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  1. A few things: 1. I think what has to be a 'given', is that a goalie will always come back with Miller. It has to, in all scenarios except one: where we are dead in the water, dead, dead last in rankings (or thereabouts) near the trade deadline. Or else, at no point does JB think its worth 'Markstrom + nobody' as a duo. Who in our system is going to take us through the rest of the season as Markstrom's back-up at the moment, playing 20-30 games this year ? Garteig & Demko are so not ready right now. Bachman is not good enough to shoulder 20-30 games this year. 2. That being said, there may be a window to trade Miller, sometime around Christmas to New Years, if other major team's goalies struggle. For example, a team like Minnesota, may do a Kuemper + 1st/2nd +4th round for Miller type of deals. And that would be worth it, assuming nothing goes wrong. It is a lot more realistic to see Miller's trade value as "returning backup level goalie + 1st round/couple of mid-late rounders", from teams that have cap space to absorb the Miller hit. Even if we hold back salary (which, I don't think we can, if its an expiring contract, can we ?!) 3.Goalies are rarely dealt and dealt efficiently in the league. There is so much chance to goalie stuff, that teams don't often make a deal just because the risk factor is too high. All it takes, for example, is Markstrom to get a nasty bout of cold and your window to trade Miller disappears. JB is *NOT* going to take a matchstick to this season, in hopes of a phoenix rising form the ashes for the season after. So lets just sit back and watch. Miller may get us a few nifty pieces. Or Miller may get us zilch. Either way, its not a wrong decision and either way, the situation is understandable.
  2. I hope, if we trade Sbisa, we play Biega more and keep Biega in the team. That is vital for the expansion draft.
  3. Higgins's buyout hit is 833,333. If we just demoted him to the AHL, it'd have cost us just over 1 million dollars. Why did we buy him out for a 2 year cap hit, only to gain 200K in cap-space for one year ?!
  4. Yes, because University education is 'indoctrination by state'. The more i begin to question your credentials, since having an university background myself (in STEM fields) i would like to know which university affords Doctors, Engineers,Literature, Scientists & Business majors (who all cumulatively, make up the bulk majority of 'educated people' FYI- go check any university's program registration). University educated means people who have used their brains for a very extended period of time for things that REQUIRE thinking. Not 'sanctimonious philosopher tropes' that you 'airbrush' educated people as. Surely as a 'masters degree holder' you must know this. What you call 'noawadays' is an indication you have actually no idea what university education currently entails. If you think the bulk majority of people are in university learning useless political theory & becoming 'parrots of the state' (which is what your Nazi Germany parallel is trying to do), you are speaking of, at the liberally best, 5-10% of university educated chaps. What university education gets you (and i know myself, since i attended university quite late and i am no spring chicken either, bud) is the ability to ANALYZE information & sharpens it. Thats what figuring out graphs, equations, formula, sentence structure, etc. teaches you. Oh and one last word before i exit this sling-fest: history is hopelessly against you. Almost always, when educated people thought 'this is bad', it was bad.
  5. Eh ? Who has said that democracy should be replaced or any such ? Pointing out that democracy is a popularity contest and sometimes the idiotic choice wins by being more popular is not trashing democracy, its simply pointing out the mechanics of it. As Churchill once said, 'democracy is the worst form of government, that is, except for every other form of government'.
  6. Sovereignty in a globalized world is a dream of the uneducated. There is no such thing as sovereignty in the world, which is why nobody, not even the biggest, baddest nation on this planet (USA or Russia, depending on your tilt) goes to war unilaterally against anyone who is not a pushover. Because when financial systems are linked, thee are no sovereign decisions, only ones of impact and the level of it. Either way, sovereignty over meaningless and petty issues are far less impactful in life than economic and logistical ones. Which is why most the yes vote came from people who do not understand the implications of going alone.
  7. So are you saying that the majority of British people are xenophobes or are you saying that if majority endorse a view, it is not xenophobic ?
