's Woody Strode in the gladiator (a happy Roman) flic.
  2. 2017 is lurking around the corner just wait.
  3. What is this junk?
  4. Hey the internment camps were just a way of removing enemy aliens from the coast which potentially could have been subject to attack. Ask a surviving soldier of the 2000 members of the Royal Rifles of Canada or Winnipeg Grenadiers who were captured Christmas 1941 when Hong Kong fell. Four years in none of them ever bought a Nissan or Toyota. And not all were loyal either Nanaimo had a Japanese fishing community in Departure Bay where some shone their lights skyward from their small fishing craft after blackout conditions were placed after Pearl Harbour. Shortly afterwards they were rounded up and sent inland.
  5. Lucky for the Yanks their carriers were at sea otherwise the war in the Pacific would have played out totally different. With their survival it allowed the US to provide air power to the naval battles which ensued in the years ahead. Which eventually led to the destruction of the Jap navy. And we all know how the island hopping campaign pushed back enemy forces towards the homeland which led to 2 days in August 1945 which closed the deal.
  6. Hey having to listen to Nicklecrap falls under the guidelines of cruel and unusual punishment. There are laws that protect us from that. As for calling them a Surrey band them would be fighting words to the good folks of Hanna AB. Why they still lay claim to them is anybody's guess. Loved a video I watched on Youtube years ago of them performing on stage in Portugal....roundly booed by the crowd after an opening number things tossed on stage...Kroeger warns crowd to settle down or we leave....then the deluge started. Portugal won the war.
  7. Not the prettiest but a win is a win and 2 points in the books. Even more disappointed than the TO fans have to be Bettman and Colon Campbell probably had the fines and suspensions figured out already just waiting for the game to be played and which Canucks to plug in to the slots.
  8. Grassroots hockey is being priced out of the hands of the average Canadian family thus a dwindling pool of players from which talent will rise to the top. Undoubtedly more McDavid's out there that for many reasons will never lace them up.
  9. Any Leaf that goes down in this game even if he loses an edge and a Canuck is within 2 ft up goes the arm. They can beat Tdot but it'll be tough against the NHL bias.
  10. Fk Patty boy just a dumb loser. Probably blames the Canucks for the potato famine of Ireland in the late 1840's. Put down the Guinness you've had enough.
  11. The National Hokey League always allows open season on a Canuck. It's so blatant it's really become a fking joke. Just under scores how bush the league has become during Bettman's reign.
  12. Yes and a British comedy series 40 years ago defined west coast logging. Didn't watch the video seen it a dozen times or more actually know the words. " As I float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia" Loved the series and still occasionally watch them on Netflix or Youtube. It was an over the top tv comedy series not historical documentation. Do yourself a favour and search out an earlier work of theirs " Four Yorkshiremen" in black and white with Marty Feldman as a cast member and then come back and tell us if you believe that's what life was once in Yorkshire. It's worth the search. I grew up in a logging town buddy lumberjack was not part of the jargon. Call some chokerman who'd been setting chokers all day on a steep setting a lumberjack and you'd be a stain on the bar floor.
  13. So does a Calgary cop.... oh and a firearm. Training probably about the same.
  14. The Oh Henry bar unis or the Halloween suits were bad....very bad. But a deep v as a watercraft is good.