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  1. Yes that's the name I believe. It was good.
  2. I don't sorry but it was on either Netflix or Crave. Certain it was Netflix though. Probably on YouTube.
  3. Saw a super documentary on him and his career a few months ago. A hard nosed guy when it came to members in his band and a very astute businessman. He took on MCA and their ruthless ways and won. He'll be missed.
  4. Senseless shooting rampage yet again.
  5. A great many people fail to see that including some Canuck management.
  6. It might help that the Pens have some of the best offensive players in the game in the line up. Low scoring teams have to compensate somehow for their lack of offense. Small soft guys just won't do it.
  7. Just a lightweight soft player...with potential perhaps...however Vancouver has bet on too many of these types far too often. Cut him loose and let him explore other options.
  8. I think Fish and Wildlife have a provision for nonresidents to purchase a special tag at a ridiculous price for these types of hunting trips. You may even have to pay for guide services as well. Years back an elderly US multimillionaire visited Alberta over 2 seasons to drop a trophy bighorn. Finally got one but costs were rumoured to be in the million dollar range for the tag and guiding services. Some said it wasn't even him that took the shot but one of the guides.
  9. Sounds as good as a root canal through your eyeball socket.
  10. Hey that phrase can be considered racist. lol
  11. Bad drugs going around the design studio obviously.
  12. Wonder if he lived the dream of coming and going at the same time.
  13. Alberta 8 months of winter and 4 months of poor sledding.
  14. That woman has to get her poop together.
  15. Another waste of skin trying to bubble wrap the world.