  8. 5 hours per week ? You sure you attended masters school or just made stuff up for internet one-upmanship ? Btw, if you read a bit more carefully, you'd understand that what i meant by 'FACT' in the prior post, is that it is a FACT that all votes count equally and it is also FACT that in democracy, a populist decision stands- it could be the correct one or the wrong one, but FACTUALLY speaking, democracy affords a society to choose ANY option, right or wrong. Ofcourse the majority of people disagree. FACT is, the overwhelming number of educated people think it was a bad idea. And yes, the opinions of educated people are more valid. But not more valuable, since it is a democracy. You are implying that since it was a democratic decision, it was the correct one. Correct or wrong depends on logic, not populism. As i said, a democratic nation has the right to choose the wrong option. If you and your entire family collectively deceided to commit suicide, it wouldn't be a correct decision, but it would be a democratic one. See the difference ? Btw, experience IS qualification. And if you don't have many educated people in your business, it just means you run a business that is not sophisticated enough to require educated running a warehouse for example.
  9. I have not disputed the fact that people all have equal votes and that a nation is entitled to vote for the wrong choice, have I ? I have simply stated that it is the wrong choice and its abundantly clear based on the simple fact that the overwhelming majority of educated people thought it was the wrong choice. There is nothing condescending about 'educated'. University education leads to a much greater ability in critical thinking, that much is scientifically proven. If saying 'educated people know better' is condescending and elitist, maybe you should run your business by hiring people by spinning the wheel instead of seeing their resumes. Let us know how that works out. And yes, its true that the few educated do-gooders who were in the remain campaign mismanged the campaign compared to the few educated self-enriching narcissists who fooled the uneducated masses with their BS.
  10. No, what did the Greeks in was the constant infighting of the Diadochi, which lead to its categoric annahilation at the hands of the Rome. Once Antiochus III Soter was defeated at Magnesia, Greece became a de-facto province of Rome, which became de-jure in the coming centuries.
  11. You couldn't care less what educated people think ? Good way to run a business or a country i guess! Ofcourse in democracy, every vote is equal and a society has the right to chose the wrong option, if thats what the majority wants it. Majority voting is about populist appeal, not the correct or the most optimal appeal. You couldn't care less what the educated people think, because as i said, you are the few educated ones who have no problems seeing their country burn if it enriches you, which is why you keep saying how the financial crash of the 2000s was a good thing, simply because YOU profited from it, never mind that it ruined thousands of your countrymen. When vast majority of EDUCATED folks vote one way and the vast majority of UNEDUCATED folks vote the other way, it simply means one thing- the uneducated ones are being fed BS by a few profiteering educated types (like yourself), while the educated ones are far harder to fool, given that they have the tools to make a qualified decision. PS: It doesnt take clairvoyance to conclude that the markets are going into defensive mode now and nobody is going to make a big splash till the Brexit logistics are worked out. Perhaps finance is not your strong suite, otherwise this elementary view of a political ramification on economics should be basic knowledge to you.
  12. One of the few EDUCATED ones who voted that way is what i meant. Ie, one of the FEW educated ones who played the uneducated ones for fools for personal self-enrichment. I notice how you won't touch the 'educated people voted overwhelmingly to stay with the EU' with a ten foot pole. Your financial ruin is coming. Just wait for it, the markets just woke up and until the Brits work out their exit strategy, the real shocks won't be felt in the British markets.
  13. He keeps saying this because his point is, so long as its profitable for HIM, he has no problems seeing his country burn. That is his whole point. And its not a very illuminating one- every single option mankind has ever taken, has always seen some people profit from it.
  14. Oh i get it now. You are one of the few parasites who will sell off his country to enrich oneself. As i said before, i will say again- there is a reason why the educated folks overwhelmingly voted to remain with the EU and the uneducated folks voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU. If the leave EU camp actually had some real positives to offer the British public, except for fake dreams & scaremongering, then the votes wouldn't be so skewed along the education lines. Congrats on being an irresponsible shortsighted educated one who is profiteering by hoodwinking the uneducated.
  15. Because in short, its not best for you. There is a reason why the overwhelming majority of university graduates voted 'No' to the leaving option and the overwhelming majority of uneducated masses voted 'yes' to the leaving option. Less educated people think with their heart than brains and its showing in the case of Brexit.