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  1. *Edit, i cant get rid of the above quote tag, so not directed t SilentSam* Can we restrict Gudbranson talk to his thread and not Tryamkin ? This whole 'analytics vs eye test' talk has been done to death. Some people will consider stats to be all-encompassing, no-matter what and some people will keep pointing out that stats are limited view, which doesn't take every intangible in account. Both are right , which is why it is rare to see an actual mathematician/statistician get bent out of shape in this discussion.
  2. People expecting him to gain more than 3x his value, when he isn't putting up the points or being a top guy on the PK (he sits 5th in TOI on the PK amongst defensemen- soon to be 4th coz of Guddy's injury) are fooling themselves. Tryamkin will get a bridge deal. But he isn't going upwards of 2.5 to 2.75 million at the very most. Not with 13-14 minutes/game of ice time to go along with it. Tryamkin has a tidy game with many tools, but he isn't killing it in any one tangibles yet. So IMO, he will get a similar deal to Hutton,with a little bit less salary. We can have him for 5 more years and the next contract is still an RFA contract for him. I doubt he'd sign for 5 years with 2.75 million. Kid's not gonna sell himself short by that much. Expect a 2-3 year 2.5 million-esque deal for him.
  3. I am not denying any of that. I am simply saying that for a defenceman, who has such an active stick like Tryamkin, he probably won't be as physically involved as Chara, a defenceman who doesnt have an active stick very often.
  4. Tryamkin needs more time. IMO, he isn't going to be a Chara, simply because he is a better skater than Chara & has a way more active stick. So IMO, by default, he will be less physical because he is going to dedicate more play-time 'poking the puck/attempting to poke the puck' than Chara. Which means automatically, less number of hits and therefore, less number of 'crushing hits'. Because most of the time, when you poke at the puck on someone else's stick, you either: a) jar the puck loose b ) take over the puck c) fail & player blows by you. Because in most cases of you 'crushed the player after you poked the puck free' , you'd get a penalty, rightly so, because its goon-isn.
  5. <Edit, NVM. He is a UFA because Byrnas counts as pro hockey.>
  6. If we are not trading away our future, ergo, we should look to add to it, within reason of TDL trades. We should approach Burrows & Miller to see if they are open for a 'Antoine Vermette' type of a deal. If so, it'd be a win-win for everyone involved. If they are both looking to stay in Vancouver for another year or two (for Miller, it may mean another 2-3 years) for a massive pay-cut, then they should just be ready to 'pack their bags' and go for a 3 month tour of 'win the cup & come home', ala Vermette. This way, they guarantee their future, we can massively improve our future and a team almost-there can maybe just get over the edge and win a cup. This also gives incentive to Miller/Burrows to play well and 'get their game & rep back' and has a knock-on effect of prolonging their careers. If they continue to play like this, Miller, even in this goalie-saturated market will fetch a R1 from a bubble/leaky team (Cue: Philly) and Burrows can snag a R2 for us. We are most likely going to get columbus's #2 this year (can't imagine COL to be cocky enough to think they will be lower on draft next year than this year). Time to load up on picks and let Benning draft a few good players. The only problem is, it requires a lot of trust to pull this kind of thing off.
  7. They are defensively responsible actually. They just don't have foot-speed. Once you got an inside line on a Sedin to our goal, that Sedin is out of the picture for you, every single time. So they get caught on rushes. Sedins need to go one way or another from this point on : a) Split them up. b ) give them a speedy winger with a shot who can cycle. But that is asking too much, unless we wanna wait next year and put Boeser with them and see how it goes. But yeah, we need to atleast TRY and split them up. Just to get either one of them going.
  8. TBF, its a concern for most teams and their big guys getting a mean streak- once you cross the 6'6 threshold, most teams do restrain their 'humongous guy' initially- unless of course, the mean streak is the only thing the guy's got (which is not the case here).
  9. Err, the twins cannot take one of the team. Canucks MUST protect NMC contracts, which means the Twins and Ericsson are protected, period. And nobody is stupid enough to want just one Sedin.
  10. If i were Benning, i'd offer Tryamkin a 3/3.5 million for 8 years type of deal. Will be overpayment for the first 2 years of the deal (not by much), but will be a steal and half for the last 4 years of it. A bit of Duncan Keith-esque deal.
  11. Gaunce is a keeper. He is an excellent fit on our 4th line, with his skill-set. I see him as a potential Steve Ott.
  12. Actually, it isn't a joke, because Hutton is our weakest defenceman from the perspective of playing defence. When you play a defensive defenceman who's assets are crease clearance, board play & toughness, who is on the slower side in terms of foot speed, with a dwfeceman who is super-fast, but does not get positioning, is a defensive fail and only positive is outlet passes, playing with the puck at the other end of the rink, the former defence man will be left exposed. He was Florida's most important defensive defenceman in the playoffs. You don't go from being the most important defensive defenceman in a playoff team to useless in a bottom feeder team in less than a year when you are below 25. It means his pairing isn't working and/or he is having a slow adjustment.
  13. Less than a year ago, Gudbransson was the most important Panther defence man in the playoffs. You don't go from being the most important defence man in a playoff team to useless in a bottom feeder team in less than a year when you are not even 25. Its more than likely that Guddy is having a slow adjustment to the Western Conference style of hockey and needs some time figuring things out, with a better defensively capable partner than our weakest defensive defence man (Ben Hutton), who is just a weaker version of Erhoff.
  14. Great picks come from the lower rounds. Every year, there are half a dozen or so players who get drafted lower than 2nd round and end up having long NHL careers. Its those picks that GMs either fluke out on or develop a reputation over. A GM that has already provided a few roster players from < 2nd round and a few roster players of undrafted players, is great at drafting.
  15. I think its going to be between Sbisa and Edler who gets traded. Simply because we are far deeper on the LD than on the RD. On the left side, we have Edler, Hutton, Sbisa, Tryamkin as NHL-ready options, with Pedan, Briesbois & Tate Olson being developed. Thats 4 defensemen ready for NHL and 3 on the way. On the right side we have Tanev, Gudbranson, Stecher & Biega being NHL-ready, Tryamkin is bi-directional but he will not be pigeon-holed into RD just yet, with nobody but a longshot Subban being our only other RD project in the works. So IMO Benning makes a LD disappear at the draft/deadline.