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  1. Another waste of skin trying to bubble wrap the world.
  2. This is going on all over the country regardless on who's the government. Canada has been and will always be up for sale to the highest bidder. No government has ever had the courage to stand up and say enough is enough. And now with massive ethnic groups firmly entrenched here the all important vote at election time is a prized commodity.
  3. You are a racist danger to the very fabric of this country! Telling it exactly like it is upsets the apple cart we are not supposed to do that. God I luv ya bro.
  4. Nothing to do with any party in power. It's just the way of the land now unfortunately, greed and corruption and me and what I deserve. Canada no matter which party is in power federal or provincial plays doormat to the world.
  5. Hesitant to jump into this gem of a story...just got out of the penalty box on this forum....but I could make sooooo many comments. But I'll show Betcha this is just the tip of the iceberg that goes town in Vancouver with these kind of dealings. Once read a comment from a member of our diplomatic core a few years back that the general feeling in the diplomatic service was that corruption was so entrenched in China and Hong Kong that all governmental agencies were tainted with the possible exception of the Weather Bureau or whatever they called it. The reason had yet had figured out how to control the weather.
  6. BTO said it best...." You ain't nothing yet "
  7. Said it months ago the NHL set it up as an arranged game against the Canucks. Get ready and brace yourselves it's going to be a long painful season. Vegas is the favorite son right now. Vancouver well...still the red haired step child.
  8. Again I see your point also but face it lots of teams have been played by Russians far more than the Finns or Swedes.
  9. I hear ya but face it they came for the bucks...rubles just didn't cut it. Yes for the past few years the KHL has been an option for them so naturally it factors into the decision making process. Remember the Yashin fiasco in Ottawa huge donation to a museum I think it was, but mom and pop have to be on the payroll, leaves Ottawa and I don't believe he ever fully lived up to his promise. I'm just speaking of Yashin not all Ruskies.
  10. Russians do tend to be mercurial whinny players if they perceive all is not going their way. Not all of course but enough to taint their fellow countrymen. Mother Russia will treat me better.
  11. It's probably just the shady/greedy world of banking and finance devouring itself from within. A snake eating it's own tail. Hackers make an easy scapegoat.
  12. They kind of earned it in WW2. Brought a swift end to the war and saved lives ultimately in a convoluted way. Estimates of a land invasion were around 1.5-2 million casualties on the losing side and 400 thousand US. Ever watched film footage of Japanese citizens leaping off cliffs on Okinawa as surrender was a great shame.
  13. One US sub could turn North Koooreaaa into a sizzling hot plate within 20 mins. China will stand back and applaud why go to war with the west and destroy everything you worked so hard to buy? Besides they would be in a monsoon season of US nukes if it came to that.
  14. Maybe the pickled herring is better? Me I'm more of smoked salmon guy.