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  1. How come comments below say SJ is 6th when they are actually 5th?

    1. Gustavo Fring

      Gustavo Fring

      Didn't say they were 6th. My ideal choice for 6th = San Jose.

  2. Hey guys , what do you think is a harder series? St.louis (Gring it out , physical , ) or San Jose (Hard to beat at home and maybe dangerous offensively )

    1. diesel_3


      Any team that makes the playoffs will be tough to beat.

    2. JE14


      st.louis. i think we'll beat both teams they'll just tire us out for the next round.

    3. JimLahey


      I like that you didn't make a thread to ask this.

  3. Hey, if you guys get a chance , check out Kassians postgame video on our site and nhl.com , Sucha great kid, says Daniel & Henrik are such great players and even greater people, and he truly means it when he says it. I love Zack so much and the enthusiasm he shows when he scores is incredible!

    1. viking mama

      viking mama

      I believe he said that the Sedins were also great "leaders"...which bodes very well for him developing all of the habits necessary to be a true professional over time. I believe all of the players in that locker room know...they have the classiest Captain in the League & a leadership group that believes they can win the "big prize" together. Good on the Kassquatch for praising his teammates & sharing these insights with us.

  4. T shirt and Hat game!!!!

  5. 1 Point and we clinch NW , BUT WE WANT THE WIN! It could do so much for our confidence to beat the likely pres trophy winners right before playoffs, especially the hawks

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    2. Heretic


      I have confidence in sunshine...

      I have confidence in rain...

      I have confidence that spring will come again...

      Besides which you see I have confidence in me!

    3. Drew1


      GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!

    4. MC Fatigue

      MC Fatigue

      my confidence in drew1 just went up tenfold simply because he did not make a thread about this. ATTA BOY DREW!!

  6. YAY! Our second line with Roy at center and Kes and Higgy should BRING IT BABAY!!! Oh and I believe before the playoffs he will have it spread out, especially if we can get Booth back!

    1. ChenWei91


      Booth will just play on the fourth line if he comes back. He's useless.

    2. Drew1


      He played on the 4th earlier this year and tore it up. No 4th liner could contain his speed , he got breakaway after breakaway

    3. PlayStation


      Tell me more about how Booth ripped that empty net to pieces.

  7. How did you propose. "Got into the Butterfly" Greatest line EVER


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    2. :D


      Nah, that's stupid. I'm not going to ask him that.

    3. Drew1
    4. Drew1


      like u had connections lol

  9. Max soft hands Lapierre , Max sick dangle Lapierre

    1. Drew1


      In all seriousness , Max has the best move ever!!!!

    2. JimLahey
  10. I've been Alains biggest supporters but if he honestly thinks ebbet is better then Jordan then We need to reavaluate. (Burrows sooo close to making it 2-0 , instead 1-1 FML

  11. If we are fortunate enough to go on a deep playoff run, I pray we can win the Stanley Cup, Higgins Kassian and even Keslers beards should be outta control. AWESOME!!!

  12. Does anyone know exactly what Higgins is out for? And his beard is amazing !!

  13. Does anyone have a way to contact the Canucks players or Dan Murphy or something ?!?!?!

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    2. Durl Dixsun

      Durl Dixsun

      Call Canucks manangement the number is 9-1-1

    3. Drew1


      can anyone actually help me?

    4. SkeeterHansen


      778 257 0389.

      Dan Murphy's phone number, according to a long lost tweet.

  14. Hey does anyone have any contact with the players? I really want to ask Cory a question. Nobody responds to my tweets

  15. 2 Questions 1 - where are the postgame videos! 2 - how do you become a moderator

    1. Jagr68



      Be a contributing member for many years and never ask, be helpful and informative.

    2. Durl Dixsun

      Durl Dixsun

      YouTube channel: CanucksHD

      Swear and spam alot and you will be a mod.