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  1. We have come far. But I still believe my previous position on bieksa was justified. He always had the ability to be a good top4, but his decision making really had a huge negative effect on him. The talk he got from GMMG this summer has really made a difference to him. Good on him for bringing it around like that.
  2. Edler and Bieksa have been our best 2 d men this year. I would have expected edler, but Bieksa has impressed a lot. Sadly, I cant really say the same for Hammer and Ballard. While they have been decent, The hype Hammer got, and the pay Ballard has, We should be the best d team in the league. Which isnt hte case. THankfully KB did up his game this season to cover for the unexpected "not so greatness" of the 2 new pickups. Hopefully its just a new to the team kind of thing, and next season they both take bigger roles.
  3. I no longer watch Bieksa. THat says a lot about how he has Improved his play.
  4. Bieksa is a JOVO kind of fighter. It looks good when it comes off, however his defensive abilities in a fight (lol, defensive abilities) are not that good. Its usually a bout full of haymakers, and if either party connects, its lights out for the other guy. Last night, KB got the KO punch. You could actually tell right away KB didnt look right before the fists started flying. When he missed with the first punch, I knew he was gona get taken down. I could just feel it. Sometimes it goes that way. He isnt that great of a fighter, and he isnt a poor fighter, but he looks good doing it so its exciting.
  5. If you really want to get picky Hamhuise is actually pronounces "hum haise" However you guys say it is an "Americanised" version of it.
  6. Its a very Valid concern, and probably one of the biggest reasons why I would keep KB. We cant afford to have an important player taking a month or two to get into game shape.
  7. 1st, I was referring to your comment about the minority of posters against Bieksa being Idiots. You point them out, and I was merely stating that when someone tried to make a reasonable post against a player, they are lumped in with all the idiots. You seemed to do that in your last post by generalising bieksa "haters" all into one. 2nd, Prior to his fist skate cut, he was healthy, and was Benched by AV in the game prior to the Nashville game I think it was. Also I think it was the only time in his career here AV called out Bieksa. You state that it seems Gillis agrees with you. Its hard for him not to at this point isnt it? Salo is Injured, and Bieksa is better than the alternatives. So stating that MG agrees with you seems a bit pompus, when in reality, wether MG wants to trade KB or not (I dont know, you may be right) Mg really doesnt have a choice at this point. Further to that point "It's likely that we can all talk out of our asses about it until we're blue in the cheeks. If they have to trade him there will be very little return." Thats exactly what your doing when your stating MG seems to agree with you. It is all just speculation. "If you think he's a prick who's only going to play well in a contract year well that's fine to have that opinion." Where did I call him a prick? Thats getting personal, and putting words in my mouth, making out as if im some guy who just hates Bieksa for hating him. Lots of players play better in contract years. Its human nature. Being a prick has nothing to do with it. Finally, whats with the hostile tone to your post? Have you been arguing with too many people to just simply reply to someone without having seething undertones to them?
  8. Its so hard to put a reasonable argument against a player on CDC, because there are soooo many one post wonders, who come in, make a stupid comment, and bugger off , clogging up the forum and stopping people form having a good discussion about a player like Bieksa. I never liked him. Well, after his first breakout season. He was bad before both of those injures, and people used those as excuses for his poor play after he returned from them. However, he has played well this year. If he says with the team, I actually wouldnt mind. However, I think it is in the best interest of the Canucks to move him. Here are my reasons. Unless you think he is an integral part, that can not be replaced in the cup run that we hope to have this year, he is unlikely to be back in a Canucks Uni after this season. Because he has a 3.75 mil contract. How often do players, in their prime, go down in pay as a FA? He isnt worth the 3.75 currently, so If he gets an extention to that, he isnt worth it to us, and he is likely going to sign elsewhere anyway. So why not get something in return while we can? I dont believe he is sooo important to this team, that we can risk losing an asset (yes he is a tradable asset) for nothing. Also, he is inconsistent. With the trade roumours, and the fact he thought he was going to be moved, is he playing better because of it? And because of a contract year? I dont know. But i just dont trust him to be consistent. Is he playing well right now? Yes. And I really dont have a bad thing to say about his current play. However, I still believe he is worth more to us as a tradable asset, than a few more playoff games, and then gone in the off season. We need to get something in return for him. He can not be another teams Tambellini.
  9. Enjoy. Ive moved to manitoba so I cant go to games anymore. $250 center ice.
  10. I disagree... *heads for the door*
  11. Lol ok yes they do... so about $1 of your $300 ticket goes to luongo... happy? Your still payin him
  12. Just like the players, I have to stay in practice!
  13. I dont know about you, but I like to complain
  14. Yes that is true, the prices will increase as long as demand is there. However, the paying customers do pay his salary. The owners dont pay out of the kindness of their hearts. Its a business. Revenue covers operating costs. The more price increases, the more goes into the owners pockets... However, costs are still covered from income.
  15. I would prefer to try fix the problem now and reach our destination, than ignore it, know the problem is there, and end up breaking down along the way Luongo has been mentally fragile since the Anaheim Series a few years ago. Hopefully he can fix that.