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  1. Little surprised there hasn't been more talk about Rasanen at 33. There will obviously be good players that drop to 33 but I wouldn't be upset with a 6'7 right hand defense men. He could potentially be there with the Columbus second but I could see a team taking him between the 33rd pick and then
  2. [Poll] The 5th Pick of 2017 Draft

    I think they will probably be feeling the pressure, especially after the season we had. I don't think that they will stray away from what they feel is right though. They drafted a D last year instead of someone that could have fast tracked it to the Nhl, so they aren't scared to take someone that will take time to make it
  3. [Signing] Tryamkin goes to the KHL

    Bummed out to see him go, he was one of the few players I looked forward to watching play on the team. He's young though and can still come back in a couple years time
  4. I don't feel like he would bolt. Doesn't he have to spend 4 years in the NCAA to get to free agency? The only first rounder I can think of that bolted was Blake Wheeler. I think getting into the NHL and making the money in a year or twos time would be pretty enticing
  5. who do you guys like for the second round? we have the 33rd overall pick locked up. First dibs on first round talents that fall
  6. He just came back yesterday, had 2 goals and 2 assists
  7. I have no problem taking Liljegren if he somehow falls to around pick 5 and we're there, if we're picking earlier, I would rather take a centre. Somebody I like for an early second is Henri Jokiharju. Anyone like him for an early second if he's around?
  8. What are your guys thoughts on Tolvanen?
  9. Happy with the signing since I've been a Eriksson fan since his Dallas days. Wish the term wasn't so long but oh well. Good signing
  10. Olli Juolevi | D

    I would have rather picked Tkachuk but I'm excited to see what Juolevi will bring. Not all that disappointed
  11. Not a big fan of this trade and I didn't even have that much love for Kassian. Would have rather just taken a pick straight up for him and made some cap room
  12. Adam Marsh is still on the board?
  13. Guillaume Brisebois | D

    Kinda wanted Pilon at that pick but don't mind this
  14. Kinda bummed to see Forsling go, but Clendening sounds like a good pick up
  15. Wouldn't mind taking a chance on Deven Sideroff in the fourth round, if he's still around. Putting up decent points, and apparently models his game after Burrows...