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  1. Utopia requires a lot of things more than tolerance alone. That is not to say tolerance is not an admirable & expedient goal for a society or that it has never been achieved- it definitely has been, in few and far between instances in human history. Various tribal confederations for eg, have also achieved it, so have the polities i mentioned above.
  2. That is not what tolerance means. Tolerance means to accept something as equal/full rights despite not agreeing with it. For eg, the most of the pre-islamic Indian empires had a common policy of supporting Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, with the monarchs being whatever they wished out of the three ( including a few nihilist (ajivika) or atheist ( carvaka)). That is tolerance. What the Ottomans did, was not 'tolerance', unless we lower the definition of tolerance = 'not being physically genocided in one fell swoop'.
  3. If by all subjects you mean humans, well, then the various Indian empires or Indonesian kingdoms/empires say hello.
  4. For the bolded part: Again, this is NZ, not USA. Owning guns is a privilege there, not a right. If a nation wishes to rescind said privilege, there is no 'moral' arguments against such. To use an analogy, visiting my house is a privilege for my guests. I have the full moral and legal right to rescind said privilege if i choose to, for anyone i choose to ( that isn't part of my household). They can say 'coz we woke up on the wrong side of the bed, stubbed our toe and decided to rescind privilege X out of blind pain' if they wish. Thats what having a privilege means.
  5. middle east governments run concentration camps for million+ citizens needing 're-education' like the Uyghurs in China ?!?
  6. No, i am leaving LESS to chance. We have two goalies right now - one who just had his best season and may- MAY- finally be solidifying as a top 10 starter goalie in the league and another who is a highly regarded prospect who is taking steps in the right direction. Odds are pretty obvious that hanging on to BOTH of them for now is a lower risk for the team, than trading one of them right now and hoping who we kept doesn't hiccup or keeps going strong. unless top 6W is actually a bonafide 1st line winger, then yes, we should definitely hesitate and hold on for next TDL/off season. Minimizes risk for the team currently.
  7. Disagree. Even if the market is depressed next off season, Marky and Demko are both likely to improve their stock through next season, to yeild higher values then, than now. At best, their higher value + depressed market = same value as this off season. Which automatically is a better option, since its less risk for us. As i said, Demko isn't ready to be a starter but might be in 1 more season. Marky may improve his stock even further (thus yeilding even more in value of trade) or prove that it was just a career season, thus saving us from a goalie situation by prematurely trading Demko. Waiting = less risk.
  8. Again, why this deadline instead of next deadline ? All players' value improves during the dead-line and 1 more season gives both Demko and Markstrom higher value...
  9. Well i was responding to a dude who says he thinks Benning is gonna move TD during THIS off-season. Why on earth would we wanna do that ? Go with what we have, when what we have are increasing in value (both the goalies). No point in risking signing a UFA goalie and hope he carries over his form here, gels with our defense, and team regresses as a result. Yes for D, but not for goalies. Goalie market never has been saturated enough to not get a good deal for a top notch goalie. I mean sure, if you want a top 5 draft pick, its not gonna happen but a mid/late 1R for a peaking starter like Markstrom or a rising young goalie is always in the cards.
  10. Ok. Thats 1 more year practically. Thats 1 more year for both Marky & Demko's values to rise and 1 more year of DiPietro's maturization, leaving us closer to covering the gap. There isn't going to be a market flood of goalies, since not every team has a great goalie, never-mind two. There are teams right now who'd kill to have a good goalie or goalie prospect and that will not change in the next year or two. The NHL ALWAYS have teams- at least 3-5 of them no less every season- that are in goalie hell. I am not seeing any deal currently that is a superior one to one in Jan 2020-Feb 2021 window.
  11. Sure. Thats 2 seasons away. Makes no sense to do it now and not next season or mid-way through the season after. Good goalies are a rare commodity in the NHL and if we have two, we will be able to off-load at least one before the expansion draft without much problem. All the points i mention, are valid for the next two seasons and trading either Demko or Markstrom in 1-1.5 years from now has a higher chance of yeiding better returns AND lower chance of screwing over our team in case of any injury concerns.
  12. This makes zero sense and is totally jumping the gun by at least two seasons. DiPietro and Kielly are both, even if they develop as reliable NHL backups, never mind starters, atleast 2-3 seasons away as well. Benning would be foolish to leave the canucks paper-thin by trading Demko or Markstrom for the next year or two, if the remaining one goes down even for a 10-15 game stretch. Demko hasn't reached peak potential yet and Markstrom is 1 season away from proving himself as a long term, bona-fide keeper. Remember, last season he was above average and while he has been excellent this season, its still only one season and he needs to prove that he's turned a corner and become elite, instead of having a career year only. Only way to know is via experience and another year or two of excellence will solidify him at the top. When that happens and provided Demko continues to develop, we will have a situation of 1 starter ( Markstrom), 1 almost starter ( Demko) and 1 rising goalie ready to take over as reliable backup/future starter ( DiPietro). THEN we will be in a position of power to trade from, trading either a 31-32 year old Markstrom to a team that is in the 'win now' mode, or trade Demko to a team looking to build long term stability in the goal, if we enter the 'win now' window in 2 years and if we deem Marky more likely to get us over the hump than Demko. Either scenario would result in a 1R pick or a highly regarded prospect either way and is much better to do so, then. Right now, it'd be madness.
  13. He's way richer than Bill Gates i think. Plus he has a much steadier flow of raw, hard cash due to oil money. Plus Sultan of Brunei has an ace in his sleeve - he is muslim monarch of a muslim country. All he has to do in the western socio-political climate of political correctness, is yell 'Islamophobia' and Clooney will retract his statement.
  14. Well same goes for your opinion on BC's education system then. Ergo, by your own standard, your opinion is equally invalid. Congratulations for invalidating your own comments on this thread. BC education working at its finest, I suppose.
  15. There is nothing incoherent about the idea that I think BC secondary education sucks compared to various foreign education systems and I am in a position to compare my own education with my childrens', leading me to conclude, like thousands of other immigrant parents, that BC secondary education is crap. And If i need formal training to criticize BC's education system, then so do you to consider it good enough. Ergo, by your own logic, your opinion that BC's education system is good, is invalidated. Brilliant!